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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
What’s In Your Heavenly Account?
by Neeta Blair

It was a pleasant Saturday night in November 1998. My friend and I attended a church meeting where a renowned television minister spoke about heavenly accounts. The idea ..  
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Featured Book
Y's of Life (Available in print and as an eBook)
by Robert Wood

-- A decision delayed even one second is not the same decision -- A fascinating guided journey through your decision making process and cause and effect that w..  
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Featured Book
Leadership: So What Makes You Think You Can Lead
by Dr. Larry Ross

This book serves as a sounding board to help guide you with its recording of best practices. Climb the ladder of leadership; hired, trainee, mentor, team lead, supervisor..  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

To Tell, or Not to Tell, That is the Question by Sheri McGathy
Learning As We Go by Sheri L. McGathy and Jeanne Allen Show, Don't Tell...
Too late the rescue operation by Masood Lohar
The current floods in Sindh, Pakistan have displaced thousands of poor villagers and deprive them of their houses, livestock and crops. ...
Top 10 Countdown of What Love is NOT! by Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD
Love is a "many splendid thing" but love is also "not" what we have distorted it to be. This article is a sobering look at what love is not!...
Top 8 To Get A Raise You Deserve by Jennifer Moore
Ever feel like you are working for free? A lot of working men and women feel this way. Earning what you deserve can be a challenge....
Top Life Coaching Tips by Sheri Hoff
I want you to be inspired and to live the life of your dreams- the life that you were meant to live. I consider the most essential piece of success is...
Top Ten Ways to Market Your Book by Shanea Patterson
Self-Help Article On Marketing...
Transform Your Life Through Nature by Keith Varnum
There often comes a time when you must leave family, friends and work to go off alone into Nature, looking within to discover your current “place” in ...
Transformation through Self-Awareness by Theodore Nottingham
Practical teaching on the art of personal transformation....
Transformational Healing..." author Jamie L. Saloff: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
Diagnosed with cancer at age twenty-four, Jamie didn't believe she'd ever see her then two-year-old son grow up. Then a dream helped Jamie turn her d...
Transformations by Renee Wiggins: Book Review by Irene Watson
We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms. The s...
Transformations: Give Up the Struggle by Renee Wiggins: Book Review by Irene Watson
We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms. The s...
Transforming Fear by Shirley Knapp
Anything that is built on fear is like it is built on sand. ...
Transforming Stress: 5 Tips to Transform Your Stress by April Mims
Our lives are filled with stress. It is all around us, everywhere we look. There are deadlines to meet, unexpected traffic jams, overloaded schedules,...
Trust: Changing your codes - Part II by Mark Rockeymoore
Who do you trust? ...
TRY, and the Force will be against you by Robert Egby
TRY, it's a word many of us use frequently, little realizing the our subconscious minds are blocking our good intentions. ...
Turn On the Charm by Tina Tessina
Charm comes from a combination of self-confidence, social graces and empathy, or emotional intelligence. ...
Turn Your Attention by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
Turn your attention toward what you would like your current situation to turn into ...
Turn your negative mindset to positive by Donna Marie
Train your mindset....think positive!...
Turning Fear into Love: Messages from the Akashic Record Keepers by Leslee Klinsky
The Akashic Record Keepers help one move from feelings of fear to a place of love....
Twisted or just plain insane! by Karolina Linares
Just name any random place I go and you can bet that I am letting people know about "Use Cash To Buy It!©", credit card debt and finances. Another top...
Two Kinds of Marital Touching" by Mel Menker
Many wives say they sometimes avoid touch with their husbands because they are afraid that touch will lead to sexual intimacy when they really don't f...
U Tube video...provided to protect U by Denise Richardson
This is an 11 minute video distributed by the Federal Trade Commission on identity theft. It contains a wide variety of information; both on preventio...
Ultimatums: Taking the Easy Way Out?" by Mel Menker
We all have received ultimatums throughout our lives and our natural tendencies is to reject them. The following offers helps on both sides of ultima...
Uncomplicate My Life by Bill Brent
How to find success and happiness in life...
Under Construction by Donnett Ekwerike
Do you always feel like your life is going through various stages of transition? Are you longing for lasting change that will set you on the right co...
Understand Russian Women , Perfection never knew such a way by Donald Stevens
Perfection never knew such a way! Understanding the former soviet union woman,Understand her culture,nature, The little girl charm...
Understanding Control Issues: Am I Really a Control 'Freak?'" by Mel Menker
Are you like most of us in that we are really "closet" control "freaks?" Do you work hard to keep yourself free from pain and heartache through contr...
Understanding How Women Know They Are Loved" by Mel Menker
One of the most challenging male-female differences couples can encounter is this issue of how men and women know they are loved. Women love and know...
Understanding: Train of Thought by Lance Smith
The book....
Unleashing The Power Of Hypnosis and NLP by Charles Steed
Success in the area of personal development and success doesn’t have to take years. There are several rapid-change technologies available designed to ...
Unlock Your Soul Code: Make Your Life More Fun and Abundant by Keith Varnum
soul, intuition, abundance, love, joy, happiness, life, priorities, destiny, spirit, strategy, divinity, clarity...
Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color by Dr. Thiênna Ho:Book Review by Irene Watson
"Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color" explains Thiênna Ho's Natural Fairskin Method, a strict diet and lifestyle regiment she created to naturally lig...
Unlocking the Myth of Hypnotic Communication by Don Price
Regardless, of the mystique surrounding hypnotic communication, there is no hocus-pocus involved. ...
Unwanted pregnancy…To abort or not? by Jeanne Miller
What drives the controversial decision to terminate the life of an innocent being? Whether that decision is equitable, reasonable or fair is often pre...
Upgrading Our Personal Operating System: Introducing The Power of TED by David Emerald Womeldorff
Just as a computer must eventually upgrade to a new operating system when the current one becomes outmoded, so must humanity upgrade its worldview to ...
Use the Holiday Season as an Opportunity for Growth by Sergio Serrano, Ph.D.
We present practical techniques to overcome the psychological distress and negative emotions arising during family gatherings and the holiday season. ...
Using Intuition to Solve Today’s Challenging Times by Joan Hangarter
Using Intuition to Manage Today’s Challenging Times Economic news is scaring every one. No one is immune. That’s why I am glad to hear that peopl...
Using Prayer And Meditation With Color And Light by Robert Felix
As we bring more Pure Love into our lives, we magnify our sense of feeling loved. We expand the excitement and joy of being truly alive. We become emp...
Using the Law of Attraction for Prosperity by Tracey Burchard
You may have seen The Secret. Maybe you’re a fan of Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks or Bob Proctor. Or you may just be into positive thinking. But have y...
Valdez V. Fisher, Jr., The Unstoppable Young Author by Valdez Fisher Jr
Valdez V. Fisher, Jr. 08/20/1974 Baltimore City, Maryland....
The cost of success. No, that couldn't be! He/she blew it! For many success and self-destructiveness are strange companions, and very often self-dest...
Victimization and the Human Experience by David Emerald Womeldorff
I have come to regard victimization as an inescapable part of the human experience. How we respond to victimization, however, has everything to do wi...
Virtual Success by Dana Blozis
Learn to believe in and love yourself....
Visual Relaxation by Debby Rosenberg
This simple exercise will strengthen your visualization skills, relax your mind and body, provide a basic introduction to lucid dreaming and the out o...
Vitamin Alphabet A-K by Christy French
I take a multivitamin every day in addition to supplements. Lately, I've been wondering if I'm not overdoing it, so I started researching the benefi...
Voyage to Destiny: Sailing to Success" author Kieran Harrop: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
It's your life- you can be, do and have anything you want. This book is a guide to uncovering the treasure that lies buried within you- the riches of...
Waking Up Is Hard to Do by Rachel Nichols
How to force yourself to get up in the morning--and stay up....
Walking Into Money (Manifesting Money) by Susan James
Walking Into Money (Manifesting Money)...
Walking To Success by William Cottringer
We have to walk to success, not run as if we were already thriving....
Want to Become Rich? This Simple WEALTH Principle Will Make You Very Rich! by Jay Onwukwe
There is a sure and simple wealth principle that never fails! This short article explains. Enjoy it!...
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  20. Writing Help From Ann Rice

Featured Book
Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now
by Barbara Henry

Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,contains a 9 step fool-proof guide to problem solving. This book also highlights the therapeutic and effective..  
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Featured Book
Demystifying Economics The Book That Makes Economics Accessi
by Allen Smith

An excellent lay-oriented primer on economics that explains the basics in simple language that relates them to ordinary daily life. An excellent way for the layperson to..  
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