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Sept 11, 2001
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The Trinity Conspiracy
by Tom Kitt

The human mind receives new information, processes it acording to its own information, assimilates and responds to create a new input. On and on it goes - constant input/..  
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Polar Bears
by Anthony Dalton

Tales of polar bears, in the wild and in zoos and circuses...  
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Messages from Nature
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short stories about animals, nature, and the high seas..  
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25 Most Recent Nature Articles

In Appriciation Of Springs by Ron Kruger
Natural springs are the rushing gems of the Ozark Mountain Range....
In Celebration of Life - 2007 by Regis Auffray
Sha'Tara's annual kayak trip up the Fraser River and the Harrison to Harrison Lake....
In Celebration of National Wildlife Week by Mr. Ed
Meet The Sandhill Crane...
in today's email ... 30042008 by Paul Nipperess BMin
..... cool waves in Antartica !~!...
In Touch with the World through the WWW by Barbara Spring
People need to know about the Great Lakes...
Insect 'mite' save county farmers from bindweed by Jerry Engler
Use of two imported insects could control two introduced weed species, bindweed and musk thistle....
Instinct and Intuition by Tom Kitt
We are complete but we have defected. And so, we chase ourselves to remember. This is the cause of creation; our perfect classroom for recovery. ...
Is the End at hand? by Lew Duffey
2nd. Peter 3:9-11 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, ...
It's National Wildlife Week by Mr. Ed
Please Join Us, In Teaching Today's Children...
It's the Winter Solstice today! by Amber Moonstone
article can be found at this url (just cut and paste into your browser):
Jaws Revisited by Mr. Ed
Oceanic Dead Zones...
Just a bird in the sky by Vasu Ramanujam
Birds are able to co-exist peacefully. Why not human beings?...
Just What Is A Nuisance Animal? by Share Bond
The author has spent 15 years teaching the public to coexist with their backyard wildlife, so she wrote this article to reveal that it is the human th...
Katrina Pet Rescue Journal, Part II by Mr. Ed
Black and Orange Rain...
Killer Whales: A Killer or a Friend? by Martha Robach
Are Killer Whale really killers? And should they be held in captivity?...
Latino Book Festival Spices Things Up With Animal Book Author by Diana Guerrero
Latina Author Gets Wild On Stage With A Real Animal....
Learning About Snake Facts And Behaviors by Stephanie Davies
This article teaches you about why snakes behave the way they do, and how to handle a snake encounter. Also includes information on identifying venom...
Let's Save Ourselves by Edward Phillips
The Environmental Defense Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the natural systems on which all life depends. It is located in New...
Libra New Moon Time! by Amber Moonstone
It's a New Moon time!...
Lion Attack Prompts Interviews & Investigation by Diana Guerrero
Excerpt of article and interview with Diana L. Guerrero (Chicago Sun Times) September 10, 2004...
Lion hugs...... by Karen Palumbo
Check out the big cat hug. See animals big and small do have feelings and most importantly, a memory. See what you think........
Listening to the Silence by Vasu Ramanujam
What if the trees fight back? What if the birds' voices are heard?...
Love Chases Itself by Tom Kitt
Everything proceeds from one source; proceeds and returns, proceeds and returns, and on and on – constantly recurring. And the name of this source is ...
Love's Promise by Tom Kitt
Love is all around us. The world is soaked in Love attempting to wash us clean but we refuse to cooperate. We refuse to cooperate with who we are and ...
Lunar Eclipse! by Amber Moonstone
The Lunar eclipse at 2am tomorrow morning!...
Madison chickadee by Rex Owens
How chickadees overwinter....
Magnitude 5.4 Quake Shook Southern California by Mary Coe
Approximately 11:42 a. m. today, Tuesday 29, 2008 a magnitude 5.4 earthquake shook Southern california....
Man Giveth and Man Taketh Away… by Peg Hicks-Moore
Across the Santa Barbara channel, on a tiny island that you can see on a clear day from Ventura, there is an environmental debate brewing regarding na...
Marathon of Monarchs to Mexico by Linda Allen
Possibly the most amazing feat of the butterfly world is the annual pilgrimage of millions of Monarch butterflies to the mountains west of Mexico City...
March Full Moon In Virgo, March 10, 2009 by Amber Moonstone
Full Moon in Virgo this month, brings order and community into our on to find out more information on this Full Moon March, 2009. Enjo...
Marigolds - The Golden Flowers by Linda Allen
From it's original name of Mary's Gold in medieval times, the popular marigold also has an ancient history with the Aztecs' gold of Mexico....
Masked Marauders by Jane White
Renegade raccoons wreak havoc around the homestead....
Mass Extinction - A Local Perspective by Franz Kessler
The jungles of Borneo are stripped off highly prized hardwood by a handful of ruthless logging companies. Priceless human culture and animal habitats ...
MDGs-World Hunger Targets Missed? by Aijaz Khuwaja
MDGs targets of Hunger have been missed by many countries and Pakistan is one of those countries....
Meeting the Mice by Niki Collins-Queen
Meeting the mice reminded us of Albert Schweitzer’s words, "By having reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world." b...
Memory of a Tree by Rebekah Rosie Lang
Memory of a tree in our backyard where I grew up in North Central Texas(Colleyville). We do not live there any more so I thought it would be ok to say...
Mercury is in Retrograde! (09/07/09) by Amber Moonstone
Today begins Mercury in retrograde! Don't start anything new for the next few weeks. Only finish what you have already started! Here is th...
Mercury Retrograde August 23--Sept 12th! by Amber Moonstone
It's that time again!!!!...
Mercury Retrograde (Dec. 26--Jan 15) by Amber Moonstone
It's that time again! Three weeks of Mercury in retrograde....
Mercury shifts into reverse (retrograde) by Amber Moonstone
Mercury is shifting into retrograde today until February 18th..(A time where you should not attempt to start anything brand new) A time to finish old ...
Michigan's Bird of Peace by Mr. Ed
Protected, Once Again...
Monsieur Squirrel by Debra Welch
Observations of a bachelor squirrel...
Mother Nature: A Place for All Seasons by Niki Collins-Queen
Solitude in nature stirs a watchfulness that sharpens our senses and makes us more alert. Featured in the December 2002 edition of Atlanta’s...
Movie Review: “Stories of Wolves — the Lobo Returns” teaches the web of li by George Peknik
“Stories of Wolves — the Lobo Returns” is a finely filmed and edited overview of the plight of wolves in general and of the Mexican Gray Wolf in New ...
Mowing & Me Don't Mix! by Tom Hyland
PROLOGUE - the Preamble to that which follows: by Tom Hyland (author) at 5/1/2008 12:58:14 PM ED - but isn't GREEN supposed to be GO...
Mum's the Word by Linda Allen
The chrysanthemum, aka mum, is a brilliant showstopper in the autumn garden. Both China and Japan share a legend about its origin. ...
My Favorite Flowers by The Quail 1957 Jennings
In this article I would like to share with you the reader some of my favorite flowers. There is a great beauty in all of Creator’s marvelous mast...
My Humble Opinion 2/20/07 by Jennifer Butler
Animal abusers separate animals from their natural family. ...
My sacred Mountains by Franz Kessler
A reply to Susan Philipps...
My Second Ozark Boat Ride by Patrick Granfors
Vacation thoughts about a mighty fine Ozark day. Photo: By Patrick Granfors, Cottonmouth on the lake...
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Nature Articles
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  10. Our Annihilation of Life, Never Ends
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  13. Just a bird in the sky
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  16. The 2010 Rubber Dodo Award
  17. David and Goliath
  18. Penetrating Stare
  19. A Sensory, Sensual Season
  20. Let's Save Ourselves

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RainbowNature - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

how beautiful and vulnerable our world is!..  
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Maria's Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden
by Maria Daddino

Award Winning Nature Stories from a National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat! 5-Star Reviews!..  
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