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Beyond Religion, Volume III, ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The Third in the Beyond Religion series, followed by Visualization - Creating your own Universe (also available as eBook on Smashwords)...  
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Le drame haitien, une tournure inquietante de l'histoire
by Antoine Raphael

La quatrième édition française de "Le drame haïtien". Il y en a une version anglaise intitulée: "The Haitian Drama, history taking the wrong turn"..  
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Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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The Truly Pragmatic Anarchist by Garrett Cook
Some reflections on politics and selfhood...
The Truth About Assertiveness by Victor Pryles
Assertiveness has gotten a bad name. People are becoming like sheep afraid to step out and be counted. This article addresses this issue and gives an ...
The Truth about Death and Taxes in the U.S. by Edward Phillips
[image: Koch brothers]...
The Twinkie Defense: Teen Drinking and Violence by LK Griffie
Does drinking soda lead to more violence in teens?...
The Two-minded Self by carlton davis
A short essay about having two minds as a condition of bipolar disorder, related to the theories of Dr. Frederick Schiffer. ...
The Ugly Face of Poverty by Scott Haas
This was a piece I wrote for my blog. It has been through a few iterations but is mostly intact now. It was one of these things the squirrels left i...
The Ultimate Absurdity by David Arthur Walters
The murder or suicide of God Almighty...
The Unbirthday Year by Sandra Louden
Sandra Miller-Louden celebrates an unbirthday year and lives to tell the city of Pittsburgh all about it!...
The Undoing of America: The Car Industry by J.C. Callahan
This is Part 2 of “Greed & Gullibility: The Undoing of America” series....
The United States of Disparagement by Nate Roderick
When Does 'Healthy Debate' Become Unhealthy?...
The unknown territory by Aleksander Mosingiewicz
Our way of perceiving reality is conditioned by our language and our culture. The elements of culture - the myth and the ritual - are actually forms o...
The Use of Black Humor in Kurt Vonnegut Jr's Slaughterhouse-Five and Harrie by j.d. daniels
Academic essay discussing the device of Black Humor...
The Uselessness of Hate by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
Of all human emotions, hate is the only one that accomplishes nothing but destruction....
The Value of Making Wise Decisions by Alvin Romer
Are you a good decision-maker? How do you handle making one that is not conducive to your idea of being objective to them? This essay answers the form...
The Value of Stories That Fail by K.M. Weiland
Good writers aren’t born. Okay, well, actually, they are born, since it would be physically impossible to write without being born... but they’re aren...
The Value of the Critique by D. Kenneth Ross
learning to critique and receive critiquing...
The Value of truth by Sandi Schraut
Is the value of truth worth more then the security of the rosy stories fed to us everyday? What is its value? Is the whole truth even possible, or w...
The Very Wrong Right by Arthur Wilson Jr.
Dangerous people and dangerous ideology....
The Victim's Fault? by LK Griffie
Bullying is a hot topic these days. As a nation, we're grappling with how best to stop bullying and yet more cases are jumping into the public eye....
The Vigilant Voice From the Soul Of A Man by Alvin Romer
Lamentations from writers telling their stories that are buried deep within themselves for redemptive value. The souls of men cry out for legitimacy!...
The Wall: A Humble Alternative by Ronald Hull
Using an ancient method for securing our land border may be the wrong way to go. Perhaps there are, newer, better ways....
the war in iraq is almost as bad as the vietnam war by Christa Rhodes
it's about how bad the war in Iraq has gotten. Also you might think that it is getting as bad as the vietnam war....
The War to End All Wars by David James
To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of World War 1, Directory reviewers David and Ligaya James take a look at the literature engendered by ...
The Wealth of Nations by Edward Phillips
The United States has the most wealth, and the most top heavy distribution of that wealth of all other industrialized nations. ...
The Weekend Novelist (book review) by David Schwinghammer
Robert Ray's WEEKEND NOVELIST (May be out of print. Look for used copies) is the best writing book I've read. I always use it when I start a new nov...
The Whine Syndrome by Carol Kluz
Frivolous lawsuits, diminished parental rights, and the coddling of criminals have all played a role in society's whine syndrome....
The Wife or Husband Abuser's Handbook by Adelle Bradford
Essay - Unpublished...
The World - A Kaleidoscope by Franz Kessler
Are we living in a cabinet of mirrors?...
The writer as a chameleon - bilingualism in three continents by Albert Russo
The writer as a chameleon: bilingualism and the many cultures encountered by the author on the three continents where he has resided...
The Writer Giveth... by Rebecca Russell
Frustration inherent to every essayist....
The Writing Sampler by Michael Hemingway
More info about my latest book...
The Wrong Focus on Gas Price Woes by J Michael Kearney
The current focus on targeting corporate entities to reduce gasoline prices overlooks the key component in all this - government....
The Yin and Yang of Quantum Mechanics by ALford Vassall Jr
This article introduces the concepts of yin and yang as metaphors in Quantum Mechanics....
Therapy Poodle by Joyce McDonald Hoskins
Maggie: pet, therapy poodle, companion, counselor, muse....
There Are Two Types of People in This World by Uche Nwakudu: Book Review by Irene Watson
" There Are Two Types of People in This World Among Other Things" by author Uche Nwakudu is a collection of essays and commentaries on social, politic...
There is a Their There by Lucille
the prevailing use of "their"...
These Treacherous Times of Ours by Alvin Romer
A short social commentary and analogy alluding to the current state of affairs in the Black community....
They should have protected the women!" by Mike Bacon
President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: "Virginia Tech Male students should have protected their women!"...
They were right! Changing hair color does make you lose IQ points by Margaret Nolan-Williams
The effects of an experiment gone awry... with fabulous results...
Things I'm Learning on the Way to 40 by Jackie Young
Just a few life lessons...
Think for Yourself by Fawn Caldwell
A viewpoint of the world through my lifetime....
Thinking Creatively In Cyberspace by Alvin Romer
This is an article giving insight and practical theorems on how to effectively use time management for writing, and the use of the Internet for adequa...
Thinking Futility by David Arthur Walters
The Joke is on me. I laugh at myself. Therefore I am Happy....
Thinking Out of the Box by David Schwinghammer
Corporations need to use their international clout to help solve world problems. ...
Thinking Your Way To A Better Life by Allen Smith
"Thinking Your Way To A Better Life" is a new facebook community page which I am managing. ...
Thirty Days of Death by Dennis Leischner
Why do people die? Because....
THIS I KNOW FOR SURE by Uriah Fields
There is much uncertainty in the world. We all have our doubts, fears and questions about the counterfeit nature of things and people. One can draw st...
This is one baby mama you aint rite about Mr.Bill Cosby by Carolyn Baxter poet
This is one Black Ghetto Baby Mama You aint 'Rite' bout Mr. Bill Cosby. Is a Black Female,who has seen the street, and the Good Life.Who set out to...
This Is What I Want by D. Kenneth Ross
Well, I can dream can't I?...
This is What I Want Wk. # 5 by D. Kenneth Ross
Just for Me...
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Essays Articles
  1. Retro 60s Flasback: For Whom the Doorbell
  2. Justice
  3. Abortion?
  4. Earth Day 2015--Promises To Be Kept
  5. Unforgettable Moments in Life
  6. Wall Street Protesters Don't Value America
  7. Vituperative Recriminations
  8. Atheist/Agnostics Embrace Church Meetings
  9. Environmental Greenies Are Very Dangerous
  10. Ignorance and Arrogance
  11. Retro 60s Flashback: May-o, May-o!
  12. Science Trumps Belief
  13. Death by Dishonor
  14. The God Particle
  15. Boredom Can Kill
  16. A Meaningful Life
  17. Retro 60s Flashback: A Kumbaya Tent Reviva
  18. America in Crisis
  19. Fiscal Sanity v. the Big Lie
  20. Of Conspiracies, Terrorists, War and Econo

Featured Book
RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts
by Jay Dubya

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, a non-fiction collection of 38 stories and essays, is author Jay Dubya's 32nd book...  
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Featured Book
Beyond Religion, Volume III, ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The Third in the Beyond Religion series, followed by Visualization - Creating your own Universe (also available as eBook on Smashwords)...  
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