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This writing contains 25 articles that explore the dangers Barack Obama’s actions pose to the security and safety of our United States of America. It also exposes his ins..  
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"Smith...has written a scathing account of massive fraud on the part of our nation's leaders, who have plundered every cent of the Social Security Trust Fund surplus that..  
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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

Angela Davis A Rhode Scholar Sent To Berlin, Germany To Study Marxism by Carol Speed
Why was Angela Davis, a Rhode Scholar, sent to Berlin, Germany to study Marxism....
Angelina Jolie in Pakistan. by Basit Ghafoor
This article is about Angelina Jolie's latest visit to Pakistan....
Another Exciting Month in Washington, D.C. with BACHome by Ken Connelly
I have enjoyed my work with BACHome and this May is going to be another great week in DC....
Another Exciting Month in Washington, D.C. with BACHome by Ken Connelly
I have enjoyed my work with BACHome and this May is going to be another great week in DC....
Another Made in the USA Death by Dave Harm
I grew up in a time where quality products were made in the USA. All the inferior products were made in China. I believe that for the most part, thi...
Another Turn for the Better by Robert Liu
True, the Iraqi insurgency continues, but its weakness has been exposed in the face of Iraqi voters' courage on Jan. 30, 2005. Terror can intimidate p...
Another Victory for the American People! by Joseph* OneLight*®
In spite of the "Party of No" continuing their partisan political posturing. ...
Anti Israel President by Mark Lichterman
Please pass this on to friends and others on your list....
Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters by Jay Dubya
Author Jay Dubya examines why Town Hall Protesters are so passionate and boisterous about their politics....
Anti-Senatica by David Arthur Walters
A polemic for abolition of the United States Senate in light of the Clinton impeachment trial...
Apocalyptic Literature. by Mark Lichterman
How's this for apocalyptic literature.? This was written by a pastor's wife in biblical prose as a commentary of current events. It is brilliant....
Apollo Never Lies by Mel Hathorn
A few months ago, Attorney General, John Ashcroft, imposed mandatory sentencing for many Federal crimes, thus removing any concept of judicial discret...
Apres Tout - After All by Emile Tubiana
This Article in two languages was written and posted on November 9, 2012. Today I added a few words in order to bring it up-to-date. A few of my f...
Are our food choices politically charged? by Niki Collins-Queen
Barbara Kingsolver describes in "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” how she and her family tried to reduce the miles-per-gallon quotient of their diets in a ...
Are the Egyptian Riots a Spontaneous Revolt? by Emile Tubiana
Are the Egyptian riots a spontaneous revolt, or a popular uprising without any leader or instigator?...
Are Unborn Children Property? by Martin Ingham
An analysis of Abortion: ...
I hate the way political games treat people as if we are stupid....
Are We Deaf by Emile Tubiana
This is a wake-up call to those who may hear, but are lulled by the words, so that they become deaf for the real meaning of the messages that reach th...
Are We Ignoring The Facts? by Emile Tubiana
".We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist Movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acqua...
Are We Interfering Too Much In Other Countries’ Affairs? by Emile Tubiana
We should take care of our country first The USA...
Are we not a free country? by Emile Tubiana
In any case we should respect our guests....
Are We Not One Nation Under God? by Emile Tubiana
These are the kind of thoughts that people can think....
Are We Out of Our Mind to Risk Egypt? by Emile Tubiana
After Cairo Speech, does the Egyptian Uprising Fit Obama’s Policy? Are We Out of Our Mind to Risk Egypt? ...
Are we the Police of the world by Emile Tubiana
No peace can be reached by external force...
Are we wearing Blinders by Lew Duffey
Here is something for all us patriots to consider. Look up the word in the dictionary and it will tell you patriotism is “love of country; ...
As our freedoms are gradually taken away from us, we make one more stand. We change our elected officials, demanding a better Nation under God....
Aristocracizing America by Herbert Siegel
A History Of CONSUMER CREDIT CARDS in America....
Arrêtez la confusion et la haine by Emile Tubiana
Ce n'est pas en semant la haine qu'on aboutit a la paix...
Articles on On Line Opinion by James Cumes
The pathway to the Global Financial Crisis and Its Outcomes...
As a Thinking Person by Mark Lichterman
And why is he listed as a foreigner with Indonesian citizenship when he requested financial aid for his college education while in the US? ...
Ashura carnage by Zulfiqar Khaki
this is my letter against terrorism in daily dawn (English) karachi pakistan....
Assisted Suicide and Your End-of-Life Chats with Your Doctor by Jane St Clair
End of life chats with doctors are about helping you choose the cheapest health care possible to save the system money. ...
Attacking Assad? by Emile Tubiana
In Eglish and In French...
Aujourd’hui by Emile Tubiana
Cet article en deux langues a été écrit et affiché il y a quelque mois...
Averting The New World Order by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson
The Constellation of Omens is unveiling itself as the quarry of Americans and as the prey of the world sit idly waiting to be devoured. ...
Axis of Idiots! by Mark Lichterman
Jimmy Carter, you are the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spin...
Ayn Rand and Objectivism by Donald Schneider
This essay examines the pitfalls of both unbridled capitalism and socialism and exposes the naiveté inherent within the atheistic libertarianism advoc...
B3 Summit Conspiracy by David Taylor
Everything you saw was a lie!...
B4 we move on by irving jackson
USans must take care of......
B4UVote by Joseph* OneLight*®
Check the records ...
Bailing Out the Home Owner by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
I guess this is hindsight now, since the bail-out is a done deal. It is difficult to visualize 700 billion of anything, let alone picturing $700 billi...
Bangkok Post ,04/20/09 by Theodore Soderberg
Track him down! Whatever Thaksin has done prior to the riots means nothing, because on that day Thailand sunk to a level of depravity that se...
Bangkok Post ,US Always Faulted 09/02/08 by Theodore Soderberg
US always faulted...
Bangkok Post entry- 27/10 by Theodore Soderberg
I don't blame the Bangkok Post readership for having a distorted view of President Barack Obama when all they know is what they read from the liberal ...
Bangkok post/Dec 1/Obama is all ideology and no common sense by Theodore Soderberg
Obama is all ideology and no common sense. Responding to the Bangkok Posts running of NYT syndicated columinist....
BangkokPost letter, 03/06/09 by Theodore Soderberg
Enjoying my Sunday coffee, I stumbled on to a reader who said, 'It's time to say sorry'. Well, what a relief; finally someone is goi...
Bangkoks newspaper. The Nation, 05/1/09 Waterboarding by Theodore Soderberg
Waterboarding: the US needs to get over it Once again, President Obama, with a non-military background, is depending on neo-liberals in ...
Barack Obama Is The Only Choice for Equality by Raymond Sturgis
New Book by Raymond Sturgis......The lies about President Barack Obama need to cease. Has he made mistakes yes, however, so have other presidents and ...
Barack Obama Reportedly Blamed Fox News For Hurting His Popularity by Mark Lichterman
Really? It's all a lie! Really? It's the Fault of Fox News! Really? Highlight and left tap....
Barack Obama's Rough First Year by Daniel Brown
An essay on the factors that allows a president to achieve greatness....
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Political Science Articles
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  15. Ghost Town Ghosts
  16. Fort Hood Article in New York Post
  17. The jobless economic recovery
  18. Mexican Retriever, Huh
  19. The American Dream - President Obama's Job
  20. Say What? How the Battle Between Individua

Featured Book
Common Sense - Revisited in the New Millennium
by Stephen Cafaro

"Common Sense – Revisited in the New Millennium" is an updated version of Thomas Paine’s seditious document of 1776. This current edition of Common Sense develops compari..  
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by Sam Vaknin

The antecedents and aftermath of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the role of the United States in international affairs. ..  
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