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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Three Stories: Satan-A Dog's Story, Truth in Nakedness & A C
by B. B. Riefner

This is a Kindle edition of three stories in one collection: Satan, a dog's story; Truth in Nakeness; and A Child Too Near..  
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Featured Book
The Lion Trees, Part I: Unraveling
by Owen Thomas

The debut novel by Owen Thomas, The Lion Trees, chronicles the humorous and dramatic unraveling of an American family. The two-volume novel has been enthusiastically rece..  
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Featured Book
The Site
by Claudio Herrera

 The Site is a touching book which gets across, through an apparent simple story, the complexity of the human soul, its fears of freedom and lack of commitment to life. A..  
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All Literary Fiction Articles

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Articles

Gathering the Indigo Maidens by Cecilia Velastegui: Book Review by Irene Watson
Paloma Zubiondo lives the life of one of the beautiful people. In her beachfront Mediterranean home that overlooks the bay in Laguna Beach, she collec...
Get Published #2 by Guy Hogan
Blogging / Originality / Flash Fiction...
Get Published! by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Publication / Blogging...
Girl in Translation Meet Jean Kwok & read a chapter of her bestselling book by Frank Mundo
Read first chapter of debut novel from this bestselling author...
Good reads, best fiction and a good ebook browse by Cathy Macleod
Browse for best efiction in this annual sale....
Grace Period: The Awakening of Abel Adams" by Robert Hammond: Book Review by Irene Watson
Readers who have bought into the stereotype that most drug addicts and criminals come from dysfunctional families may be surprised to find out that th...
Great Writers Who Took A Nip or 2 or 3.... by Terry Robertson
I find this one trait ironic for totally opposite writers. This is my homage to some of the great men of letters....
Grooming Him for Her by NeCee: Book Review by Irene Watson
Author NeCee's entertaining debut novel, "Grooming Him for Her" was inspired by an experience to which most women, and more than a few men, can easily...
Hard-Boiled Men Interview by Guy Jacobs
This interview appeared on in July, 07...
Hassles and Hope by Noel McCready
Chapter one - the opening four paragraphs....
Have You Filed Reincarnation Form RI-98726? by Wilfried F. Voss by Wilfried Voss
Do you have any recollection of a previous life? If yes, do you recall the efforts it took to file all the proper reincarnation forms?...
Head Trip: One Case of Super Twins by Jack Eadon: Book Review by Irene Watson
On Sunday, April 10th, "Head Trip," a powerful new novel by Jack Eadon about Super Twins whose envious rivalry leads to dangerous results, debuts at t...
Hell Hounds of High School by Patricia Marie Budd: Book Review by Irene Watson
From the English classroom to the principal’s office, and from the counselor’s desk to the teacher’s lounge, "Hell Hounds of High School," by author P...
Help Fellow Authors by Terry Robertson
I have always written in sequence. With my latest effort, "Falon Rising", thank God for "cut & paste", as I am writing this book very out of sync. I c...
Hemingway's Suitcase--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
Hemingway's Suitcase by MacDonald Harris,published by Simon and Schuster,1990,reviewed by J.S.Bradford...
History Repeats Itself by Terry Robertson
Times are hard for everyone, particularly for the struggling writer. The creative community may be feeling the pinch more than others, but we are all ...
hoi polloi - A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us' now available. by Robert McNulty
The first issue of 'hoi polloi' is now available through online retail at and local book retailers in the south shore of Massachusetts. A...
Hollow Bones by Stephen Paul: Book Review by Irene Watson
On November 23, 1993, Native American prophecy was fulfilled when a delegation representing the North American indigenous peoples addressed a gatherin...
Honeycomb by Israel del Rio: Book Review by Irene Watson
Having committed a redeeming act in a former life, a man is granted the gift to choose his next life by a spirit guide. From thousands of scrolls, he ...
Hope[less]: A Novel by C.O.B.: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Hope[less]," C.O.B.’s first novel, tells a passionate story about two young musicians. Until their meeting, KJ believed in nothing except his saxopho...
How Best to Avoid Dying by Owen Egerton: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Bizarre," "thought-provoking" and "entertaining" are just a few ways reviewers have described Owen Egerton's new book, "How Best to Avoid Dying," a c...
How Does The Big 5-0 Work by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Publication / Pittsburgh / Blogging...
How Does The Big 5-0 Work #2 by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Publication / Pittsburgh / Blogging...
How I balance writing/creating with “real” life. by Jonell Cash
Writing the love story about high school sweethearts, who marry more than forty years later, was a personally satisfying experience. ...
How They Met Themselves by Lorri Proctor
The Rossetti drawing with a doppelganger theme that inspired my book The Crimson Bed....
How to buy “The Adventures of George by Blair Gowrie
First of all, what is “The Adventures of George”, and why would I want to buy it? Well. simply said, “The Adventures of George” is a story by Blair Go...
How to Journal for Joy by Joyce White
We all can feel pretty if we accept the grace and elegance of surrendering to time. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed another chin crawling down my face. I ...
How to Win Writing Contests for Profit by John Yeoman
What do the judges of writing contests look for when awarding cash prizes? Here are my own six criteria as a judge for the Writers' Village internati...
Hurrah’s Nest: Memoirs of a Money Trader by Barbara Kennedy: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Hurrah's Nest," by author Barbara Kennedy,is a modern story of the profound and deadly effects of deception. It is novel of fast money, easy money, l...
I Remember a Young Girl by Regis Auffray
A short story by Sha'Tara......
If Truth Be Told - by Lynda Fitzgerald: Book Review by Irene Watson
Maintaining a balance between truth and compassion in relationships, whether with friends, family or lovers, can be instrumental in the success of sai...
if words were stones... by jeannie sanders
photograph: "heart of stone" by the author...
Improving Your Writing by Cynthia Reeg
A children's author offers some tips on improving your fiction...
In and Out of Madness by N. L. Snowden: Book Review by Irene Watson
"One of us must die," is the mantra of Lee Thames, a bi-polar, sexually driven woman who, additionally, suffers from multiple personality disorder. S...
Ina Dorfmann: August 18, 1950; A R rated Becoming extract by Mark Lichterman
Seeing Ina nude, wanting to be nude with her, having an urge to feel as much of her nude body against his nude body as possible—within the confines of...
Interview by Rafa Martin
An interview with the author Rafa Martin...
Interview by Afshin Rattansi
"The Dream of the Decade" comes with high praise. Dan Franklin, publisher of Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie and Ian McEwan is an admirer of the book and ...
Interview about Saving Erasmus by Steven Cleaver
Interview with Steven Cleaver, author of saving Erasmus...
Interview for "Short, Shorter and Shorter Stories..." author Chuck McCann by Irene Watson
The stories are for everyone, especially for the person forced to wait for the plane to load, the Novocain to numb the nerves, the baby's arrival or ...
Interview G.A. Norton, “An Infinity of Days in the Psychotic Atomik Empire by Irene Watson
Everyday across the U.S., millions of people face a wide range of injustices, from harassment on the job, unfair pay, to unrelenting authoritarian bos...
Interview Guy Gavriel Kay by Richard Marcus
Guy Gavriel Kay is the author of The Fionavar Tapastry(The Summer Tree,The Wandering Fire, and The Longest Road) plus five historical fantasy books, a...
Interview of James Earle McCracken, author of Rue de la Pompe by Irene Watson
Celebrating his thirtieth birthday alone in Paris, American businessman Michael Whyte realizes it is entirely possible to live an unglamorous life in ...
Interview of John Royce, author of Eclipsed by Shadow by Irene Watson
When Meagan Robert's horse, Promise, is born, everyone is interested in the special palomino, especially Ms. Bridgestone, who tells Meagan the legend ...
Interview of Rbt. C. Auty, author Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn by Irene Watson
In "Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn," Connor, a handsome young warrior and self- proclaimed outlaw, is drawn into a battle of good and evil, withi...
Interview with Alan Grossberg, author Zudd: No Bargain in Debasement by Irene Watson
Two men share an address, a secret, a quest to achieve physical immortality (though by different paths), and the pursuit of the same woman. In the pen...
Interview with Alan H. Rolnick, author of Landmark Status by Irene Watson
What will become of Miami's legendary Century Club? In its heyday, the Club and its famous Everglades Room were the place for everyone who was anyone ...
Interview with Andrew Feder, author of The Heretic by Irene Watson
Women flock adoringly to him. Men fear his battlefield prowess. He believes in a monotheistic, infinite God and he's the best friend of the most power...
Interview with Anya Achtenberg, author of The Stories of Devil- Girl by Irene Watson
What happens when children are told they are no good? When they are abused, neglected, and treated as worthless? Anya Achtenberg explores the dark, sa...
Interview with Arthur M. Mills, Jr., author of The Empty Lot Next Door by Irene Watson
Author Arthur Mills knows firsthand what it is to be bullied and how bullying can lead to suicide. Arthur’s older half-brothers as well as older neigh...
Interview with bestselling author Maile Meloy by Frank Mundo
Interview with author about her new book Both Ways is the Only Way I want It...
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Featured Book
Circles of Stone
by Alfred Garrotto

Discovery of a terrible secret related to her adoption shatters Natalia McCrory's world...  
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Featured Book
Witnesses and Troublemakers
by Richard French

A novel about the effects of warfare on ordinary people and the rewards that come with reflecting on one's experience later and talking or writing about it. This is the f..  
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