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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Frugal Book Promoter: Second Edition
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Bestselling, multi award-winning and Dan Poynter recommended book, The Frugal Book Promoter, is available as paperback ( or e-book (www.budur..  
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Featured Book
Slide Spin
by Subbarao Mukkavilli

Present Your thoughts like a pro! Learn how to create compelling presentations even if you do not have any experience in design..  
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Featured Book
How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder
by Beverly Mahone

This book is for people looking to gain greater visibility and exposure for their works. How to re-do, re-new, re-create and re-invent are among the tips offered in the n..  
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25 Most Recent Marketing Articles

How Do You Know Which Medium Is Right For Your Message? by Marsha Friedman
Five hundred press releases is the average number delivered to the New York Times every day. When you get to major metropolitan daily newspapers, the ...
How Effective Are Your Press Releases in Getting You Press? by Marsha Friedman
Remember, the media aren't fond of sales pitches for your company, but if your expertise on a topic can help lend clarity or focus to an existing news...
How I Carved Out a Niche Market as an Independent Author by Deborah Cannon
On July 12th 2009 I gave a talk at the Humber School for Writers in Toronto, Ontario for a group of ninety workshop participants. I was part of a two ...
How I sold almost 2,000 books in twenty hours TWICE by Lloyd Lofthouse
marketing a book through BookBub with crosspromotions...
How long? by Neil Ostroff
“It’s not happening fast enough! It’s not happening fast enough!” ...
How many books should you publish at once? by Neil Ostroff
Thoughts on publishing....
How My Book Has Remained on the Amazon Best Seller's List for 3 Weeks by Beverly Mahone
In addition to climbing up to the number 2 spot on Amazon, my new ebook has stayed on the best seller's list for the past 21 days. Here's how...
How Relationship Marketing can help your business by Karen Saunders
History has shown us that businesses often reduce—or completely stop—the dollars spent on marketing and advertising during economic slowdowns. The ec...
How Self-Published Books Create Highly Profitable Businesses by Robert Skrob
When you use your self-published books as a sales tool to identify customers and make additional sales, then your self-published books become a money-...
How the Internet Changed My Writing by Duane Simolke
New technologies help writer find audience and outlets....
How the Masters Seduce Their Customers with Word Power to Make Millions! by Don Price
Indisputable proof found in sales and marketing, show that hypnotic words have tremendous power. Why then do we find it so shocking that the average p...
How Thou can Count up those Sales? by Book Master
Tips on selling books through self-publishing....
How to Be a Great Radio Guest! by Larry James
The tips below were gathered from personal experience (appearances on over 400 radio talk shows) and from other speakers and authors who have coached ...
How to be a Great Telesummit Guest Presenter by Sheri Hoff
I regularly feature top experts and best selling authors on my transformative Your Path to Success Summit series. Sometimes I work with experts who ha...
How to be a successful blogger: Really Love Thy Neighbour by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
For your viewers to respect you, first you must genuinely respect them. As a blogger, our job is not only to supply valuable content; but also, to ma...
How to Choose a Pay-Per-Click Firm That Turns Clicks into Clients by Paul Rakovich
7 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Pay-Per-Click Management Company...
How to Choose an MLM Networking Company & Build a 6-Figure Income Business by Blake Warrington
Build your home business to a level where even if you were to ever get injured or sick for any length of time, you could actually still have income co...
How to Convert More Website Traffic into More Customers & Sales by Adam Hommey
Increase your website sales conversions... Make sure that every page on your website provides a roadmap for your visitor with a specific call to actio...
How To Double Your Exposure and Profits By Using Joint Ventures by Ann Albergotti
Five easy ways to use joint ventures in doubling and sometimes tripling your exposure and profits....
How to drive traffic to your website by Anita Sie
Starting an online business may need a little extra work but it certainly does not have to cost a fortune to market your online business. Investing ti...
How To Easily Improve Your Sales Writing For Massive Cash by George Hutton
Writing to sell is an incredibly important skill that can easily make you a mountain of cash in a short amount of time....
How To Easily Make A Comfortable Living As A Writer by George Hutton
Becoming a paid writer is much easier than you think. All you've got to do is take consistent action....
How To Easily Profit From The Game Changing World Of Kindle Publishing by George Hutton
These days, it's easier than ever to become a popular writer. ...
How to Get a Good Book Review by Bobbi Duffy
This is an article I wrote for a writer's ezine. I hope it helps you. ...
How to get a great Book Review! by: Linda Law by Linda Law
If you have a book, ready to publish, already published...and would like to get a great further!!!...
How to Get More Book Sales by Beverly Mahone
Want more book sales? It's all in the personality and the presentation....
How to Grab Audience Attention by Steven E
How to Grab Audience Attention. The key is to get the attention of the audience and to keep it. ...
How to Increase Your Sales with Dynamic Psychology by Brian Li
If you want a truly successful business, you need to take a close look at how Psychology can set you apart from the rest of your competition....
How To Make Huge And Consistent Cash As A Freelance Writer by George Hutton
The big money from writing is a lot easier to get than you can imagine. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll realize this....
How To Make Money From Writing by George Hutton
Most people struggle to make a single dime from their incredible writing ability. But it doesn't have to be that way....
How to make people buy products or services online or offline! by Alagba Chisom
Can you boost of making good sells in your business or company per day? If yes, congratulation, but if no, then you need this! ...
How to Make your Booksigning a Sellout! by Judy LeBlanc
Success always comes after failure only if you try again. Everyone loves a successful book signing! When I had my very first book signing it was a tot...
How To Make Your First Impression Last - Part I by Karen Saunders
A business card, while small in size, is your big weapon. Here are 7 top notch tips to keep your card out of the wastebasket and into the rolodex!...
How To Make Your First Impression Last - Part II by Karen Saunders
A business card, while small in size, is your big weapon. Here are 7 topnotch tips to keep your card out of the wastebasket and into the rolodex!...
How to Market Your Information Marketing Business So You Get More Sales! by Robert Skrob
Meet great demand by gathering information and selling it in convenient forms to people who don't have the time to do things themselves... here are 3 ...
How to Market Your Product on Radio & TV Without Buying Advertising Time by Marsha Friedman
Here's the situation. You have a great product and YOU know it. But just like the "better mousetrap," it doesn’t mean a thing unless your market knows...
How to Market Your Product to Make Money by Jaci Rae
Marketing. It's all about marketing if you want to make money....
How to Overcome Client Reluctance to Give Referrals by Paul McCord
Clients won't give quality referrals because they like or respect you. You must set a process in place that encourages the client to give referrals....
How To Plan Your Advertisement by Ann Albergotti
There are many factors to consider in determining if you are on the right track when planning your advertisements. This article will help place you i...
How to Sell Your Own Self-Published Books by CF Jackson
How do you sell your own self-published books? The answer is the internet. With the proper website fundamentals, strategies, techniques, and resources...
How to Shine With a Press Release by Beverly Mahone
As a veteran journalist I have to admit I've seen plenty of BAD press releases. Here's why....
How to Start Selling Used Books Online by C. Smith-Rea
Tired of your $7.00/hour job? Love books? Consider starting an online used book store....
How to Use TV & Radio Interviews to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site by Marsha Friedman
The end result is that you deliver sales leads directly to your website which may be your online point of sale. And, you did it without buying an ad,...
How to Write a Film Treatment by Carol Kluz
An easy to understand instruction on writing and registering a film treatment....
How to Write Social Media Book Author Profile Pages to Attract Readers by Phyllis Zimbler Miller
If you are a book author who wants potential readers to find you on the internet, you want to be as visible as possible in places that those readers m...
How Twitter Is Blanding Branding by Kian Kaul
It’s social connection that not only got us on Twitter to fling our stuff, but made us want to make the stuff we’re flinging in the first place....
How Your Blog Can Help You Land a Book Deal by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I believe keeping a regular blog is crucial if you are an author, because it shows whats going on in your writing, it gives you a ...
How Your Friends Will Help You Grow Your Online Business by Georgina Stath
Everyone that comes to the internet and begins running a business quickly realizes doing it alone is not the way to go....
HUMOR ME by Bob Pladek
Use Humor To Get Attention. Funny, but it works....
I am Angry by Helen Vandepeer
Anger because I feel scammed....
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  18. What can be done to improve book sales?
  19. Whittling it Down
  20. What Else Do They Put In It?

Featured Book
How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder
by Beverly Mahone

This book is for people looking to gain greater visibility and exposure for their works. How to re-do, re-new, re-create and re-invent are among the tips offered in the n..  
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Featured Book
5 Minutes 2 Show Time! How to Effectively Promote You
by RonSher Brooks

Marketing your music on a showstring budget is easier than you think. Learn how to have Organizational Skills and Soft Selling skills that will change your life forever!..  
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