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Featured Book
The Heart of an Assassin
by Tony Bertot

Follow the rise of a crime family and the assassin they hire to take out a crime boss...  
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Featured Book
Let the Truth Be Told
by Sonny Hudson

A thrilling debut novel in the tradition of top authors like Robert Ludlum and David Baldacci, Let the Truth Be Told is sure to be loved by all fans of political action t..  
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Featured Book
Mirror, Mirror... E-book download / print book
by Wendy Laing

Co-authored by Dianne Dalziel & Wendy Laing under the pen name, Dalziel Laing, “Mirror Mirror…” is a mystery story with two parallel tales. One tale covers a century, the..  
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All Action/Thriller Articles

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

How to Gain Healthy Weight by Sasha Brown
Everywhere you go, people are talking about weight loss. Behind the scenes,there are actually people who really wish they could gain weight. This arti...
How to Get a Job with 16? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Apparently not just CIA, M16 also is recruiting........
How to Get English as a Second Language Teacher’s Certificate by Anastasia Zoldak
ESL teachers with certifications are a growing job industry globally. These teachers have an great opportunity to teach in exotic places around the wo...
How to Get Sponsors: New e-Course by Fran Briggs
Sponsorships have proven to be the financial solution for many events and projects which were short on capital. The How to Get Sponsors e-Course is a ...
How to Go About Building and Online Business by M. Black
Building an online business is not as simple as it may seem. ...
How to Handle the “Tell Me About Your Weaknesses” Question by Daisy Wright
As career advisor to Radio Canada International’s The Link, and, my role is to answer job search questions that listeners or readers se...
How to have a Successful Booksigning by Michele Ann Young
Tips on how to have successful booksigning from both the point of view of the Author and the Bookseller....
How to heal after a divorce by poet Mel
Divorce is always a challenging time no matter if you are the one who initiate the divorce. Specially, if you have kids....
How To Help A Cancer Survivor! by Manny Bermas
Some Cancer Survivors need urgent help to prevent the recurrence of the cancer and to help them in their finances. ...
How to Install an In Ground Pool Liner by Dan Carter
A brief discussion on how to install a pool liner....
How to know if she is cheating by poet Mel
No matter who you are, I can guaranteed you,you will not appreciate being cheated on. I hope you never experience the act of your significant other go...
How to Know if your Girlfriend is Crazy by Nicholl McGuire
Whether you have just started dating her or been knowing her for years, consider what you are getting yourself into before you commit. Read the signs....
How To Make A Book for A Christmas Gift by Linda Meckler
Did you ever write a book? Any kind of a book? I am talking mainly about a personal book for a gift for your family or friend? This book does not have...
How To Make A Budget by Jo Ann Brown
Gives 4 steps to preparing a budget...
How Radio Talk Show Hosts and Podcast Hosts can get more out of there shows and increasebookings....
How To Prepare for Your First Radio Interview by Erin Collins
Or How To Panic in a Few Easy Steps...
How to Prevent &Treat Impotence by Sasha Brown
This article shows some inexpensive ways to treat impotence and how you should take care of your body in order to prevent impotence. ...
How to Promote Your Book on Amazon and Beyond!!! by Jeff Brown
Things to do and not to do to get published with considerable success. ...
How to Properly Have an Argument by Sarah Beara
Fighting is not the answer. Ever. But if you must do it, here are some do's and don'ts of how to have a proper argument. I'm no phyciatrist but I've b...
How to Quit Smoking Pot – The Secrets Revealed by David Roppo
Discover the root cause of your marijuana addiction (It may not be what you think) and how to walk away from weed forever!...
How To Receive Your Free TTY Telephone by Linda Meckler
Do you know anyone who can not speak? Do you know anyone who can not hear? Did you know their is a telephone communication system for their individual...
How to resolve Pakistan's Polio Problem by Aijaz Khuwaja
Pakistan can resolve Polio Problem through community articipation...
How to Sell Your Autographs for the Best Price by Gerald Watt
An inherited autograph collection may have significant value but how determine that value?...
How to sell. by Neil Ostroff
Selling books!...
How to Skype an Author by Yvonne Perry
A new way for authors to visit classrooms, virtually....
How to Strenghen Weak Hands and Fingers by Linda Meckler
I have had four surgeries on my right hand and two on my left. I know about pain and suffering. I worked on computers most of my life and while I work...
How to Successfully Self-Publish Your Book by Stephanie Chandler
Self-publishing provides a wonderful opportunity for any author who wants to take control over the publishing process and get their words into print. ...
How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Olgy Gary
I received an advance copy Janette Rallison's book, "How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend," and LOVED IT!!!!! Couldn't put it down. Read it all in o...
How To Tell by Betty Ryan-DellaCorte
How to tell if you are a victim of workplace abuse...
How to tell a contraction from a possessive pronoun. by Charlene Tess
Learning to use contractions and possessive pronouns correctly is easier than you think....
How to tell if someone is a leaker or really likes you! by Maryanne Comaroto
What's a leaker? Someone who wants you to want them, who enjoys and prefers the chase, the hunt, the rush and the kill. Sounds messy eh? Oh, yeah. It ...
How to Use Powerful Seduction Techniques to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams by George Hutton
How can you use powerful seduction techniques to get the girl of your dreams interested in you?...
How to Use Watercolor Pencils. by Chrissy Dean
10 gift ideas for girls under $25. Easy to find, easy to wrap, and easy to love. End debt and undue stress this season and get back to the love!...
How To Use Your Intuition to Find The Perfect Job (or Career or Mate) by Joan Hangarter
How to use your intuition to land the perfect job for you, and to maximize your possibilities and potentials. Using your inner sight gives you that e...
How to Win Her Over with Only Your Words - But Beware the Dangers by George Hutton
When you tap the magnetic power of conversational hypnosis, you can structure your language to win over almost anybody. But does it come with a price?...
How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen by Helen Gallagher
The 4th edition of Michael Larsen's popular "How to Write a book Proposal." Reviewed by Helen Gallagher...
How to Write Articles by Steven E
How to Write Articles...
How to Write Humor by Joyce White
The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Any kind of creative expression requires us to walk in the footsteps of others, using our imagination. In...
How You Can Make Friends with Anyone by Timothy Arends
There are certain behaviors that will increase your chance of forming friendships with the people you meet....
HowTo Keep Your Washer and Dryer Happy by Linda Meckler
Do you take your clothes dryer for granted? Do you clean the lint filter after each load of clothes? Is the lint filter now backing up and making a bi...
  • by Richard Jones
SGL Weekly Magazine issue 48 now available...
  • by Dejan Djordjevic
  • by Barbara Rodgers
Hear Barbara's interview on NPR....
Hugs and Kisses by Linda Meckler
Do you love to snuggle and cuddle with your partner? Does this not happen or not very often? Would you like to see it change? Read on. Yes wo...
Human And Social Progress Is Based On The Process Of Particularity To Gener by ayub mohammed
.This kind of approach through which the history of active players in materialistic way we can identify the actual active factors and its conditions ...
Human Being and GOD by neeraj sabharwal
An extract from the book...
SPACE will always remember us!...
Hundreds of Thousands of Sightings by Linda Newton Perry
Column May 25, 2009, "A Matter of Time" by Linda Newton-Perry...
Hung, Stripped and Gutted by Rodney Bohen
Alas, what caretakers of the animal kingdom we turned out to be!...
Hunting Ethics by Steven Kendus
After watching one political ad after another in which candidates question their opponents’ character rather than highlighting their own aptitude, vie...
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Action/Thriller Articles
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  4. Directing Adam West in 'Omega Cop'
  5. Jewish Exponent Interview
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  7. Sandra Bullock Goes Dog Crazy for Dogs wit
  8. Justifiable Homicide
  9. Adolf Hitler speaks…and humanity answers
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  13. Fog From A Sailor's Perspective
  14. Spock: Live Long and Prosper
  15. Finding Emma, by Steena Holmes
  16. If You Don't Like How I Write, PLEASE DON'
  17. An Open Letter to Warren Buffett
  18. Fractured Legacy , Charles B Neff
  19. Democracy for Whom
  20. A Beautiful Mind, book review

Featured Book
Mission Mururoa
by Rosemary Patterson

Young and lovely Terri'i Gagnon used as bait in French CIA plot to capture Tahitian students investigating possibility of tsunamis from French nuclear tests disintegratin..  
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Featured Book
A Crime To Be Rich
by David Snowdon

An International Investment Banking Thriller Released In May 2010. Set in London, Miami and Trinidad, Snowdon lifts the lid on the hectic, lucrative world of inv..  
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