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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Le drame haitien, une tournure inquietante de l'histoire
by Antoine Raphael

La quatrième édition française de "Le drame haïtien". Il y en a une version anglaise intitulée: "The Haitian Drama, history taking the wrong turn"..  
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Featured Book
The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland
by Lonnie Hicks

This is a book done "real time" which traces the rise of Obama, written from the perspective of his political values and background. It goes on to predict how he will gov..  
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Featured Book
Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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Today by Onyeche Onyeka
Today never ends...
Tolerating Evangelicals by Eddie Thompson
(They try to share with you the most important thing they possess: their faith. Would it hurt to tolerate their love for you enough to afford them wha...
Touch by Mike Walton
Part of our charter in this new life we have as Scouts and Scouters forces us to touch others....
Town Hall Debate Questions I Would Ask by Eddie Thompson
(Will Kerry apologize to Saddam Hussein if he is elected? Will Bush let body counts keep him from unleashing an offensive against the terrorist enclav...
Trading stocks at home 2007 by Henry Stevens
Henry goes back to trading stocks again using the modern tools available at home. ...
Traditional Energy: What's the Alternative? by Nada Nadie
An excerpt from the book "Look for Our Mother and Our Father" which provides a different way to see the climate change/energy debate....
Tragedy Always Reinforces the Concept of What is Important by Lisa Adams
With another hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast, we should all take time to stop and think about what matters: people....
Transcending the Boundaries of the Mind by Malynda Walker
Essay about the poetry of Jim Morrison of The Doors Written: November 14, 2001...
Translating Gujarati fiction into English by Hemang Desai
Read it...
Trials and Tribs of Unknown Published Authors by P. A. Zimmerman
A day in the life of an unknown author trying to get a press release on her own....
Tribute to AD Authors and by Henry Stevens
My public appreciation for the help the authors on AD and the web site have given me. ...
Tribute to Authors of Yesteryears by Venkataraman Gopalakrishnan
It is timely that we owe a debt of gratitude to all those great authors who have made an indelible impression upon our memories....
Tropical Triple Murder Mystery by Sandra Louden
This book, by first time author Ann Prospero, is a tautly written murder mystery that takes place in Miami. Read my review in Sunday's The Daily Brea...
True Wisdom by David Arthur Walters
It might be best to keep honest discussions of the Absolute Truth from the vulgar masses....
Truth  God)  Truth) God : Truth: What Is It? by Patrick Wilson
How many sheep are spiritually bankrupted as Pilate? How many ostensible believers seek diamonds in the dark rather than white pearls during daylight?...
Truth Needs Time by F William Broome
Enough already - of political poison spewing back and forth about this tragedy! .....
Truth, Justice and Peace.....Worthy aims, but are they achievable? by Patrick Talty
The original version was witten and posted here prior to the invasion of Iraq by the so-called Coalition of the Willing. This post-war version is a re...
Trying to get published by Frances Lynn
It doesn't matter who you know....
Tsunami by Leland Waldrip
Impersonal physical forces are the cause of natural beauty and natural disasters....
Turn Rejection Into A Challenge To Succeed by S. Reisner
How one writer's rejection collection challenged her to succeed....
Turning off by Tel Asiado
The media provide needs and respond to people’s desires, assumed or not. The ability to "turn off" is a beneficial act. But only if we use it at the r...
Turning Poison Into Medicine by Tina Tessina
“We turn poison into medicine and our sorrows into blessings” ...
Two can play this game! by David Schwinghammer
I f conservatives want to attack liberal causes, they should expect reprisals. ...
Two Men Wearing a Suit Walked into the Room by L C Evans
Thank God for proofreaders....
Two Prisoners, One Bus by Debra Purdy Kong
A lesson from the unlikeliest teacher. This essay first appeared in Futures Magazine, November 2000...
Two Tithing by Indi Riverflow
A quirky, insightful look at the necessity and futile nature of social activism in the current era....
Two Vegan Videos by Gene Gordon
YouTube videos depicting famous vegetarian/vegans....
U.S. Inheritance Laws and Wealth Accumulation by Edward Phillips
U.S. team out of World Cup and U.S. Flag disrespected by Henry Stevens
U.S. team out of World Cup and U.S. Flag disrespected, and my local newspapers use pictures of disrespect to increase readership. ...
Ugliest Dog-ling Passes while Petit Kitty has a Bon Voyage to France by Lisa Adams
Beauty and love are definitely in the eye of the beholder....
UMNO's Succession Plan. by Ahmad Abang
The last General Election in Malaysia resulted in the Opposition ruling five states. Although the ruling National Front Coalition still won with signi...
Unamerican activities by David Schwinghammer
Clinton may have been right about the vast conservative conspiracy. ...
Under God With Liberty by Robert Morgan
This piece addresses separation of church and state, and thinking for ourselves....
Understanding Ayaan Hirsi by Safi Abdi
She is a poor refugee and a by-product of a nation gone mad. The poor refugee is Ayaan Hirsi, and that nation is Somalia. ...
Understanding Realism and Imagery: How Close is Fiction to Fact? by Alvin Romer
This is the genesis of an essay that's drawing analogy and giving reason fusing reality and imagery in producing quality narrative. The purpose is t...
Understanding the Information Age by David Miller
The time has come for a new understanding of the phrase: The Information Age....
Understanding What's at Stake in the Presidential Election by D. Kenneth Ross
These are the major differences in our presidential candidates. We are talking about two very diverse types of government....
Underwhelmed in America by Joe Prentis
Making the right career choices....
Unfair Compensation--Outragous by Ronald Hull
I'm not a fan of Rush, but he has said what I have--better....
Unforgettable Moments in Life by Richard Orey
Awesome moments in life so powerful, so beautiful, so soul-stirring that they never leave our memory....
United States vis-à-vis Canada by Warren Evans
They are a proud nation, and have every right to be! ...
University a pandora box by Onyeche Onyeka
The University is a rich planet with three pregnant women, One carrying a good child, the second carrying a bad while the last carrying a slightly bad...
Unnecessary Institutionalization is Discrimination: The Olmstead Decision by Anita Cameron
The landmark Olmstead decision is very important to people with disabilities because it affirms our right to live in our communities with appropriate ...
Unveiling the Tharu masks by Sanjib Chaudhary
The communities over the world have used maks to portray either good or evil while performing traditional dances, shamanistic practices and black magi...
Upside Down Theory of Brain Function by Marvin Kirsh
The ups and down of life are controlled by hills, slants and gravity...
Upstate NY CERT Unit Breaking Barriers by Anita Cameron
This unique CERT unit in upstate New York is proving that anyone can serve his or her community....
Using Showing Instead of Telling in Your Writing by Ken Brosky
How to use SHOWING in your writing to improve the story rather than TELLING....
Using the Paradox of Thrift to Help Solve Our Nation's Economic Issues by Edward Phillips
Just 3 percent of our net worth will solve most economic issues....
Valentines Day by Mike Bacon
This is a short essay I wrote about Valentines Day earlier this year....
Values by Sandra Corona
What are the most important things in your life? These are mine....
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Essays Articles
  1. Kant's Effore To Resolve Hume's Epistemolo
  2. Inequality: The Cold, Hard Truth
  3. Rhode Read: RI’s Haven Brothers Mobile Din
  4. Retro 60s Flashback: Paging Dr. Kildare &
  5. Rhode Read: The Quahog—RI’s Official State
  6. The Story behind the National Debt
  7. Marriage
  8. Numbers Don’t Lie – People Do
  9. Unforgettable Moments in Life
  10. U.S. Inheritance Laws and Wealth Accumulat
  11. Retro 60s Flashback: The Dead Job Pool
  12. Private Foundations....Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  13. Rhode Read: RI’s Slater Mill, America’s Ol
  14. Essay on Poetic Theory
  15. Inequality
  16. Retro 60s Flashback: Top Dawgs of the Sixt
  17. The Meaning of Life
  18. Abortion?
  19. Rhode Read: RI’s Herreshoff Marine Museum
  20. Dems Invoke the Nuclear Option

Featured Book
Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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Featured Book
Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
by Lonnie Hicks

A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection..  
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