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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
I Made My Boy Out of Poetry
by Aberjhani

I Made My Boy Out of Poetry is a powerful literary vision of rare scope, beauty and emotional intensity composed of stories and poems that flow in and out of each other l..  
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Featured Book
The Lion Trees, Part I: Unraveling
by Owen Thomas

The debut novel by Owen Thomas, The Lion Trees, chronicles the humorous and dramatic unraveling of an American family. The two-volume novel has been enthusiastically rece..  
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Featured Book
The Christmas Tree of Tales
by Steve Kerr

The Spirit of Christmas shines out of this enchanting, festive, warm book of short stories...  
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25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Articles

Interview with bestselling author Maile Meloy by Frank Mundo
Interview with author about her new book Both Ways is the Only Way I want It...
Interview with Beverly Magid, author of Flying Out of Brooklyn by Irene Watson
Bored with her life and spellbound by dreams of a Hollywood-style romance, Judith Weissman makes a radical choice in hopes of finding the life she's a...
Interview with Black Pearls Magazine by Janie De Coster
Saphire and Gade are like most sisters. They love each other that is until..It has to do with a man. Then, all hell breaks lose....
Interview with Blanche F. Lord, author of Chasing Cobwebs by Irene Watson
“Chasing Cobwebs” is an engrossing tale of Marianna Vecchi Marin and her family, both past and present. ...
Interview with Carol Leonard SeCoy, author of The Bag Lady War: A Novel by Irene Watson
It all starts when eighty-two year old Josie is roughed up and robbed by gang members near her home. Worse, Josie and her friend, Mabel, have already ...
Interview with Cecilia Velastegui, author of Gathering the Indigo Maidens by Irene Watson
Paloma Zubiondo lives the life of one of the beautiful people. In her beachfront Mediterranean home that overlooks the bay in Laguna Beach, she collec...
Interview with Cheryl Anne Gardner, author of The Thin Wall by Irene Watson
"The Thin Wall" by Cheryl Anne Gardner, follows the lives of five friends; all are in their late- 30s, but none follow the traditional, societal norms...
Interview with Chester Aaron, author of Symptoms of Terminal Passion by Irene Watson
Sadness, anger, joy, happiness, love, lust … “Symptoms of Terminal Passion” has it all. Chester Aaron’s compilation of short stories takes the reader...
Interview with Christyna Hunter, author of The Butterfly’s Dance by Irene Watson
After giving up the dream of her youth, Kayla Jennings is now given an opportunity to embrace it again. The only obstacle is the man who has heal...
Interview with Daniel Uebbing, author of The Last Cowboy by Irene Watson
"The Last Cowboy" begins with a duel where Henry fights the local sheriff. This incident is the start of Henry's killing spree throughout the book. He...
Interview with Delia Jarrett-Macauley by Ambrose Musiyiwa
Many African countries including Sierra Leone and its neighbours are not sufficiently well known in Europe or America to encourage mature literary tre...
Interview with Donna Kendall, author of Sailing on an Ocean of Tears by Irene Watson
"Sailing on an Ocean of Tears" takes the reader on a journey through the hearts of three women on two continents, from New York City and the Appalachi...
Interview with Donna Kendall, author of Sailing on an Ocean of Tears by Irene Watson
"Sailing on an Ocean of Tears" by Donna Kendall tells the heartwarming story of three diverse women, whose paths become intimately intertwined one rai...
Interview with Dorothy Weil, author of A Good Woman by Irene Watson
Mary Lou Friedman, a spunky 86- year-old with an ailing husband, is being threatened by hoodlums in her Cincinnati neighborhood, forcing her to fight ...
Interview with Dr. Jerry Burgener , author of Return to the Desert by Irene Watson
In "Return to the Desert," author Jerry Burgener continues studying the spiritual lessons provided by his American Indian spirit guide, Tom, as he chr...
Interview with Dr. Jerry Burgener, author of Return to the Desert by Irene Watson
Both of Dr. Jerry Burgener’s books, "Desert Journey" and its new sequel "Return to the Desert," are fictional, but largely autobiographical, portrayal...
Interview with Estevan Vega, author of The Sacred Sin by Irene Watson
At just 19-years-old, Estevan Vega may still be a teenager, but he's also a gifted wordsmith and published author two times over. Vega was still 18 wh...
Interview with Fred Stopsky, author of Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney in Hell by Irene Watson
What if former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney's admission to heaven or condemnation to hell was determined by a ...
Interview with Helena P. Schrader, author of An Obsolete Honor by Irene Watson
Many novels have been written about World War II, but they usually focus on the Allied Forces. Award-winning author Helena P. Schrader reveals a forgo...
Interview with Helga Schroder, author of Sacred Wisdom by Irene Watson
In a culture that worships the shallow and external, Helga Schroder provides a refreshing reminder to look inside and re-evaluate what is truly import...
Interview with How Kuff, author of Changing History by Irene Watson
A serene teahouse in the mountains of Tibet sets the stage for the chance meeting of author How Kuff's travelers, all seeking refuge from an unexpecte...
Interview with Israel del Rio, author of Honeycomb by Irene Watson
Having committed a redeeming act in a former life, a man is granted the gift to choose his next life by a spirit guide. From thousands of scrolls, he ...
Interview with J. R. Maxon, author of ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity by Irene Watson
In the novel, "ReBecoming: The Way of Opportunity" is defined as "The personal process of continuous change facilitated by an individual's desire and ...
Interview with J.A. Leary, author of The Angel Hunter by Irene Watson
When Victoria Hunter's twin sons mysteriously disappear late one night, she never dreamed the ensuing drama would reveal an incredible secret about he...
Interview with Jack Eadon, A Consequence of Greed by Irene Watson
In this amazing story Jack Eadon has captured the core of today's corporate world. Eadon involves the reader in the politics, turmoil, and greed of ...
Interview with Jack Eadon, author of Lacey's Day by Irene Watson
The leading lovers in "Lacey's Day" are Ted and Lacey: characters Jack Eadon based entirely on himself and the woman he met online ten years ago. But ...
Interview with Jacquelilne G. Randolph, author of the Deception Series by Irene Watson
Author Jacqueline Randolph skillfully manages to tie together the Spanish Inquisition, a 1966 major U.S. nuclear accident in Southern Spain, and the f...
Interview with James R. Olson, author of The Vagabond Healer by Irene Watson
"The Vagabond Healer" not only deals with the joy of those cured of terminal illnesses, but also the bitter consequences when Eddy momentarily sees in...
Interview with Jamie S. Rich, author of The Everlasting by Irene Watson
Love is supposed to get easier the older you get, right? It's 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Lance Scott has just turned twenty-five and has a pretty good...
Interview with Jeff Roberts, author of Little Stories by Irene Watson
Among Jeff Roberts' use of the classics is Cosette, the well-known heroine of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." Roberts transforms Cosette's story into ...
Interview with Joe Redden Tigan, author of Waggle by Irene Watson
Sometimes a day is so beautiful as to clear a person's head. For Conny Bromenn, the reluctant hero in Joe Redden Tigan's premier novel "Waggle," tha...
Interview with Justin Behrens, author of Bad Paths by Irene Watson
A person has no control over the family he is born into. Greg Dameron does not even know his family, but he is about to learn what he fears to know. W...
Interview with Kellie Jameson, author of Cantaloupe Dance by Irene Watson
The past is the present, or so it seems at times. I am swept away by the sweet power of my lover only to wake up and realize I was dreaming again. Lo...
Interview with Kosi J. Avotri , co-author of Child of Polygamy by Irene Watson
Ghana in the 1960s and '70s. This is not a country, a time, or a way of life that most readers will know much about. “Child of Polygamy” relates the ...
Interview with Linda Rader Overman, author of Letters Between Us by Irene Watson
Thirty-nine-year-old Laura is not having an easy time in her life. Her mother is suffering from dementia and her once happy marriage is on the rocks. ...
Interview with Loren Woodson, author of The Passion of Maryam by Irene Watson
Loren Woodson spent seven years intensely researching his new novel including countless sessions with biblical scholars, the study of Hebrew and Greek...
Interview with Lydia Phillips, author of No Glass House by Irene Watson
Drama, suspense, comedy, romance and truth all rolled up into this book of relationships: Marriages on the rocks, wealthy, professional men that allow...
Interview with Lynda Fitzgerald, author of If Truth Be Told by Irene Watson
Maintaining a balance between truth and compassion in relationships, whether with friends, family or lovers, can be instrumental in the success of sai...
Interview with Lynda Fitzgerald, author of Of Words & Music by Irene Watson
"Of Words & Music" is a story of a family's love, loss, and renewal. Lynda Fitzgerald skillfully weaves the lives of three generations of women togeth...
Interview with Mardo Williams' daughters, co-authors, One Last Dance by Irene Watson
Author Mardo Williams began writing "One Last Dance: It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love," at the age of 92, after discovering first-hand the difficul...
Interview with Mary Ellen Lee, author of Danny and Life on Bluff Point by Irene Watson
Mary Ellen Lee proudly shares the past with us in the latest installment of “Danny and Life on Bluff Point, My Horse Sally”. These novels are loosely ...
Interview with Mary Louise McCaffrey, author of A Handful of Sand by Irene Watson
Romeo and Juliet step aside. Your tragic ending does not satisfy. Just ask Mary Louise McCaffrey, who has written her own story of star- crossed lover...
Interview with Maryann Davenport, author of The Park by Irene Watson
When high school teacher Coral Wood returns to her grandfather's ranch in Emerald Valley, California, the last thing she expected was to find herself...
Interview with Melvin Charles Hathorn, author of Celts and Kings by Irene Watson
Imagine waking up one morning to find that the 99 most powerful men in your country had disappeared without a trace overnight, leaving their families ...
Interview with Michele VonOrt Cozzens, author of A Line Between Friends by Irene Watson
"Can ex-lovers remain friends after marrying someone else?" In the new novel, "A Line Between Friends," award-winning author, and former long-time jo...
Interview with Mike Mihalek, author of Three Chords by Irene Watson
Ethan is a successful musician, but despite the success, he goes through periods of self- examination. Missing in his life is his mother who left the ...
Interview with Miranda Ifedigbo, author of Sexual Transgressions by Irene Watson
Miranda Ifedigbo's debut novel, "Sexual Transgressions: A Chain of Events," explores the devastating consequences that occur when a deeply personal s...
Interview with Nadine Laman, author of Kathryn's Beach by Irene Watson
Kathryn abruptly ends her self-imposed exile and returns to Los Angeles to reclaim the life she abandoned. It has been five years since her last child...
Interview with NeCee, author of Grooming Him for Her by Irene Watson
Author NeCee's entertaining debut novel, "Grooming Him for Her" was inspired by an experience to which most women, and more than a few men, can easily...
Interview with Nel Rand, author of Mississippi Flyway by Irene Watson
First time novelist Nel Rand hits a home run with “Mississippi Flyway”. The book caught my attention from the first page and kept it right through to...
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Featured Book
Between Clouds and the Sea
by Frank Ryan

19-year-old Mylie O'Farrel is interested in music, girls and wild nights out on the town in London. Then Harry, an elderly ex-army officer, is brought into the..  
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Featured Book
The Hills of the Tigers
by Richard French

Carl Norberg has the soul of an artist and spends as much time as he can painting. How does he cope with life as a soldier at the start of a war and then with the pressur..  
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