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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Calling All Authors---How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Ope
by Valerie

Revealing Publishing Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities for Published Authors and Writers Who Dream of Becoming Authors..  
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Featured Book
The Ultimate Key to Successful Blogging
by Al Moe

Want to quit work, sleep till noon, and write all day? Don't try it until you read The Ultimate Key to Successful Blogging!..  
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Featured Book
I Have A Reason To Smile
by R.E.E.S Blogs Linda Smith, Publisher

This book is about Poetry. Many different kinds of fables, short stories about life experiences, laughter, drama, children, humor, love, inspiration and some urban styles..  
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25 Most Recent Publishing Articles

Description and Dedicatory Page for THE LITTLE BOOK OF LANCE by +Steven Curtis Lance
These words, along with this greyscale portrait, will appear as the description and dedicatory page for my new project, The L...
Designing the PDF Sampler by Howard Hopkins
Create a PDF sampler for your latest book...
Designing the Virtual Press Kit by Howard Hopkins
An article on designing PDF Press Kits....
Designing Your Book Cover. Includes 'photo purchase' site link. by Paul Kyriazi
Don't let a graphics person eat up your budget....
Discover how Amazon changed book cover design by Lloyd Lofthouse
And why authors need to pay attention....
Do Giveaways Help Book Sales? by John Howard Reid
Right now I'm giving away copies of my third Merryll Manning mystery novel, "Merryll Manning: Beachfront Holiday" through GoodReads....
Do writers really need a back end? by Stephen Gallup
Marketing gurus say the purpose of a book is for the author to initiate a continuing relationship with its readers. Should this be so?...
Do You Prefer Steak or Hamburger? by L Mackay
What you need to know about publishing....
Do You Really Need an Agent When You Are Ready to Publish your Book by Lisa Tener
A literary agent is one of the most important people in your career as an author. This is a really important decision–so decide wisely and do your res...
Do's and Don'ts of the Self-Published Author by Kimberly Jackson
As a first time author or writer, you can fall prey to a lot of evil deeds and dealings out there in the publishing industry. Here are just a few thi...
Do's, Don'ts, and Tips On Category Writing by TL Gray
Interview: Tips for writing category romance from published authors in the genre....
Does Quality Affordable Book Publishing Exist? by The Authors at Books In Sync
Where can new writers still wishing to break into print turn? Is Quality service and reliable printing is still available?...
Dogs Steal the Show by Eileen Granfors
After several tries, my local paper sent a reporter to interview me about my new book, "Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead." I was pleased to mee...
Don't Get The Editor Angry by E. P. Ned Burke
10 Ways On How NOT To Make An Editor's Day...
Don't Self Publish Until You Read This! by Blondie Clayton
Deal Breakers For First Time Book Publishers...
Don't Talk, Write! by Carlene Dater
This is one in a series of articles I've written and published to help beginning writers. I hope it helps....
Doreen McNicol says when you think the hard part's done... there's more! by Doreen McNicol
I caught up with Seattle published debut novelist, Doreen McNicol, to tell us about her new novel, Rachel Wicks. But, writers are a strange lot. We us...
Drawing the Line by Wendy Beckman
Interviewees often ask writers to show the draft article to them. When is it appropriate to let your interview subject see what you've written before ...
Drawing the Right Lessons from ICSID Jurisprudence on the Doctrine of Neces by Amin George Forji
Drawing the Right Lessons from ICSID Jurisprudence on the Doctrine of Necessity Amin George Forji, University of Helsinki Article comment...
E-Books Versus Real Books by John Howard Reid
Have you thrown away the keys to your library because you've invested in a kindle or a nook or a blackberry? Think again!...
e-Books, Wave of The Future?...........Molly Writes by m j hollingshead
Many of the volumes appear complete with ‘covers,’ title page, editor and publisher, along with a copyright notice....
E-Books: Testing The Water by Fredrick Boling
The day of electronic book publishing has arrived. When should a writer venture into the world of e-books? Test the water before you leap....
E-books: Testing Customer Support by J. Knight
A humorous look at Customer Support for Dame Margaret Thursington's e-book "Murder in the Garden" series of mysteries, E is for Exfoliation....
ebook 101 by Michael Meisberger
This article is designed to give the reader a general overview and brief synopsis of ebooks....
Ebooks Are Coming by Susan Kelley
Whether you're ready for it or not, the ebook industry has arrived....
Edit or Publish an Email Newsletter? by John Howard Reid
If, like me, you edit or publish an email Newsletter, you've probably wondered if you are going about it the right way, and if your potential readers...
Editing and Publishing tips by Dennis De Rose
Things you can do to improve your manuscript and have it published......
Editing fiction by Anne Whitfield
My thoughts on editing fiction....
Editing Knowhow by John Howard Reid
Whether editing the Bible or a novel, an article or a poem, an editor's job is always the same. ...
Editing Tool: MS Word Track Changes by D.L. Snell
MS Word Tool for writers and editors...
Effective Article Writing Tips by Junior Daniel
Article writing is not as difficult as one may think....
Elite AD Poet Mr. Robert Jude Forese by Sage Sweetwater
Mr. Robert Jude Forese operates so decisively akin to a visionary...
This is one of the articles from my page in Poetic Monthly Magazine....
Enjoying the Ride! by Donna Marie
Becoming a published author is a blast of a ride!...
Entering the Wrong Contests? by John Howard Reid
It happened to me too. For years I tried the hit and miss method. Nothing but misses. Then I woke up to myself....
ePublishing 1 - Where is it now and where is it going? by J. Taylor
Are you a eBook reader - or writer? Want a piece of paper in your hand? But think - do you use the computer, a PDA, or a digital camera. If so you are...
ePublishing and eTailing by M. D. Benoit
An informative article on the state of ePublishing in 2004...
ePublishing Nuts and Bolts by M. D. Benoit
An overall look of epublishing, first appeared in SFCanada Communiqué...
Essential Reading for Writers (especially those feeling discouraged) by Lisa Reece-Lane
Don't throw in the towel (or your pen) just yet.......
Exactly the right title for your book, poem or story? by John Howard Reid
Many a great book has been rejected, simply because the publisher's reader was not impressed by your title....
Feature story by Paul Berube
The Citizen of Laconia - July 12, 2007...
Feng Shui and the Working Writer by Regina Paul
How to utilize Feng Shui techniques to improve your writing and sell more!...
Fiction writers - Are you ready to self-publish? by Ivana Hruba
A short introduction to self-publishing for fiction writers...
Find exciting names & titles for poems & stories by John Howard Reid
"How do you find exciting names and titles for your poems and stories?" is a question I'm often asked at Writers' Conferences....
Find Right Titles for Books, Poems, Stories by John Howard Reid
It's hard to come up with just the right title, but here's the perfect book to solve that perennial problem....
Finding a Low Total-Move-in-Cost Houston Apartment by Patrick Oconnor
Houston apartments come in many shapes and sizes. You can usually find a Houston apartment with a very low total move-in cost. Total move-in cost incl...
Finding the Plot by Peter Paton
Finding the Plot ...
First Look: Treebookman Reading Device by J. Knight
A review from the future as we test the new reading device, the revolutionary Treebookman....
Five Keys To Writing a Successful Query Letter by Kristi Sayles
A Great Query Letter Must Do Five Things......
FLASH and Other short fiction by Eileen Granfors
Don't let the genre fool you....
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  20. Wendy Doniger, Arundhati Roy, Penguin Book

Featured Book
I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer
by Cheryl Wright

No Longer Available for Purchase..  
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Featured Book
Calling All Authors---How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Ope
by Valerie

Revealing Publishing Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities for Published Authors and Writers Who Dream of Becoming Authors..  
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