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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
What did your Josephine tell you? Josephine in Her words
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

“Josephine In Her Words”. Who can dispute the words of wisdom giving by a loving mom? Born 1916 in a remote Italian Village, and not knowing how to read or write. Joseph..  
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Featured Book
¿Recuerdas en tus sueños?
by alex canton-dutari

La tercera novela corta de Alex Cantón-Dutari recoge recuerdos ancestrales y los entrelaza a través de la fantasía. El lector podría sentir la necesidad de perpetuar sus..  
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Featured Book
What did your Josephine tell you? Josephine in Her words
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

“Josephine In Her Words”. Who can dispute the words of wisdom giving by a loving mom? Born 1916 in a remote Italian Village, and not knowing how to read or write. Joseph..  
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25 Most Recent Family Articles

Daddy, My Original Muse by Stevie McHugh
Poetic thoughts of a loving Dad....
Daddy’s Spirit Keeps Fallen Fathers in Children’s Hearts, Year-Round by Jill Eisnaugle
As we approach Father's Day and the celebrations with our fathers, it is often easy to forget the children whose fathers are no longer living. Ron Op...
Dating Violence by Theresa Franklin
The percentage of teens reporting dating violence ranges from 15-60%....
Daughter of Twins by Karen Palumbo
I was watching a show earlier today and it was another study involving twins. It once again prompted me to begin thinking...........
Dealing With Loss by L Mackay
Coping with loss....
Death of a 3-day Clause by RB Roberts
[Between 1967-69 the feds enacted the Home Solicitation Sales Act. Since that time, each state has incorporated and revised it according to their own ...
Death Pays a Visit by Gary Varner
Reflections on the death of a daughter....
Debt Collectors being sued for abusive and illegal practices by Denise Richardson
Are you dealing with abusive debt collectors? Are you being harassed for payment on a debt you don't owe? Don't just pay it thin...
Dedicated To The Sisters by Marguerite Lemoine
This is dedicated to the Carmalites Sisters OCD who pray for the World seven times a day. They offer themselves in sacrifice,prayer and fasting to ba...
Dementia and other Blessings by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
The author explores the conditions of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in his novel, The Gate, Things my Mother told me, available on ...
Dennis Lillee and the Big Centre-Forward - by Ian Irvine (Hobson) by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This creative non-fiction piece explores the role of sport in father son relationships. It also looks at changing attitudes to sport in the UK from th...
Desecration of The American Family Part I by Lady The Lake55
This Part One of A Three Part Series on What Child Protective Services Is Up too....
Different cultures, different needs by Corrie Lynne Player
I’ve been corresponding with many of you about adoption and foster care and been involved with online discussion groups as I’ve conducted research for...
Different folks, different strokes in learning.... by Jodee Kulp
Embracing and enhancing differences in learning...
Dignity of Marriage by Onwutalobi Anthony-Claret
Over the years, the rate of broken homes and divorce cases is increasingly high. The true meaning of Marriage is swiftly fading away from this generat...
Disaster Relief by Richard Kallao
Discipline: Separating Men From (mama's) Boys! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I think parents make a big mistake, when they spoil their kids, and not teaching them responsibility and a work ethic when they are young. It will af...
Discover within the bountiful harvest for an abundant life. by Michael Timothy
What you think, what you concentrate on does affect outcomes and circumstances in your life. This excerpt from "The Strangest Secret" will expand you...
Disneyland's 50th Celebration by Veronica Hosking
Disneyland celebrates 50 years as a family friendly amusement park....
Divine Love Heals All Fears by Michael Timothy
Being immobile is a state of fear; relinquish this stronghold and toss away the words of the world that paralyze the spirit within....
Do you have a strong faith? by Michael Timothy
How strong your faith is will be the barometer of peace and joy in your life....
Does Life Begin at 40? by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
This piece was first written in September, 2006, and I posted it on my directory at And, of the 90 articles on my site, this piece...
Doing Something Good For Yourself by Aubrey Hammack
Positive Reinforcement for Yourself...
Domestic Abuse by Claudberta Meador
Signs and symptoms of domestic abuse....
Don't Let This Happen To You.html/ by Lady The Lake55
This is a true fact based story on how Child Protective Services can victimize your family....
Don't Shake A Baby by Lady The Lake55
This feature article is dedicated to the memory of Jayden William Griffin. Born October 25, 2002 and killed on January 22, 2003 by Shaking Baby Syndro...
Don't Stop Your Fatherhood from Divorce by William Jackson
What I share is a contradiction of emotional and mental states, a contribution to being a father to encourage divorced fathers. Men that are...
Donating Embryos? Embryo Adoption Study Flawed by Laurie Frisch
"Mom, why did you give me up?" is the usual question an adoptee asks when meeting her natural mother. But with embryo adoption, the question will be "...
Down syndrome cause shifts focus to unborn... by Karen Palumbo
In light of broader screening, parents aim to share positive stories........
Drunk Driving - A Deadly Cocktail Mix by Jaci Rae
Drinking and driving is a 51 Billion Dollars industry and the cost is rising daily!...
Duty of Care - Radio Stations & Stranger Danger Awareness by Vena McGrath
I listen to the same radio station every morning and I am surprised at the apparent disregard for the stranger danger they could be exposing innocent ...
Dying Moments: Life in the breach by Mark Rockeymoore
What is the right thing to say to your children, and when? ...
Earlin Harvey by Larry Matthews
A tribute to my father-in-law Earlin Harvey...
Easy On The Mayo! (Humor) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
For many people, coupon-clipping has been a popular way for a consumer to save money. Coupons clipped from grocery store and other retail ads, and fo...
EasyPhotoBooks by Henry Stevens
Easy Photo Books using two new programs that are smart, intuitive, user friendly, and free....
Economy Fosters ‘Family’ Helping Family by SARA QUEST
The numbers of people asking for help from The Family Pantry rises, up 3 percent overall from last year, with about 1,000 families coming to the pantr...
Eggs from a Bunny by Kate Dolan
Why do we tell our kids that a large furry rodent will hide colored eggs for them on Easter? It's a long and very old story......
eHow Articles by Michael Thal
Below are links to my most recent e-How articles. Just click, read, and enjoy....
Election Day by Michael Timothy
Let come together as a nation....
Electronic Evidence Meets Right to Privacy in Texas Divorce Cases by Tony Bertolino
The undeniable truth is that we are capable of being tracked better now than ever before. Even when we believe we have deleted every file from our co...
Elements of a Successful Family by Alfred Garrotto
Without a willingness to compromise and a foundation of mutual trust, a family is severely wounded if not broken....
Ellabell Author Visits School by Grace Reddick
Sharing childrens' book, "Ashley's Unforgettable Summer," with students during one of several visits to local schools....
Embarrassment and genes... by Lynn Barry
Adopted? How do you feel about it?...
Empty Nest Syndrome by Marcia Ripperger
Each fall a new round of parents learn to deal with what is now called “Empty Nest Syndrome”....
Encouraging words for Fetal Alcohol Awareness Day. by Jodee Kulp
The journey of life for a person with fetal alcohol does not end at childhood, but continues throughout the lifespan....
Enmeshment in the American Family by Dorothy Jones
This article explores how the ideology and structure of the U.S. family generates excessive parental dependency on children for validation of their se...
Epidemic by R. Steven Reynolds
Ever wonder why the world seems sicker mentally today?...
Erma's Feat by Julie Mataway
reflections of a great writer...
EUNUCHS by Tom Hyland
CAUTION: As Knave Matlack has been destined to suffering from a poor vocabulary, n' not much 'Larnin' in the Hill-Billy schools of the Joisey B...
Even Silent Bob is allowed a sentimental moment by Eric Croas
Review of Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl...
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Featured Book
Just Shut Up and Drive
by Chynna Laird

One teen, one cranky old man and the open road. What could go wrong?..  
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Featured Book
The Goatfooted Children: Preface
by B. B. Riefner

The Goat Footed Children chronicles the stories of fourteen individuals who have dyslexia, their struggles and triumphs, their tragedies and successes. It explores a ran..  
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