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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Space Bugs, Earth Invasion
by Jay Dubya

Space Bugs, Earth Invasion (57,000 words) is an imaginative sci-fi/fantasy novel written for children eight to thirteen that could also be read and appreciated by adults...  
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Featured Book
Free Download - The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Mo
by Sam Vaknin

Moral deliberations in sixteen modern films...  
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Featured Book
So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher
by Jay Dubya

So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher is a humorous revolutionary book that tells exactly what goes on in a typical American public school. E-book version is available at Kindle, at..  
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25 Most Recent Arts/Entertainment Articles

What's In A NAME - EVERYTHING! by kalos opa
Our name is the most important thing in the world for us. We want to hear only goody goody things about our name. Our name should get only fair and fa...
What's Your Poker IQ? Take The Test And Find Out by Mitchell Cogert
Do you have what it takes to win a no limit poker tournament? Take the Poker IQ quiz and and find out. You may find out you need "Tournament Poker: ...
Whatcha gonna do when the sequel sucks (played to the theme Bad Boys by Inner Circle) by Eric Croas
A DVD review of Bad Boys II...
When 'Pay TV' was commercial-free by al squitieri,sr
We were told for just pennies per day we could watch uninterrupted "commercial free television." Twenty five years later, we are paying to watch comm...
A look at the creations of writers....
When I Found DeVary, My Poetry Found A Face by J AG
I do not paint. Therefore, I write. And when I was looking for images to illustrate my poetry, I came across David DeVary and nothing has been the sam...
When is there plagiarism? by Ken Chartrand
What can I do?...
Where Age is An Attitude by Harmony Hallers
Baby Boomers are bustin' loose at Harmony Hall Community Center...
Whip It! by Donna Maris
Review of newly released movie, from my list of 60+ reviews on Netflix....
Whiplash: Film/Poem Review by Betty Jo Tucker
“Whiplash,” an adrenalin-fueled musical thriller, benefits greatly from brilliant performances by Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons, who electrify the scr...
White Wheels In by Paul Mc Cann
A Gaze From the outside looking in at Belfast Singer Songwriter Andy White....
Whitney's Wish by Janet Parker
Watercolor Painting by Janet Brice Parker...
Who Is April Sims? by April Sims
They say; heavy is the head that wears the crown and April Sims wears many crowns; Renaissance Woman, Radio Personality, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Ph...
Who Owns Rap? by Lauren Johnson
This is about who really controls rap....
Who Screwed Conan? NBC Or Leno? by Justin Murphy
An article covering the recent late night talk show debacle...
Why All The Crossovers? by Bret Funk
Part 2 (of 3) of 'Crossovers, Crossovers Everywhere, And Not A New Idea' a look into the explosion in media crossovers, the reasoning behind them, a...
Why Andicat is now a Fatcat by Andrea Williams
Why skinny people suffer from Fat Phobia A work in Andicat, former model, beauty queen turned fat....
Why do German movie fans love JHR's books? by John Howard Reid
John Howard Reid's books are packed with information. ...
Why Do We Want to be Famous? by Jill Eisnaugle
An article in which the reader is asked to question why the lifestyles of today's hottest celebrities are so appealing and offering a glimpse into ho...
Why read fiction? by TK Kenyon
Why do you read fiction? TK explores why we should all read more fiction. ...
Why This Author Loves New Orleans by - DCS
Last night I had a strippers head between my legs. She was not shy about it, neither was I. But that’s not why I love this city. Though nights like th...
Why We Men Like James Bond by Paul Kyriazi
He delivers on a deadline....
Wicked by Brenda Hill
Pantages Theater Hollywood...
Wicked Big C by marco miranda sr
The Professor explains recent work on DNA in an amusDN and its sequencing is an important tool that will identify those mutations that cause the dread...
Wide-Screen Movies Are Finally Available for Home TV by John Howard Reid
After 40 years of putting up with truncated, so-called "pan and scan" movies on TV, the original wide-screen release prints are now surfacing on DVD. ...
Wielding the Weapons of Words by Cyrus Webb
Like so many others I grew up hearing the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The point was supposed to be th...
Wild: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Her Heavy Burden Like the enormous gear carried on her tiny back, Cheryl Strayed’s internal baggage is a heavy burden as she hikes...
Will Smith Premier by Kent Richards
A night at the premier of the new Will Smith movie 'Seven Pounds'....
Will Smith's New Black-Father-Friendly Movie, 'The Pursuit of Happyness' by Nordette Adams
In his new film, based on a true story about a Chicago man, Will Smith co-stars with his own son Jaden and plays a single father who has custody of hi...
Williston Students are BOOKING IT Through Barnes & Noble Partnership by Faith DeVeaux
Faith DeVeaux, author of "When Duty Calls," was a featured speaker for two classes of 7th graders at Williston Middle School in Wilmington, N.C. She ...
Winn-Dixie: Movie Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Never being without a dog or two while growing up, I found it easy to empathize with the 10-year-old girl who adopts a homeless canine in "Because of ...
Winter's Tale: Movie Review by Betty Jo Tucker
How I’ve been longing for a movie like WINTER’S TALE! Yes, it’s imperative to completely suspend disbelief while watching this fairy tale for grown-up...
Wolf by Tarian hujan
His eyes caught......
Wolf of Wall Street: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
How much do I hate "The Wolf of Wall Street?" Let me count the ways. Its scenery-chewing acting -- along with practically everything else about the mo...
Wonderful Women Unite!!!!! by Cody SEA
feel incredible, know you're great, and be your spectacular self!!!!!!!...
Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine is brilliant and unsettling by Shirley Kirsten
with an uncanny connection to my cousin's play....
Woody Strode's Body on Display at Disneyland by Paul Kyriazi
iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>...
Work on the new book 'Realms of Light : A Designer's Journal by Diana Souza by Laurie Conrad
Diana Souza speaks of her work on the new book "Realms of Light" by clairvoyant Laurie Conrad. ...
Working as a mascot by Sherrill Fulghum
tips and insights on working as a mascot or costume character....
Write Your Own Travel Guide by Barbara Hudgins
Ten quick tips on how to approach writing a travel book. Travel guides, travel memoirs or how-to-do-its are all grist for the travel book market....
Writer's Need Not Cringe Over Query Letters by Carol Kluz
A 'perfect' query is no guarantee of representation and an 'imperfect' query no guarantee of rejection....
Writer's Often Get the Short End of the Pencil by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
How many songwriters are you familiar with? How many screenwriters are you familiar with? How many late-night humor writers are you familiar with?...
Writers and Artists: Don't Lose Your Worth! by Nadine Keels
Matters that remain true to the human condition throughout generations will never get old. When it comes to literature, humankind will always long fo...
Writers Goin' Cruisin' by Cynth'ya
And all I'm looking for is about 25 good friends to write and wander along with me for our FIRST Cyn & Ken's Creative Friends Cruise. ...
Writing Blind by Roxanne Smolen
Tools of the trade take on new meaning when you can't see them....
Writing Can Be Therapeutic For Me by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Writing may not be as good as talking to someone about your problems...but it could be the next best thing. As everyone knows, writing can bring out a...
Writing Dialog: Oprah Wimpy and Frumpy! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
The year is 2009, and aliens from the planet Krouton, arrive at the Earth and make their first call back to Krouton; "Calling Master Control...this is...
Writing The Fossil by Nickolaus Pacione
how Lake Fossil came to be. Thank you Gerald. ...
writing The Great American Novel. by Tim Parks GL Times by Arthur Wooten
Novelist Arthur Wooten may very well be living the dream of writing "The Great American Novel."...
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Featured Book
Symphony in Hands major - photos -
by Albert Russo

Live hands, hands sculpted, woven or painted, from antiquity to our days, express the whole gamut of human emotions. Les mains sont le miroir de l'âme...  
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Featured Book
Confessions of a Movie Addict
by Betty Jo Tucker

Film Stars! Dancing! Popcorn! At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out.This amusing memoir chronicles film critic Betty Jo Tucker's ..  
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