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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
From Eulogy To Joy, An Anthology, compiled by Cynthia Kuhn B
by Maryanne Raphael

FROM EULOGY TO JOY is an anthology with personal stories of people who have lost a child, a spouse, sibling or close friend. Each person shares their pain and the li..  
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Featured Book
Souls of Light
by Dr. Ronald Bissell

It is a personal journey taken by Dr. Bissell in his search for spirituality. Each chapter is full of examples and suggestions on how spiritual qualities influence your l..  
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Featured Book
Support Our Troops
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Support Our Troops recognizes the bravery, fortitude, and sacrifice of American troops the world over and thanks them for their service on our behalf. A key to their succ..  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

The Healing Power of God! by Lew Duffey
Let us test our Faith!...
The Healing Power of Hope by Elke Zilla
A new perspective on alzheimers of hope and deeper understanding...
The Hedge and the Secret Garden by Michael Mancha
This article was written in June 2011 after dealing with some difficult personal circumstances......
The Heroine's Journey by Elke Zilla
Some helpful insights and opportunities for grwoth in reponse to a cancer diagnosis....
The Higher You by Loay Ragheb
Loay Ragheb "LR" is a story brewing and emerging as we speak. He is a Mississauga resident and a force very much needed today. His new book "The Highe...
The Holy Hug by Cheril Goodrich
Hugs are more than just human contact. They convey a message that is beyond time....
The Holy Spirit in Our Lives: A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry November 4-22, 2005 by author Laurie Conrad....
The Hot Seat by D. Arant
Scott hits the "hot seat" and obtains spiritual wisdom because of it....
The House by James Fulton
Praise is a formidible weapon to use when dealing with opponents of the gospel....
The Housekeeper + The Professor by Yoko Ogawa by Philip Spires
A Japanese math professor, disabled, needs a housekeeper. She has a son who is into baseball. What happens?...
The Identity of Strength by Becky DeWitt
Strength is an inside job and the source is hidden within....
The If Only Mentalitiy... by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
we tend to believe that If Only I had this or If Only I had that I wouldn't feel so down......
The Imp Within by Susan Walker
Ways to get in touch with your inner child....
The importance of by Kenya Chase Dixon
This article expresses the importance of love and its effect on a person's development....
The Importance of Faith by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Faith is an amazing thing.... ...
The Importance of Praise! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
When was the last time you got an "atta-boy" or an "atta-girl?" Don't remember? Maybe it was about 230 million years ago...or it may just seem that...
The Impossible by Wendy Bouchoux
This is about how people who do not know someone with a disability can make snap judgments about what the person can or cannot do, and why they s...
The Impossible Dream... by David Humphrey Sr
A True Story of How God Can Take You From an Impossible Situation to The Possible Dream......
The Insights of an Inspirational Writer by Michael Levy
Can a writer compose their own inspirational script of life in an intellectual world that demands perceptions and opinions in the place of truth and w...
The Intervention of a Miracle by Stacey Chillemi
An inspirational story about faith and miracles ...
The jail-walker by daphne hart
Did you know that there are many prisoners who come out of jail preaching God's word?...
The Jealousy of Barrenness by Becky DeWitt
This article explores jealousy and the lack of being spiritually productive....
The Journals of Child Like Faith by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
The Journey Home by Lady The Lake55
This tells about my spiritual journey into the Holy Mother Church....
I'm very thankful for my husband of 24 years. He has been the best husband ever, most importantly a wonderful dad to our three children. So with fa...
The Joy Of Living In The Zone by Keith Varnum
Learn to recognize, cultivate and relish the times when you enter The Zone....
The Joys of Multiple Sclerosis by Bonita Quesinberry
Life's adversities and frailties are a challenge. Rise above them to win!...
The Language of Tears by Becky DeWitt
The tears of a Believer express those things that are in the heart which cannot be contained in the form of words....
The Last Supper: A Reconstruction of John's Original Account by John Howard Reid
"Essential Bible Wisdom: GOOD NEWS by John, the Beloved Disciple, and John, the Elder" is an attempt to present a new, accurate translation of the ori...
The Launching of YAYEE 5 - Where Is God? by Arsenio Jesena
An opportunity to say thank you...with all my heart ...To God , to my brother Jesuits and to You....
The Legend Of Anna The Midwife by Peter Adotey Addo
An ole world christmas legend...
The Lesson of the Ant by Suzanne Tabor
No hurdle will ever be bigger than our focused intent...
The Lies of Evolution Part 3 - In God We Betrayed by Pete Grasso
Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understoo...
The Life Starts Here by Andrew Rafalski
An everyday experience turned life-changing...
The Listening April 2010 Issue by Betty Thomason Owens
An update on my work and interests, including book reviews and excerpts....
The Listening April Issue by Betty Thomason Owens
April's Issue Includes a short excerpt from "A Gathering of Eagles, The Lady of the Haven, Part 2"...
The Listening August09 Issue by Betty Thomason Owens
Betty Thomason Owens: August Newsletter...
The Listening Nov09 Issue by Betty Thomason Owens
Betty Thomason Owens, November 09 Newsletter...
The Little Hut by ~Indigo~ Elga
I did not write this, but I felt I would like to share it. The only thing I did, was set up the graphics :) *Enjoy*>> ...
The Littlest Hero by Linda Rivers
This article was 1st Place winner for Chicken Soup for the Everyday American Hero Soul....
The Lord Can Turn Tragedy Around by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Melissa Jenkins now (Smith) could have left the Highschool shooting in 1997 at Heath Highschool leave her bitter instead she chooses to...
The Lord Jesus Christ is With Us by Jettie Hess
He who has loved us and pardoned us, shall return for us ......
The Lost Boys Found - Sudanese Refugee Experience by Rene Holden
An old, established church in the desert is blessed to have been chosen by a group of remarkable young refugees from Sudan. The Lost Boys Center of Ar...
The Lost Boys of Sudan by Timothy Buchanan
Facing Death with Faith...
The Lost Ring by Sherri Smith
A lost ring, and how God can be the God of the small things....
The Love Of God Is A Great Blessing. by Clarence Prince
The way how human are behaving nowadays; it's only for the love of God why this world is still here, but who knows for how long yet.......
The Magic of Love on Valentines by Joyce White
“O thorny Rose! Were you easy to pluck, would you fragrance be as sweet?”...
The Manchild by Judy Meeker
photo credits Judy Meeker...
The Maturation of Nasir Aleem by Nasir Aleem
So you relly wanna know who Nasir Aleem is?...
The Meaning of "is": We Must Deal With Our Harsh Reality to Survive by Herman Neuman
Herman Neuman had to overcome years of almost unbelievable adversities. He explains what we must do to survive as a democratic republic....
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  15. Good News/Bad News
  16. Joy & Sorrow
  17. Lovely Thoughts
  18. How Do you Numb Yourself?
  19. Reflections
  20. Spring Newsletter

Featured Book
Awakening the Genie Within
by Bettye Johnson

A Journey of Discovery of the great potentials in each of us...  
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Featured Book
Thought Boosters: How to lift your spirits by enhancing your
by Allen Smith

A book of inspirational essays designed to enhance your thoughts and lift your spirits...  
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