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Featured Book
Mutual discovery, at the end of the tunnel
by Antoine Raphael

It's the story showing the road to racial harmony...  
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Featured Book
La Joie de Vivre
by Paddy Bostock

“Cherchez la femme!” — words Ambler will come to wish he’d never heard...  
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Featured Book
A Hard Place:A Sergeants Tale,Revised Edition
by Jacamo Peterson

The Vietnam War up close and personal with a small "Mike Force" Unit. Operating outside of the normal parameters...  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

How A Factory and a Bottle of New Skin Ruined my Career by Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin
Don't do what I did!...
How A Free eBook Can Be Your Viral Book Marketing Salesman by CF Jackson
Have you been wondering how to write an ebook or how to make an ebook? E-books are the future and the future is now....
How a Multivitamin Can Help You Lose Weight! by James Hallmark
A daily multivitamin/mineral supplement is by far the most overlooked weapon in the war against bodyfat. ...
How An E Book Can Make You Money by Linda Meckler
Do you know what an E book or Electronic book is? Do you know how you can make money with these unpublished books? Read on ...
How and Why People are So Easy to Manipulate, and How YOU can Benefit by George Hutton
Eliciting and leveraging criteria is one of the most effective tools of persuasion. Because they are so powerful, you must be careful not to misuse th...
How Did A Toddler manager to Break in A Texas Store after Midnight? by Mary Coe
A toddler breaks in a Texas Family Dollar Store on Monday, December 15, 2008, after 12 midnight. ...
How did Roman Politicians Shape the Course of Western Civilization? by George Hutton
The creation of the Catholic Church by Roman Politicians has long been a debated point among historians. What is the truth?...
How did the Catholic Church Spread so Fast to South America? by George Hutton
The spread of Catholicism to South America is a tale of struggle, conversion, and conquest. But what else?...
How Did the Church Spread So Far, So Fast? by George Hutton
The propagation of ideas is an interesting study in psychology. Some find it surprising how certain ideas spread so quickly around the world....
How Distributor and Wholesaler Policies Affect a Book’s Journey into Bookst by Valerie
When I started publishing books, I thought a wholesaler and a distributor were essentially the same thing. Not so....
How Do I Make Money Online? by John Neyman, Jr.
By learning how to make money from your list you are in complete control of your earnings, no more worrying about what Google will do to your website'...
How do we live with new technology? by Linda Meckler
Technology is all around us. In our computers. What about our cell phones. Our cell phones are not just phones anymore they’re cameras, video cameras,...
How Do You Classify Your Books Genre by Neil Ostroff
An article about creating new genres....
How do you cycle the Featured Authors? by F. A. Q.
How Far Is Too Far? by Eugene Meyer
Developer plans 4,300 homes 100 miles from D.C....
How Field Trips Provoke High School Collapse by Leslie Garcia
Okay, an oversimplification, but humor me. My first piece was simply too vitriolic to publish. But teachers are not what's happening in public schoo...
How I Chose Between Ebooks and Print Copies by george mathew
An article on choosing print or ebooks...
How I Write by Seb Kirby
A writer friend asked me to write an article on this. This is what I wrote....
How I Write My Books by John Prophet
This is the framework in which I work to create my books....
How Iceland went bankrupt - A Boggart Blog explainer by Ian Thorpe
Eighteen months ago we were writing about Iceland, a small nation but once upon a time a solvent one, went bankrupt. Our politicians have not learned ...
How important is the ebook cover when attracting an audience? by Neil Ostroff
Just some thoughts....
How is the Power of Hypnosis Used in Everyday Society? by George Hutton
Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool, and a dangerous method of manipulation and social control. Be careful what you allow to come into your mind....
How life can perish on planet Earth? by Dilip Dahanukar
Planet Earth was made to nurture and sustain life! With the resources she has at her command, she provides the environment for the well being and repr...
How many clicks do the 'Popular' articles, poems, books, stories etc. by F. A. Q.
How many Stanford investors were fraudsters themselves? by David Arthur Walters
First in the Series: As the Press Spins - Anatomy of an Award-winning Expose ...
How much health care data is mined without your knowledge? by Martine Ehrenclou
Your health information is mined without your knowledge. Do you use health apps? Electronic medical records? Read my article to find out how your pers...
How Much Time Does it Take to Write a Book? by Lisa Tener
Wondering how long it will take to write a book? It can take years or a matter of weeks. Learn how to determine how much time it will take YOU to writ...
How Multiculturalism Causes Conflict by Sam Vaknin
In heterogeneous societies, its components (religious communities; socio-economic classes; ethnic groups) strike implicit deals with each other. These...
How Newsletter Marketing Creates a Constant Stream of Referrals by David Gruttadaurio
Your existing customers are your best sales people. They will continue to call you and REFER you if they are reminded to do so. A monthly client newsl...
How not to lift up the lid! by Daya Doolin
The reader will learn that “a watched pot never boils” meaning water will boil naturally without you tending to it. Checking under the lid to see if i...
How Often Should I Run My Pump & Filter? by Dan Carter
A brief lesson in Pools 101....
How Over Two Million People Helped Me To Write A Novel by George Stratford
The mass inspiration behind the writing of IN THE LONG RUN....
How Reading to a Young Child Helps Development by Linda Meckler
You can start reading to your children when they are infants and they sit on your lap listening to your voice and heartbeat.The infant can’t understan...
How Real is that PhD? by D. Chadwick
Ghostwriters in the academic world....
How Society is Changing. by Patrick McCormick
Whatever happened to the phrase 'When in Rome Do as the Romans Do'....
How the Kindle Saved My Life! Hellelujah! by Edward Patterson
pass me the Kindle and hold the binding, please!!!...
How the Proper Mindset can Make You Powerfully Magnetic and Seductive by George Hutton
From a properly held mindset, all powers of influence, seduction, charisma, and personal magnetism flow like water. Developing this mindset is easier ...
How the World Sees Israel by Emile Tubiana
How the World Sees Israel...
How to add FREE shopping cart to your web site by Sergey Skudaev
How to add free shopping cart to your web site and accept credit card and PayPal payment...
How To Attract Wild Animals by Rane Sevin
I know this is an issue that really plagues our society, so I thought I would share my knowledge....
How To Blast Your Ideas Into The Depths Of Society by George Hutton
If you want to achieve the success you deserve, you're going to need to take a certain kind of action....
How to Change Rejection into Book Contract by Beth Fowler
If your manuscript for a kids’ book has been rejected, maybe you’re pitching it to the wrong age group. Or maybe the story is appropriate for the age ...
How to Change the Internal Mindset - Continue to Ponder on It by Mark Watt
The battle does take place in the mind. It is very critical for one to understand that the mind is the control center of our life, and that is why it ...
How to Change Your Mindset to Accept and Plan for Success by Jodi-Ann Walker
This article will show you how to change and renew your mind so that you can attract success. ...
How to Choose the Right Career: Self-Evaluation, Assessments and Research by Gwynita Leggington
One of the biggest decisions you will make in life is choosing the right career path to follow. You'll find a wide variety of careers in the world, b...
How to Embarrass Your Son (Part One) by Sandi Layne
When I tell my son's teacher I'm a writer, my son isn't exactly thrilled......
How to find a job in a recession by Anastasia Zoldak
You are here: Home » Work » How to Find a Job in a Recession How to Find a Job in a Recession by Anastasia Zoldak in Work, August 13, 2010 br...
How To Find My Real Parents by Laurie Frisch
If you were adopted - or otherwise became separated from family - how can you find your real parents?...
How to Forgive Your Father’s Betrayal: You Can Have More Love in Your Life by Brenda Adelman
The author offers steps to forgiving one’s father from past hurts in order to finally live a self-accepting and freedom filled life. She offers tools ...
How to Gain Healthy Weight by Sasha Brown
Everywhere you go, people are talking about weight loss. Behind the scenes,there are actually people who really wish they could gain weight. This arti...
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Featured Book
Two Doors
by Karl Morgan

Join Peter Smith as he moves to New York and finds himself caught between the forces of good and evil. His lucid dreams have started coming true, and he is called on to s..  
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Featured Book
Broken River
by Sam Penny

Book 2 of The 7.9 Scenario: What happens to the rivers WHEN, not IF, a giant earthquake strikes on the New Madrid Fault beneath the Mississippi River? The story of two bo..  
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