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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 1, the collected stori
by Albert Russo

WRITER'S DIGEST AWARD Judge's commentary: What I like most about this collection is its variety - there are stories set in Africa, stories for children, essays,..  
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Featured Book
Lyin' Like a Dog
by Richard Mason

Lyin' Like a Dog is the sequel to The Red Scarf...  
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Featured Book
The Platinum Rule And Other Contrarian quotes
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The Platinum Rule is a book that takes the other side of our most cherished sayings and proverbs. It is the result of years of reading and recording words of wisdom fro..  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Articles

Daniel the Prophet by Paul Nipperess BMin
Update on our 08 May 2005 target date ......
Dark Wilderness by Nickolaus Pacione
font face="times new roman" size="2">i>a study of the ghost story and the horror genre. It came about while I was writing in correspondence with De...
David Samuel - Hanging By A Thread of 50 Years to Life by Christine Patterson
I always thought that Mental Illness was a Disease, not a crime. The question is why are there so many being locked up today behind this Illness? This...
De-icing Highways and Roads Using Sugar Beet Juice by Dusti Sparks-Myers
When Sugar Beets are More than Just Food...
Dead Deals: When The Sure Thing, Isn't by Susan James
More than one person has written to me about Deals that were in the bag, so to speak, but all of sudden, didn't materialize. Wha...
Deadbeat Shoppers by Dennis Domrzalski
Small-spenders ruining America...
Dean & Presley by Mark Lichterman
Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon: Ocean Patrol, September 30, 1955 R Rated for language, with my apologies for the use of a certain word. ...
DEAR BARRY: by Tom Hyland
While I am sure that not all will agree with me - at least I took the time to TRY! Have you written any letters to your representatives? br...
Dear Immigrant: Be a taxpayer, Become a Free Man by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
If you live on welfare you will not be able to open your mouth to speak of poor services because you cannot accuse the hand from which you are eating....
Death DIGNITY- Pull the Plug? UPDATE 2/05 by Karen Dunn
The truth is that the only kind, humane, dignified, painless choice FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED would be to call Dr. Kevorkian -- ...
Decades of Propaganda by Chris the Abducted Alien
Twilight Zone USA Commentary by Chris the Abducted Alien Editor, Deon Paul Saturday, January 26, 2008 Propaganda is a strong word...
Deceit by Design by Timothy Buchanan
A critical look at a dangerous political ploy...
Demons! - traitors!! by Karen Dunn
W A R I S H E R E...
Description: Be Specific! by J.E. Thompson
Clarion Call to All Writers: Be Specific!...
Despite Decades of Progress, Race Fears Still Haunt the U.S. by Chris the Abducted Alien
By Paul Harris, The Observer UK. Posted April 1, 2008....
Determination by Sandie Angel
Devolution by Fallen Sword
Beginning with a quote from Dean Koontz, the world may well end ......
Diabolical Root of War by Rodney Bohen
Call me simple if you like, but I have a couple of childlike questions!...
Diana - The Unasked Questions by Ian Thorpe
The anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales has just passed. Far from beig solved the mysteries surrounding her death deepen....
Did you Know? by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
These facts are verifable at the Dept of Defense web site...
Directions & progressions ..... by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Gann was the father of financial astrology, with a lot of help from old astrologers, like Sepharial, C.E.O Carter and Alan Leo ......
Do Females Fight More? by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Jennifer writes: ...
Do Not Preach To Me by Mark Lichterman
Originally placed as poetry with most comments stating that something bad must have happened to me to cause me to believe as I believe... The bad thi...
Do or Die: Atlanta and Standardized Testing by Leslie Garcia
So if your boss told you to meet a sales quota or finish a certain job or lose your job--would you?...
Do the Bullies Win? by Michael LeFevre
Naming and shaming the bullies and where it happened. ...
Do We Care? by nina bee
Should we help if someone ask for help or just turn a blind eye?...
Do You Believe your Personal Information is Safe? by Denise Richardson
What happens when your personal information falls into the wrong hands? ...
DO YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE? by Chris the Abducted Alien
Written by Chris, Female Activist for Human Rights Chris’ voting rights were taken away from her in 2006. Thought to be an illegal alien, even th...
Do You, Be You, Live You by Dana Gleeson
A few words of wisdom...
Does the Root of All Evil Control All? by Tom Hyland
Dogs and Climate Change: The human environment and non-human life by Brock Shaver
The only regular non-human life we encounter is our dogs. If contact with something that is not inert matter is so limited, what does that say about ...
Don Imus "nappy-headed hos" by B. L. Dotson-Lewis
Just when we think we live in a world where all people are treated equally, along comes someone like Don Imus, and we realize we do not....
Don't Be Evil - Unless There's Money In It. by Ian Thorpe
What's in a business slogan? Not much it appears. As Google becomes increasingly manipualtive and control freaky people are starting to see the threa...
DOW ... Saturn in Leo ... 3 by Paul Nipperess BMin
Finding defensive stocks, as the market sinks ..... :)...
Downey Native Pens, Publishes First Novel by S.W. Capps
Warren grad S.W. Capps completes his first novel, Salmon Run, set to be released this week....
Downtowns are Obsolete by Michael Wilson
Why all this endless wailing about going downtown?...
Dream Stealers by Rodney Bohen
Alas, often we encounter a host and horde of the former, before we ever stumble across the latter even once! ...
Dreams Captured Once More by Rodney Bohen
For it is the pursuing of dreams that cast us in our finest and most radiant colors, rendering us bested by no other....
Earthday by Barie Fez-Barringten
In the case of the 1969 event in Union Square I was approached by a member of the Pratt faculty, who was himself designing some of the media electroni...
Earthkind Devolving by Fallen Sword
Building the Taj Mahal is not even token payment for the devestation mankind has perpetrated upon this planet ... ...
Eating Disorders and The Perception Of Beauty by renee lauren
Many live quiet lives of desperation! They smile on the outside and feel isolated and self-loathing on the inside – and this goes for stunning models ...
Eclipse for Pope ..... by Paul Nipperess BMin
.... updating our astroanalysis for 24 March 2005 and 08 May 2005, as posted in a previous article, at:
Economics and the Psychology of Greed by Edward Phillips
In search of answers to critical national issues...
Ed Bradley, Tiger Woods, and the Interview that Never Happened by Aberjhani
Was I imagining things or was that my seat in which Tiger Woods was sitting?...
Edgy Money Flow? (Manifesting Skills) by Susan James
Edgy Money Flow? (Manifesting Skills) ...
Elvis is Dead! by Rodney Bohen
Elvis not only has left the building, he has left this world as well, ok? Do you get it? Elvis has died! Passed, Crossed over! ...
Email Warfare by Fallen Sword
Only a few weeks ago, I shared a small thing in common with a teenaged young man in New York City. A trivial thing; we had both received the same forw...
Embedding Code in A Story—The Writer’s Wily “Wink-Wink.” by Laurel Dewey
So, when is a “cigar” really NOT a cigar?...
End Times Prophecy. by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
Each June I try to take the time to see what's new in the development of the events, that tell us the time is getting short. This year I got a lot of...
Endorsements for OVERLAND by Mark Levy
"I just didn't want to put it down but at the same time I didn't want to read it too fast because each section was so wonderful I didn't want it to...
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Featured Book
Different Roads
by Joyce Scarbrough

New edition coming soon! This is my second novel. Chapter One is available as free download, and Chapter Two is posted in the Short Story section. How m..  
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Featured Book
Money how to get it, spend it, make it, etc.
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

A book of wit, wisdom, and what not, as it relates to money and the true meaning wealth. it consists of some of the best thoughts and words on the subject of money. It h..  
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