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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Blue Corn Woman
by Sage Sweetwater

Sage Sweetwater pens lesbian pulp fiction novel BLUE CORN WOMAN, brainchild of Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties, flagship of Stone Creek Woman - The FOUR CORNERS SERIE..  
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Featured Book
From Particles & Disputations: Writings for Jeff, a book of
by Philip Hughes-Luing

"A beautiful little beating heart of a book; intimate, real, and so very, very moving." - Tom Webb, Atlanta. "Both a heartrending memorial and a tender love story" - Davi..  
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Featured Book
The Ideal Side of Life
by Blak Rayne

Every job comes with acceptable risk, but when Carson's occupation crosses the line and puts too much of a strain on their relationship, Stephen is forced to make a diffi..  
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25 Most Recent Gay/Lesbian/Bi Articles

Parliament Passes Civil Partnerships Act by Veronica Hosking
Same Sex Unions were legalized in the UK in December 2005. Does this give gay couples the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts? ...
Pastor Opens a Tattoo Parlor Inside Michigan Church by Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives have earned their way into alternative religion with their numerous non-traditional films with religious themes....
Place Your Bets on Sweetwater Films! And Where is ScarJo? by Sage Sweetwater
Place your bets on where A-List Hollywood Actress Scarlett Johansson has her pistol tucked in Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater's films! ...
Please Help Blue Sleighty by Blue Sleighty
I am trying to start doing podcasts. Would you please listen to this podcast and tell me if it . . . could use some work??? I sound nasal. H...
Pleiades Physics Prostitutes by Sage Sweetwater
The Pleiadean Glyphs speak to the soul, reawakening ancient memories. Telepathic red light in the green hole in space. Paraphrased in erudite sensuali...
Pornography - the secret destroyer of our times! by Chris Umeweni
Is there a way out? In this article the writer exposes pornography and also tells of how he escaped from its clutches....
Pricing Sweetwater Spin-offs: The Biker Chronicles Jeopardy 2 Video Game by Sage Sweetwater
Sweetwater will see The Biker Chronicles Jeopardy video game grow into a slot machine for casinos....
Protecting Predator Priests by Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives are heard on pedophiles and child molesters in the ministry. Sage Sweetwater's Hollywood Lesbian Western films cast an interesting...
Religion of Book Characters: Dominga Rio by Sage Sweetwater
Spin-off lesbian western comic book characters personalize the art world of fighting vigilante preachers, politicians and lawmen....
Religion of S & M: Redemption from Sin in God's Plan of Salvation by Sage Sweetwater
Salvation begins with a sensual backside language, the general meaning of liberation from evils. Jesus replies, ""Let it be so now; it is proper for u...
Religion Was Never So Sexy by Alan Chin
I’m very pleased to announce that my new book, an anthology of six short works called BUDDHA’S BAD BOYS, is available everywhere fine books are sold....
Reviewer's top pick on Night Owl Romance by Alex Beecroft
Captain's Surrender gets 4.75 out of 5 at NOR, and chosen as reviewer's top pick....
Rita Coolidge & Kris Kristofferson Cast in Sweetwater's Film by Sage Sweetwater
Yesteryear/today's greatness Alive in Sweetwater's 'Sanders Mountain' sequel to 'The Life and Times of Sanders.'...
Robin Tunney to Star as Sage Sweetwater in The Hollywood Conspiracy by Sage Sweetwater
The Hollywood Conspiracy follow-up film based on the true story of Sweetwater's Jett Durango Pre-production scandals, Robin Tunney will take on the r...
Sage and the Wild Mountain Goats by Sage Sweetwater
Again, a rare peek into the reclusive mountain life of Sage Sweetwater...
Sage Sweetwater & The Sundance Wives Bringing NewAge Religion to Big Screen by Sage Sweetwater
Out with the old jesus in with the New-Age Religion! Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Films built on Christian myth and Christian folk Silv...
Sage Sweetwater & The Sundance Wives Iconoclasts of a Bygone Era Reinvented by Sage Sweetwater
Western movie fans and film historians have credited Gene Autry with setting the precedent for the popularity of the Western on television. Lesbian We...
Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives a Magnet For Success! by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's marketing point of view is success comes through a group mind....
Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives on New Year Money 2012 by Sage Sweetwater
Specially minted coins from a theatrical mint company to enhance the authenticity and accuracy of realistic portrayal for Sage Sweetwater films will b...
Sage Sweetwater and the World of Sundance by Sage Sweetwater
The Sundance Wives, in legend revive communal lifestyles and worship freely. Their dedication to individual creativity is why their spirit endures....
Sage Sweetwater at her Howling Ridge Wolf Camp Studio by Sage Sweetwater
A rare peek into the reclusive life of Sage Sweetwater, wolfkeeper and firebrand lesbian novelist...
Sage Sweetwater Brands Revolution by Sage Sweetwater
From the desk of Sage Sweetwater sending out a message to the ones who hate candlemakers for giving Light to dark souls....
Sage Sweetwater Casting Animal Tracks in Plaster of Paris by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater molding wildlife tracks. It is good stewardship to leave the things we find in nature where they are found. In casting animal tracks, ...
Sage Sweetwater caught in crossfire Islam and Walmart by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater lesbian novels are not even stocked yet and the controversy rolls back...
Sage Sweetwater Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Novelist: A Star is Born! by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives are welded into the design. "Our mission won't change, but the way we carry out our mission will change," Sage...
Sage Sweetwater Firebrand Lesbian Novelist Maintains Her Edge by Sage Sweetwater
With a Sacred Whetstone....
Sage Sweetwater gets inspiration from biker Panama Jack and his whiskey by Sage Sweetwater
Sara Russell, former editor of Poetry Life & Times asks Sage Sweetwater where the inspiration from The Biker Chronicles comes....
Sage Sweetwater Goes For the Gold in Self-Tutelage of Cowboy Poet by Sage Sweetwater
Waddie Mitchell...Why Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater stays ahead of Western writers and her success in Hollywood Western Film. ...
Sage Sweetwater in Electronic Game Development with Manufacturer by Sage Sweetwater
Another Sage Sweetwater and The Sundance Wives Intellectual Property spin-off from Sweetwater's audio recording The Biker Chronicles!...
Sage Sweetwater in Film Promotion For The Biker Chronicles by Sage Sweetwater
Sweetwater, recording voice artist promoting her Hollywood Biker film backed by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Sweetwater's film The Biker Chroni...
Sage Sweetwater Inducted Into Porterhouse Music by Sage Sweetwater
Sage heldur því reyndar fram á heimasíðunni Authors Den poetry transcribed to song!...
Sage Sweetwater Inspired by the Horno (Outdoor Adobe Bread Oven) by Sage Sweetwater
Bread and outdoor adobe oven inspires Sage Sweetwater Firebrand Lesbian Novelist. object width="425" height="344">param name="movie" value="http...
Sage Sweetwater Maintains a Strong Fan Base Throughout 2008 by Sage Sweetwater
Sage's nostalgic attachment to nature allows her to expose to her readers, a larger reality of the prime functions of well-written, uncensored poetry...
Sage Sweetwater Makes Available Cliff Notes by Sage Sweetwater
Lesbian Author Sage Sweetwater Makes Available Cliff Notes To College Students For Term Papers, Essays, and Dissertation Writing From Her Lesbian Arct...
Sage Sweetwater Makes Big Money by Using Expired Copyright! by Sage Sweetwater
Yes, it's true Firebrand Celebrity Sage Sweetwater used 'NOT IN COPYRIGHT' material expired copyright to make big money on one of her films now in ...
Sage Sweetwater Nearing of Completing the Jett Durango Trilogy by Sage Sweetwater
It must be said that the poetry of Celebrity Firebrand Sage Sweetwater is said to have sparked a revolution from one of her first defending poems on A...
Sage Sweetwater on Adapting the C.G. McGovern-Bowen Novel Evil Seed to Film by Sage Sweetwater
Another Sundance Wives intellectual property turned to film, The Sundance Wives success is timely tapped into the cultural pulse....
Sage Sweetwater on Creating Suspense in Western Films by Sage Sweetwater
Analyzing why suspense is key in western films has brought Sage Sweetwater to success. ...
Sage Sweetwater Paints the Big Screen with Religion by Sage Sweetwater
Revelations of religious incest and religious sexual abuse that cleanses itself powerfully in the brothel stable, the madam's barn, through E coli ba...
Sage Sweetwater Showcasing Her Work on Authors Den Since 2005 by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater has solid Hollywood investors who are financing her various films and she has good producer representation managing her career....
Sage Sweetwater Takes to the Underground New World Order in her Biker Film by Sage Sweetwater
Connector routes to & fro allow Sweetwater quick plan-changing due to middle-man manipulators. Sweetwater seeks to expose what she sees as corruption....
Sage Sweetwater the Lesbian Artist by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater the lesbian artist that will have your heart. Her work is of this century taken from that century. Embrace her for all she has given y...
Sage Sweetwater's 2013 Ushers In and Leaves 2012 Behind by Sage Sweetwater
Celebrity Firebrand Lesbian Sage Sweetwater will look a little less serious in 2013. She has found her audience!...
Sage Sweetwater's AD poem Intimate Strangers Being Filmed for Short Film by Sage Sweetwater
Director Wendy Crouse CEO DreamReal Pictures knows a good thing when she sees it. Sage Sweetwater's Intimate Strangers is being filmed with another s...
Sage Sweetwater's Articles & News Section in Authors Den Sabotaged! by Sage Sweetwater
A Note to my fans and readers, several of my accompanying photos to my news and articles post have been sabotaged. May the disgruntled chew on some mo...
Sage Sweetwater's Authors Den Poetry & The Colorado Film Commission by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater's Authors Den Poetry of The Sundance Wives and Sage Sweetwater using marketing strategy could pay off for the Colorado Film Commissio...
Sage Sweetwater's Bollywood Poem Inspired From Bollywood's Hisss! by Sage Sweetwater
Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat talks about Hollywood's contribution in transformation from woman to snake in Hisss object wid...
Sage Sweetwater's DOMINGA RIO OF CUERO Reflects Seminole Tribe's Hard Rock by Sage Sweetwater
A storyline in Sage Sweetwater's Dominga Rio of Cuero from Texas reflects Seminole Indians of Florida's newly purchased Hard Rock Cafe...
Sage Sweetwater's Film Script Formulas Apply to Right Living as Well by Sage Sweetwater
On her screenwriting process, Sage Sweetwater says "Never inhibit your dramatic instinct or your artistic, creative abilities. Just like in formulas w...
Sage Sweetwater's Jett Durango 2012 Powder River Jesus† by Sage Sweetwater
Jett Durango 2012 #Sundance Lesbian Western by Sage Sweetwater that will change #Religion forever! Powder River Jesus† feminist coalition!...
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  19. Why Dr. Phil Will Play in Sweetwater's Hol
  20. Sweetwater Wraps The Biker Chronicles Film

Featured Book
Loraine Leatherbow: The House of Spleen
by Sage Sweetwater

Sage Sweetwater pens LORAINE LEATHERBOW: THE HOUSE OF SPLEEN, another lesbian pulp fiction novel, brainchild of Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties, flagship of Stone Cre..  
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Featured Book
Zara's Bois
by Gracie McKeever

When the powers-that-be make the decision to return a selfish party-girl, Zara, to Earth on three missions of redemption, can romance and mayhem be far behind? One hot an..  
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