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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Messages of Hope and Inspiration
by Inspire Hope

Messages of Hope and Inspirations will change your Life!..  
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Featured Book
2033, Poetry Inspired by The Lion of Judah
by Michael Jones

This book consists of a 150 pages of Christian poetry about the end of time and the Second coming of Jesus Christ not as a servant but as a King, the King of kings. To br..  
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Featured Book
Life In A Pressure Cooker/Look What's Inside
by Jerry Hulse

This book helps one to understand and better cope with the pressures of life that every one of us faces on a daily basis. God wants to produce character in his children a..  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

The Nitty Gritty City by Guy Hogan
Flash Fiction / Pittsburgh / Blogging...
The Old Clarinet by LS Myers
For the last 20+ years, an old clarinet resided in my house. My youngest daughter played it for years when she was young and at times the clarinet and...
The Old Piece of Furniture by David Amburgey
The Old Piece of Furniture An article that was published in my Column in my local Paper, Baxley News Banner.
The Only Guarantee in Life by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
Loving yourself is the only guarantee in life you can rely on....
The Pain Of Indifference by Inspire Hope
This article challenges you to let go of your pain, and to forgive those who have done you wrong....
The Pain Of Separation by Inspire Hope
This Article encourages you to trust in God your Father, to mend your broken heart....
The Pathway to Happiness by Allen Smith
This is from Dr. Allen Smith's collection of inspirational essays, which were previously published as newspaper columns...
The Payment For Sin Is Death by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi
Just like one gets paid for a job, one gets paid for committing sins. Sins will be forgiven and erased only by believing in the name of Jesus Christ....
The Pen of a Ready Writer September 2015 by Becky DeWitt
Inspirational words downloaded from the throne room....
The Pendulum of Love by Richard Orey
Open letter to Romantic Poetess Victoria L. McColley...
The Perfect Gift by Monica Cane
What gift could you give the King?...
The Perfect Peace That Surpasses All Understand by Lady The Lake55
An Inspiration piece to impart The Perfect Peace that Surpasses All Understanding. ...
The Perils Of Procrastination by Marlene Affeld
Procrastinators often have trouble seeking help, or finding an understanding source of support, due to the stigma and profound misunderstanding s...
The Pledge of Allegiance by Lew Duffey
This was recorded back in 1988 when Red Skelton was still on TV. I thought it was amazing. It is almost like he could see into the future. We are t...
The Poem Help/Building Relationships by Joyce White
Check out my new article at Global Healing Exchange on my website. Building relationships are hard for the well of us but almost impossible for those ...
The Power of 12 by Elke Zilla
An honest and compassionate insight to addiction and truth within the spiritual threshold of a 12 step program....
The Power of a Smile by Emile Tubiana
The art of staying happy and making others happy...
The Power of Amusement by Gini Grey
Amusement heals the mind, body and soul supporting us in moving through each day with ease and lightness. Explore what gets in the way of you having m...
The Power Of Friedship by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
What kind of life would I lead, if I never had a friend to turn to?...
The Power of Friendship by Tamara Dailey-Keur
Introduction: Below is the dictionary definition of the word friend: Friend: To love; 1(a) one attached to another by affection or esteem, (...
The Power of Love by Gini Grey
There are so many societal, family and romantic concepts about love with rules and conditions. Yet love is within us all the time; all we have to do i...
The Power of One by Bella Matanic
The Power of One ...
The Power of Positive Preaching by Terry Michaels
A commentary on Jonah. He was to speak what God told him....
The Power Of Positivity by Natisha Field
I wrote this article to try and help others become aware of the power of positivity thinking daily it does make you life better....
The Power of Purpose by Tina Tessina
We are all unique, with different genetic mixes, different fingerprints, different gifts and personalities, so let's suppose that there must be a reas...
The Power of Thankfulness by James Becher
Thanksgiving should be a constant practice and not just a national holiday. In giving thanks, we acknowledge God as a power greater than ourselves....
The Power of Touch by Michael Rayel
Touch and hug transform and create better lives....
The Power to Let Go by Ashan Hampton
"Regardless of the source of our despair, the resulting pain is the same; pain is pain, regardless of the circumstance." ...
The Precious Gift by Samuel To
The story of my first Chinese Bible...
The Prize by Inspire Hope
All of your trials and suffering will be worth it, if you endure to the end there is a prize for you, and no one can take it away from you....
The Problem with Religion by Terry Michaels
religion has its downfalls....
The Prodigal Eagle by Arsenio Jesena
Maybe , the prodigal eagle is your story too......
The Purpose Led Life by Ekong Usua
An atricle to cause the reader to stop, pause and reconsider his or her purpose in life...
The Radar by Inspire Hope
This article is a sobering reminder of crime that is intensifying , and every other social ill that is affecting you. What a comfort to know that ther...
The Reading of the Book by Michael Mancha
This article was written as a commentary to the event that took place on January 6, 2011, when the U.S. Constitution was read on the floor of the U.S....
The Real 'A' Team And The Mission Impossible by D.J. Ludlow
Followers of Christ come in all sorts of strange and varied shapes and sizes. What binds the followers of Christ together is not OUR "sameness", it is...
The Rebuilding of Kelly's Chapel by c. fern cook
Kelly's Chapel survived war, politics, and apathy....
The Red Poppy by Linden Brough
"If ye break faith with us who die, We shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flander's fields." -John Macrae...
The Reflection by Bridget Waldron
Accepting who you are, because God in love created you in his image and you are beautiful....
The Reputation of Love by Becky DeWitt
Love never fails despite the element of time....
The Reverse is now the Case by Chris Umeweni
In the beginning when God created all things, He gave man dominion over all......
The Revolt by Brion Ofrika Bey
Excerpts from newly revised book, The Revolt. ...
The Reward of Revelation by Becky DeWitt
Believers have the ability to receive the thoughts of the Creator if they are in the right place spiritually....
The Righteous Who Walk Among Us ©2009 Daniel A. Brown by Daniel Brown
Some words of wisdom from the Lamed Vovniks, the 36 Righteous Unknowns...
The Road to Bliss by Dave Ferruolo
So if you want to live a blissful life, you have to be the embodiment of bliss and all the universal components that connect you to bliss. ...
The Rock by Frances Seymour
One of my favorite stories using a simple rock as an analogy......
“We Love Your Story, Characters and Writing Style…But We’re Going to Pass…”...
The Route Of Transformation by Sukky Fagbohun
A detour, is a temporary deviation, that is destined to re-connect us, back on the right route....
The Sandi Fatow Story - Smokin' & Jokin' by Linda Law
This book is not for the faint and weary! This is about an ex-Marine; who will make you laugh, cry and lift you upon high!...
The Sayings of the late Bishop William W. Tucker by Frederick Cuthbertson
Review of book as an entrant in Writer's Digest 2000 Self-Publishing Books Contest....
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Featured Book
The Canon of Grand Triad (Tai Xuan Jing)
by Alexander Goldstein

This is a new translation of Yang Xiong's oracle composed at the turn of millenniums for diviners in practice rather than idle intellectuals. Relying on the earliest comm..  
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Featured Book
Troubled Water
by Sherri Smith

Contemporary Christian fiction. Sunni has a wonderful job, loving family, but her husband is now missing in Afghanistan!..  
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