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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Legal Minds
by Robert Davis

A book about the signs and how to detect rogue (bad) police officers. This book also covers the various tricks of police officers and the tactics of bad cops...  
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Featured Book
The Careless Word
by Catriona King

Book 8 in the Craig Crime Series..  
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Featured Book
The Marin Madam
by D.E.Z. Butler

Combination of two books, The Making of a Madam, a 20th Century Woman and Bellflower Boulevard. It is a fictionalized account from those two books and I believe..  
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25 Most Recent Crime Articles

Long Cold Winter by JD Couch
This story is not published yet but soon will be I hope you enjoy it I will be sending more in as soon as my editor finishes it thanks JD...
Looking for a Reason by Frances di Plino
New D.I. Paolo Storey release coming soon....
Love & Hip-Hop Reality TV Show Star Mendeecees Indicted/To Be or Not To Be by Antonio Moses
When individuals are indicted by the Federal Government for Drug Trafficking charges, the question always looms surrounding the integrity of the perso...
Making Sense of it All by Michelle Mills
The real culprit...
Man Behind O. J. Simpson's Bust: Thomas Riccio by Mary Coe
Thamas Ricco is the man who helped orchestrate the meeting between O. J. Simpson and two memorabilia collectors....
Man captured in 26-hour standoff by Marie Wadsworth
Published in the Hobbs News-Sun Feb. 9, 2006, and by Associated Press. Won third place in the spot news category in the 2006 New Mexico Associated Pre...
Mass Shootings in America by Stacy Terrell Dennis
Why is it commonplace to accept mass shootings as just part of the times?...
Me? Speeding? Never... by Michael Mennenga
Are traffic tickets an effective deterrent to speeding? Or are they just a way for the states to cash in on the driving public?...
Methamphetamines: Part One by Candida Eittreim
The latest statistics indicate over 13,000,000 Americans have used methamphetamines....
Methamphetamines: Part Two: Crystal Meth by Candida Eittreim
Ice or crystal meth are the most potent and dangerous street drugs being sold....
Miranda Rights - With Liberty And Justice For Who? by Christine Patterson
In this story the names and places will be changed to protect the person involved in this story. We have a Constitution and the Bill of Rights for our...
Missouri Burning--Who's Really to Blame? by Timothy Buchanan
Racism in Ferguson, Missouri and the media's role--fanning the flames of hate....
Mogadishu Remains Dangerous by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Please refer to my poem: Safety In The Heart of Danger...
Most corrupt city in the United States...New Orleans by Robert Davis
Political, police, and administrative corruption in New Orleans as reported by WWL radio in New Orleans, La....
Moussaoui 'Saved by Lone Juror' by Peter Paton
Move to Friendly Vermont by Hanley Harding
Welcome to sexual predators' paradise...!!!...
Murder In Pleaseant Grove by J Russell Rose
Murder has been committed in Pleasant Grove, VA, a typical bedroom community, where middle class working Americans have fled to escape the problems an...
Murder Walls for Crime Novelists by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
For any great crime novelist, your job is to treat your novel like a police investigation, following the clues and the evidence until it reaches the o...
Murders Near The Arch by Glenda LaTour
My new book is now available online at or or barnes and please check out my website for further in...
My apology to all my Den Family and friends!! by Tinka Boukes
I want power and I want it now!!...
My Corrupted Life by Munir Moosa Sewani
This article is all about my dealings with the corrupted life in this world, like of every one....
My Daddy Is Gone, In Memory of those killed in the line of duty by Dee Dee Serpas, Ret. Officer
My Daddy Is Gone, American Author Contest Winner Education, Experience & Opinion in Cyberspace Since 1998 This story actually begins on Decemb...
My humble opinion - July 12, 2007 by Jennifer Butler
On International Hostilities...
My struggle with the law by Unruly Patchouli
I am a New York State paralegal who has often run into law's that I simply do not agree 100% with. I have struggled a great deal with some laws, belo...
My Unlikely Alliance With the Whining Women of Wal-Mart by David Ray
Bureaucratic Government Meets Bureaucratic Business...
My visit with Antoinette Frank on death row: convicted cop killer by Robert Davis
Female police officer convicted of spree killing, first cop to kill another cop, allegedly possibly a serial killer! ...
N-Files 24Apr08 by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Breathes there an Internet soul so lucky as to never have received a Nigerian hoax email? Some Americans fall for these things. Many others simply del...
Narcissistic Cops: Police Brutality Explained? by Sam Vaknin
The narcissist naturally gravitates towards those professions which guarantee the abundant and uninterrupted provision of Narcissistic Supply. He seek...
Narcotics Distribution by Candida Eittreim
Once this has been done, these distributors, take the product and begin stepping on it-cutting the purity, and increasing their profit margins....
Narcotics: A Grim Look by Candida Eittreim
The people who traffic in these drugs are vicious, self serving, cold blooded killers....
Nation Remembers 7 July Victims by Peter Paton
Nation Remembers 7 July Victims ...
National Guard: Dog Killers? by Cynth'ya
"Is the Government planning to cover up the number of dead in NOLA as they covered up the Abu Ghraib scandal?" (From the Crooks and Liars website in t...
NBC's To catch a predator program being sued, criticized! by Robert Davis
Is dateline's program "To catch a predator" an unethical show? Why are many beginning to criticize the show? Should some families sue the show?...
New 2008 federal sex offender laws by Robert Davis
Are the new 2008 sex offender laws unconstitutional? Are they fair to all involved?...
Newspaper by Tori Rivers
Article published about my work in 2005 by my home town Newspaper the Missourian and picked up by the associated press. ...
Newspaper Article on My Friend: Son Suspected of Murder by Jeanette Cooper
My friend was killed on Tuesday evening of November 6, 2007 at her home. The article below is the first one reported. Since then I have le...
Nigerian Scams - Begging Your Trust in Africa by Sam Vaknin
The syntax is tortured, the grammar mutilated, but the message - sent by snail mail, telex, fax, or e-mail - is coherent: an African bigwig or his hei...
Night Time in Mogadishu by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Mogadishu is dead silent in the night...
North Texas Rape Victims Speak Out For DNA Tests by Lavinia Masters
(CBS 11 News) DALLAS Four north Texas women, who were the victims of rape, are speaking out and asking for more DNA testing....
Novel Details: False Dandelions (Southern Noir Fiction) by Randolph Camp
FALSE DANDELIONS is a Southern noir crime fiction about city thugs attempting to set up shop in a rural town....
O. J. Simpson Arrested on Armed Robbery Charges by Mary Coe
O. J. Simpson was arrested and booked at a Las Vegas county jail on hotel armed robbery charges. Mr. Simpson is being held without bail....
O. J. Simpson Found Guilty On All 12 Counts by Las vegas Jury by Mary Coe
Las Vegas jury found O. J. Simpson and Clarence Stewart guilty on all 12 counts....
O. J. Simpson Released on $125,000. Bail by Mary Coe
O. J. Simpson has been released on $125,000 bail. He could be headed back home, to Florida as soon as today, September 19, 2007....
Oakland police did what I did thirty years ago, lied for another cop! by Robert Davis
Oakland police officers knew another cop beat a citizen to death and said nothing...until now! Eerily similar to my time on the force thirty years ago...
Obituary of Oliver Jay Pikes by Samantha Penns
Information on the death of Oliver Jay Pikes....
Ode to Jim Babka, Crime Fighter by Robert Williams
I don't know how Jim Babka of can stomach Washington, District of Criminals....
Officer charged with federal crime of raping a female motorist! by Robert Davis
Police officer use his powers to rape a citizen while on patrol. Another raped a young child! Another beat up a citizen!...
Officer urinated on and raped a citizen! by Robert Davis
Are the crimes of police officers just as bad as other common criminals? Do some think like other criminals?...
Oklahoma City: APRIL 19 1995 by Peter Adotey Addo
The tragedy in Oklahoma City affected not only the victims and their families but also people far beyond Oklahoma City...
On the Incest Taboo by Sam Vaknin
Incest is not such a clear-cut matter as it has been made out to be over millennia of taboo. ...
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Crime Articles
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  18. Another Multi Million-Dollar Realty Scam I
  20. FACTOIDS ?

Featured Book
The Visitor
by Catriona King

Craig and his team investigate a murder in a place where everyone should feel safe. It turns out to be the most recent in a long trail..  
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Featured Book
Prime-Time Crime Time
by Jay Dubya

Prime-Time Crime Time (600 pages) is a collection of 35 fictional crime/detective stories and the work is author Jay Dubya's 43rd published hardcover/paperback book...  
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