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Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
Beyond Religion Volume II (eBook)
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The collection is subtitled: An Inquiry into the Nature of Being...  
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The Differences Between a Contract Of/For Service by Martin Ade-Onojobi-Bennett
This essay highlights the major differences between a contract of/for service. ...
The Dirty Fight Against Clean Rite by Damaa --
A neighborhood's plight against big business invasion....
The Dumbing Down of America by David Schwinghammer
Was the London Daily Mirror really right? Are American IQs heading south?...
The Dynamics of Desire in Capitalist Economies by Marriah Star
Capitalist economies thrive on non-symbolic desires. Niche companies fulfill symbolic desires....
The Elusive Legacy by John Prophet
A personal essay about the author's desire to leave a legacy....
The end will be sudden by Sandeep Kuulshrestha
Third world war: Nature’s Revenge...
The Enemy Within - from Poison Pen #3 by Daniel Santiago
Editorial from Poison Pen #3...
The Evolution of Evil by Joel Hirschhorn
Perhaps a global political apocalypse has already arrived. Evil forces and tyrannical governments have evolved. By learning from history and using n...
The Eyes Have It by Joe Prentis
Want to broaden your base of readers? Consider the following suggestions....
The Fabulous Fifties by Barbara Olexer
Maybe the 1950s were not all that calm and boring....
The Faces of Aloha by peter butterworth
The Aloha Spirit: I was always struck by the 'aloha spirit.' It actually exists and it's a beautful thing. I'll relate some experiences which stuck in...
The Falcon Lake Incident by Chris Rutkowski
One of the most remarkable UFO encounters ever investigated took place near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, in 1967. A prospector was burned by a flying saucer...
The FDNY's Recruitment Woes by J Michael Kearney
The FDNY (New York City's Fire Department still struggles with standards....
The Fear of Ourselves being decoded by John Orizon
The Fear of Ourselves being decoded...
The Federal Writers Project by David Arthur Walters
The WPA provided a weekly salary for 6,500 scribblers, including beginners, during the Great Depression....
The Few Excitements in an Author's Life by Lakshmi Sharma
Authors need griefs to get their visions and find their voices and then these provide them with pleasure....
The Financial Crisis in America by Joe Prentis
Worried about your personal finances? Maybe you need to read this....
The first disseion controversy by Jayanta Bhattacharya
It questions the prevailing idea around the first dissection in Calcutta Medical College in 1836. It destabilizes the fact that Madhusudan Gupta is cr...
The First Table of the Law by David Arthur Walters
Conjoining church and state in unholy matrimony to live in theocratic sin....
The First Water Hike by Regan Gawan
Short Story of a hike into the Superstition Wilderness of Arizona...
The fitfull writer by H Cruz
Woe to the scribe......
The Fixation of Belief on Sunday by David Arthur Walters
It is best to peruse Charles Sanders Peirce's work before reading the Sunday paper....
The Free Market Philosophy by D. Kenneth Ross
Why it works- even with its flaws...
The freedom of expression by George Liebermann, M.D.
In communist countries, in Iran there is no freedom of expression in words, writing or media. In most Musulman countries women have no right to expres...
The French Connection by Leland Waldrip
The Frustrated Youth Sees His Error (11-13-03) by Damien Rickner
The "Frustrated Youth" series continues. An exercise in retrospection. ...
The Gallup Generation: People Without Vision Perish by Eddie Thompson
~~~Without Vision, The People Perish~~~...
The Gardening of Our Lives by Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD
Our lives are a vast field of flowers and beauty but also weeds and areas that need tending. The act of gardening is not one limited to the confines ...
The ghosts of writers past by Gabrielle Staples
Getting a book written is not easy, even harder is getting it published but I believe that perhaps the house I live in has something to do with my suc...
The God Particle by David Schwinghammer
Is God the invisible supreme being mentioned in the Bible, or is he/she/it a force that holds the universe together? ...
The Gravy Train Must Stop! by Mickey Mantle Fortin
Rewarding Illegal Aliens?...
The Gray Area by David Arthur Walters
Between Zarathustra's Twins...
The Great Cosmetics Crash by Connie Sievers
This article appeared in the Cleveland Tab and on the website, Citizen of America...
The Great Hypocrisy of Office by David Arthur Walters
As in man, so shall it be in his offices....
The Great Man Theory by David Arthur Walters
Is your favorite person really great?...
The Grey Area by CJ Heck
I love looking at the simple things about childhood and growing up....
The Growing Season by Margo Candela
From lemons to children, my dad tends to them the same way....
The Gulf Oil Crisis and Black Fishermen by Milton Norris
This is a powerful article because sheds light on a subject of Black and White, which many people would rather not see; it's called a double standard...
The Health Care Debate Part 1 by David Gelber
A Surgeon's opinions regarding the current healthcare reform efforts....
The Healthcare Debate Part 2 by David Gelber
This is a follow up to my previous article which was one physicians view on the current healthcare debate....
The Hebrews by David Arthur Walters
The Hebrews were on a moral mission....
The Holocaust (Nazi Eugenics) by Starrleena Magyck
An essay on the Holocaust and Nazi Eugenics....
The Home Altar—Finding Sanctuary in Today’s World by ike West
This assignment was for Health And Happiness Magazine in the UK. The request was for an article about stress and its relief....
The House of the Little Old Lady in Ogden by Celia Hayes
The house that I lived in that I loved the best...
The I-75 Parking Lot Party by Albert Isaac
What do you do when stuck in traffic for over 3 hours? ...
The Idiot-syncracies of California and State Wobegone by Lisa Adams
Having watched the travesty of Scare-amento, aka, Sacramento and the oddities of Cali life, I query: where did all of these idiot-syncracies originate...
The Importance of Good Health and Safety Practices within Organisations by Martin Ade-Onojobi-Bennett
This essay highlights the Importance ...
The Importance of Pleasing Ourselves in Our Writing by K.M. Weiland
Sometimes it pays to think of yourself before others. Many of us grew up with the Golden Rule etched into our psyche. And most of us would probably li...
The Indulgence of Evil by C Wolf Forrest
Essay / Opinion Unpublished...
The Influence of Rhetoric on Rap I by Joel Windsor
An exploration of the similarities between classical rhetoric and rap of the golden age with respect to style, one of the five canons of rhetoric--200...
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Essays Articles
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  2. Crisis Management
  3. Rhode Read: Clams Casino - Culinary Surviv
  4. Retro 60s Flashback: Ding! Ding! Pump My R
  5. Rhode Read:M-O-O for Coffee Milk, RI's Sac
  6. U.S. Inheritance Laws and Wealth Accumulat
  7. Another Shakespeare Doubter, book review
  8. Private Foundations....Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  9. Earth Day 2015--Promises To Be Kept
  10. Blaze a Trail: Do Something Nobody Else Ha
  11. Environmental Greenies Are Very Dangerous
  12. A Self-Analysis (Jay Dubya)
  13. A Meaningful Life
  14. The Story behind the National Debt
  15. Retro 60s Flashback: The Stew - Lucy in th
  16. When is Freedom Day?
  17. The God Particle
  18. I'm Afraid to Write!
  19. 7-Eleven
  20. Coal: Energy and Pain in Eastern Kentucky

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Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
by Lonnie Hicks

A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection..  
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The sources of values
by Antoine Raphael

Certainly, we live in a new century. Unfortunately, everywhere on our planet, humankind betrays a widespread distressing situation, confusion, perplexity, a lack of conta..  
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