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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
A Christmas Awakening
by Bettye Johnson

When a mysterious woman named Virginia meets a disenchanted woman who hates the Christmas season, magic happens. The reader will be rekindled with a new understanding of ..  
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Featured Book
Reflections: Mirrors of Light
by Dr. Ronald Bissell

"Reflections: Mirrors of Light" takes you beyond the world of the physical and allows you to see the truth that lies beyond...  
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Featured Book
The Voices Within Us
by Jim Stewart

Stories of Miracles and Angels, 100 True Stories. A book of Hope and Inspiration...  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

The Power to Let Go by Ashan Hampton
"Regardless of the source of our despair, the resulting pain is the same; pain is pain, regardless of the circumstance." ...
The Precious Gift by Samuel To
The story of my first Chinese Bible...
The Prize by Inspire Hope
All of your trials and suffering will be worth it, if you endure to the end there is a prize for you, and no one can take it away from you....
The Problem with Religion by Terry Michaels
religion has its downfalls....
The Prodigal Eagle by Arsenio Jesena
Maybe , the prodigal eagle is your story too......
The Purpose Led Life by Ekong Usua
An atricle to cause the reader to stop, pause and reconsider his or her purpose in life...
The Radar by Inspire Hope
This article is a sobering reminder of crime that is intensifying , and every other social ill that is affecting you. What a comfort to know that ther...
The Reading of the Book by Michael Mancha
This article was written as a commentary to the event that took place on January 6, 2011, when the U.S. Constitution was read on the floor of the U.S....
The Real 'A' Team And The Mission Impossible by D.J. Ludlow
Followers of Christ come in all sorts of strange and varied shapes and sizes. What binds the followers of Christ together is not OUR "sameness", it is...
The Rebuilding of Kelly's Chapel by c. fern cook
Kelly's Chapel survived war, politics, and apathy....
The Red Poppy by Linden Brough
"If ye break faith with us who die, We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flander's fields." -John Macrae...
The Reflection by Bridget Waldron
Accepting who you are, because God in love created you in his image and you are beautiful....
The Reputation of Love by Becky DeWitt
Love never fails despite the element of time....
The Reverse is now the Case by Chris Umeweni
In the beginning when God created all things, He gave man dominion over all......
The Revolt by Brion Ofrika Bey
Excerpts from newly revised book, The Revolt. ...
The Reward of Revelation by Becky DeWitt
Believers have the ability to receive the thoughts of the Creator if they are in the right place spiritually....
The Righteous Who Walk Among Us ©2009 Daniel A. Brown by Daniel Brown
Some words of wisdom from the Lamed Vovniks, the 36 Righteous Unknowns...
The Road to Bliss by Dave Ferruolo
So if you want to live a blissful life, you have to be the embodiment of bliss and all the universal components that connect you to bliss. ...
The Rock by Frances Seymour
One of my favorite stories using a simple rock as an analogy......
“We Love Your Story, Characters and Writing Style…But We’re Going to Pass…”...
The Route Of Transformation by Sukky Fagbohun
A detour, is a temporary deviation, that is destined to re-connect us, back on the right route....
The Sandi Fatow Story - Smokin' & Jokin' by Linda Law
This book is not for the faint and weary! This is about an ex-Marine; who will make you laugh, cry and lift you upon high!...
The Sayings of the late Bishop William W. Tucker by Frederick Cuthbertson
Review of book as an entrant in Writer's Digest 2000 Self-Publishing Books Contest....
The Sayings of the late Bishop William W. Tucker by Frederick Cuthbertson
“The "Sayings" Of The Late Bishop William W. Tucker” by Frederick L. Cuthbertson Reviewed by Rudelle Thomas...
The Scent of Water by Becky DeWitt
This article looks at the remembrance of the joy of salvation and seeing a loss of passion over time....
The Science of the Matrix by Saraswati Davies
The Science of the Matrix “We cannot play in the Matrix with a body/brain that is so caught up in its own programming that it fails to move ...
The Secret is out, SSSSSsssshhhh! by Loretta Scott
I have a secret, have you heard?...
The Secret Of Contentment Is To Realize That Life Is A Gift, Not A Right by Allen Smith
From Dr. Allen Smith's collection of inspirational essays. ...
The Secret Of Prayer… by DJ Williams
Instructional article about how to find a deeper intimacy with Christ...
The Secret of the Power In Your Smile by Becky DeWitt
The smile of a Believer speaks of the true depth of their joy....
The Secret Place by Becky DeWitt
The intimacy of the being in the secret place at a depth that the Believer has never been....
The Secret to Finding Peace by Shiv Jhawar
Shiv R. Jhawar, founder of Noble World Foundation, is the author of the book, "Building a Noble World." To register for free e-Newsletter, please visi...
The Secret” to The Law of Attraction by Laurel Dewey
You DO Get What You Attract...
The Seduction by Inspire Hope
The seduction challenges you to stop trusting in yourself to be self sufficient, and to really depend on God your Heavenly Father for all your needs. ...
The Seed by Lew Duffey
I Truly believe we underestimate God too much. We often wonder why he put that tree in the middle of Garden of Eden and then pointed it out to Adam a...
The Shaman's Path - the Adventure of Self Discovery by Howard Charing
There is a lot of discussion and opinion on what a shaman is. The word itself is rooted in the word šaman from the Tungus people in central Asia. Defi...
THE SHARK by Nicole Weaver
While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas this shark swam to shore. Everyone at the resort was simply shocked to see this shark....
The Shoe Bomber. by Mark Lichterman
It seems to me you hate the one thing that to us is most precious. You hate our freedom. Our individual freedom.. Our individual freedom to live as ...
The Silent Sermon by Lew Duffey
This is another writing I take no credit for but I recieved this at a time when I needed a little inspiration. I find a place to kindle my fire right...
The Silver Oak by Vasu Ramanujam
The silver oak is useful to other plants around it, and is always welcomed...
The Snivel of Self Sabotage: by Jacinta M
This article is about self sabotage. It also shares a story, as an example of a friend who self-sabotaged himself to failure/ ...
The Sofa Sleeper by Dr. Frank Chase Jr
We often hear about youth sleeping their lives away and we often don't know what to do. This article is a wake up call for youth impriosioned by medio...
The Soldier Appears Before God by Dana Reed
This article is meant to be read by all Americans who want to know how our soldiers feel inside. ...
The Soul Journals: April.13.08 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I know I am far from being perfect, but then again none of us are, but I am grateful we can serve the Lord. I am glad we serve a loving Lord, one who...
Is the Spirit Of Jezebel mixed up in the church today? Have we allowed flesh to take a front seat ignoring the consequences of a Holy God?...
The Spirit of Pride by YVETTE CARTER
The Spirit of Pride will rob us of peace...
The Spirit of Rebellion by YVETTE CARTER
The Spirit of Rebellion...
The Spiritual Divide by Linda Mackall
Spirituality opens many avenues in its path that are generally closed. Many people want to know the unknown, but many don't. Maybe the ans...
The Star People by Michael Gallegos Borresen
There are Star People possibly walking amongst us on planet Earth....
The Storm and the Rainbow by Sandra Carrington-Smith
Not all storms come to harm. Beyond the destruction of a manmade illusion of material security, our soul is enriched by the experiences we survive....
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Featured Book
Lo Estoy Sintiendo
by Darryl Jenkins

Como Lo Siente Mi Corazón Poemas Que Inspiran El Alma..  
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Featured Book
Bitter Water
by Sherri Smith

They say you can't go home again, but this time they are wrong! Author Sherri Smith leads the reader gently through Bitter Water. As an insecure teenager, Mara Conley f..  
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