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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Yi Jing: The True Images of the Circular Changes (Zhou Yi)
by Alexander Goldstein

This is the first book of my trilogy entitled "The True Images, Numbers and Ideas of Changes" and written to help the diviners by the 'Yi Jing' in their interpretations. ..  
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Featured Book
One Year of Daily Prayers
by Victoria Burks

One Year of Daily Prayers is a book created to inspire the believer's faith in the promises of God...  
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Featured Book
World 1 & World 2, a study of 1st Peter
by Ernie Heavin

Imperishable inheritance.....broken dreams....freedom.....suffering....we live in two worlds..  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

Surviving Turmoil and Reclaiming Your Resilient Spirit by Eileen McDargh
Battered and bruised by tragedy and financial difficulties our spirits need refreshing. Using the acronym "Resilience" Eileen will guide you to recla...
Susan Boyle Wows the World! by Chanti Niven
Swallowing My Pride While in a Soup Line! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
"It can't happen to me," while standing in a soup line, that is! Sounds like the Great Depression of the 1930's, will be small potatoes, compared t...
Switch to a Better Channel! by Keith Varnum
Open to an alternative scenario when faced with peril, catastrophe and danger and embrace the possibility of a miracle....
Sympathy And Prayers For The Philippines! by Betty Torain
My Heart Is crying for All The Lives Lost. Lord please give the families the peace that only You can give....
T H E P A G A N J U N I by Arsenio Jesena
the notion of God, was pretty much absent in my youth......
Tailor Made by Becky DeWitt
The unique gifts of many in the Body of Christ were planned and designed in love by the Father for purpose that they have not even realized....
Take a Break and Succeed by Moses Simuyemba
Could you be mentally, physically and emotionally draining yourself to the point of becoming inefficient and ineffective? Are you taking the necessary...
Take Another Look by Becky DeWitt
Believers read their Bibles failing to recognize the many revelations that God has listed for our benefit....
Take That Word and Shove It... by H. Lena Jones
Some English words just don't belong in our vocabulary. Let's erase this one, shall we?...
Taking a Leap of Faith by Marcia Laycock
God always supplies what it needed when He asks you to act....
Taking Back America by Leann Marshall
Your Vote Does Count...
Taking Off the Grave Clothes by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
True conversion experience initiates a "new birth" or a transformation of the old self, a resurrection of the soul from the dead and from the graveyar...
Taking Responsibility by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
The good news is that your situation can change for the better. The bad news is that is not by changing other people or blaming them....
Talk about Mass Production by Lew Duffey
2 Peter 3:8 (Read all of 2 Peter 3) But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and...
Tap your Joyful Inner Child by Sheri Hoff
Tap your inner child today and do something that you used to do as a child. Notice how free and filled with joy you are. ...
Teach Your Children God's Word.html by Lady The Lake55
This article is for "Christian" parents. It should fall under three categories: Parenting, Children, and Inspirational....
Technorati's Bryan Cain-Jackson interviews Dr. Linda on Healing the Spirit by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff
" In this article below, published on Technorati ~ Bryan (the interviewer) and myself discussed the importance of blessing the "call to change", even ...
Television - Get Rid of It Now! by ** Oli Hille **
If you are a writer or a reader or you just want a full life - televison is your worst enemy....
Temporary Employees Can You Make A Difference? by Linda Meckler
Have you ever worked for a temporary agency? Did you feel you were treated with respect? Did you feel you were part of the company you were now spendi...
Temptation by Ernie Heavin
Oasis Life Truths...
Ten Rules For Academic Success by John Domino
Some very pratical rules for surviving in school. Excerpt from page xiv of the Mentoring To-Go text....
Ten Things I Appreciate this Thanksgiving by Sheri Hoff
Ten Things that I appreciate this Thanksgiving. Sharing our tradition with you....
Tentative Conclusions by William Cottringer
One valuable activity in our growth process is to stop and look for tentative conclusions we can make about the way life seems to opperate and share t...
Testimonies That Touch Your Heart: Kristen Jane Anderson by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
"Right before it got there, I made the impulsive decision to lay down on the tracks. I wanted the pain to end. I just wanted it to be over," remembers...
Testimony of a Suicide Survivor by Ed Coet
This article is written expressly for those who suffer from the suicidal death of family members, friends, or the attempted suicide of same. It is wr...
Testimony of A Twenty Something Christian by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Thank you for the gift of your sons blood shed for me on Calvaries Cross......
Tetimonies That Touch Your Heart (Auti-Angel) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
On Sunday, May 3, 1992, Autianya was on her way home while singing to her groups Demo tape. Because of something she had just done...she decided to sa...
Thank you for your kind letter and book from Frances Swaggert. by Valerie Boggess
It is that I continue to reach out and touch others with the inspirational writings of PAEANS. ...
Thank You For Your Support, You are Awsome! by Cindy Tuttle
This is am article for anyone who has read my wiritngs. I just can not thank you enough!...
Thank You Turkey by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
The road to peace is justice. ...
Thank you. by Peter sprenkeler
I have neglected to send a thank you to many people whom have given kind comment to my work, I am taking this opportunity to say sorry and thank you!...
That Empty Diary... by Robyn Speed
The new years diary......
That I May Know You by Terry Michaels
Having an encounter with the One who loves us like no other....
That Thirst for His Presence by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go an...
The "Missionary" by Randall Barfield
It's such a broad term. One doesn't have to live abroad even. Right?...
THE PATH TO SUCCESS by Larry Matthews
I believe success only come through change, trials and struggle. Here's my road map to success based on my own life's experience....
The 3 Pillars of Personal Power: Passion, Clarity, and Self-Love by Keith Varnum
If you have clarity about who you are and what you want, you love yourself, and you know your passion, then you will succeed....
The 5 A's of Prayer by daphne hart
A Simple method of Praying....
The Accidental Miracle by Alice Lewis
When there was no money to buy fuel oil, God made our empty furnace run for three days....
The Affair Is Advancing You Into A Glorious Marriage ! by Inspire Hope
Dear Authors and Readers, thank you you for your love and support even in my absence....I can feel each of you ! May this article bless and encourage ...
The Agent Says No by Cindy Tuttle
Just got a rejection from an agent- oh well....
The Angels Urgent Guidance on Children by Anayah Holily
The angels urgent guidance on our children and how to assist them...
The Art of Being in the Flow by Lama Tantrapa
Please enjoy this excerpt from the recent book by Lama Tantrapa entitled Qi Dao - Tibetan Shamanic Qigong: The Art of Being in the Flow....
The Beacon by David Wagner
Forever in the distant shoreline we have the beacon of light and the guidance to come ashore. Those massive structures of guidance that sit idle, quie...
The Beautiful Writers At AuthorsDen. by Denise Contreras
You all at AuthorsDen have been an inspiation to me. I thank you for being here....
The Bedridden Queen Money! by John Cyrus
Here is the remedy for recession. There is hope for the economy but only applying Biblical principles - no other way!...
The Beggars by Bettye Johnson
Encounters with beggars that brought forth revelations of the past. ...
the best country in the world by bolanle macaulay
what makes a people great? there sense of humanity, there pursuit of a common purpose in the face of religious pragmatism, social intolerance, politic...
The Best Way To Love by William Cottringer
The main challenge in life is to build a strong character of courage, hope and the right perspective to enjoy the fortunes without letting the misfort...
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  20. Hope Can Spring From Tragedy

Featured Book
A Christmas Awakening
by Bettye Johnson

When a mysterious woman named Virginia meets a disenchanted woman who hates the Christmas season, magic happens. The reader will be rekindled with a new understanding of ..  
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Featured Book
Reflections: Mirrors of Light
by Dr. Ronald Bissell

"Reflections: Mirrors of Light" takes you beyond the world of the physical and allows you to see the truth that lies beyond...  
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