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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Blademaster of Norda (Kindle Edition,Revised)
by Jacamo Peterson

Fantasy Swords,Sorcery,Dragons,Demons,The Dark Lord,Temple Knights. Action/Adventure/Fantasy at it's best...  
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Featured Book
Tears of Deceit
by Regis Schilken

A long-hanging crucifix brings fame and wealth to an old Gothic Church in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Is it caused by human deceit or true divine intervention?..  
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Featured Book
In Search of the First Tribe
by richard cederberg

Sixty-seven days after departing Flores Island in Europe’s westernmost waters, the schooner Heimdall and her stalwart crew has finally arrived at the mysterious Isla Soco..  
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All Action/Thriller Articles

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

SG on Cricket: Colourful Cricket in Delhi by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
To be completed soon......
SG on Cricket: How to Understand Cricket Better? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Just a few tips.........
Today the President of Florida Association of Forensic Professionals Endorsed SHADOW CAY!...
Shadow People - Opening up a can of worms by David Rountree
The entire subject of shadow people (people shaped shadows often encountered during a paranormal event)is both fascinating and controversial. To date,...
Shadows of Kings Chapter Excerpt by Jack Whitsel
Sneak peak at Shadows of Kings!...
Shadows of the Multiverse, The Saga Continues by Douglas Dandridge
And then the Shadows arrived, being from another Universe and another dimension. And we found out where those ancient civilizations had gone as we fo...
Shakespeare mystery heads Spring list by Cathy Macleod
A traditional whodunit with a Shakespeare theme outranks tales of vampires, wizards and cosmic weirdos. ...
Shakespeare was German by Binden Shovel
During WW2 the Germans educated their children to believe that Shakespeare and Voltaire were German...
Shameless Self-Promotion by Christopher Jonnes
Reasons to Buy Wake Up Dead ...
Sharene Death: A Prerequisite for Life by Rocky Wilson
At, see 'Understanding Free Radicals Can Enhance Health.'...
Sharon Cupp Pennington Author Of Contemporary Romantic Suspense by William Potter
Can love, the very thing she wants no part of, be the one force greater than any adversary — even a hoodoo curse? ...
She turned me into a newt! Well, I got better. by Maximus Starts with a G. ends in an S. but i dont really want to reveal it
there are no refferences to monty python in this article. well, maybe if you're lucky....
She Wolf: Review by Lahmeik Stacey
Shakira's third-English language album has finally been released throughout Europe and Latin America; the following article provides a track-by-track ...
Shelli Stevens, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow by Michelle Pillow
Shelli Stevens, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow (Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
Shift Happens by Yvonne Perry
Yvonne Perry's personal story about how she shifted from being a religious fanatic to embracing a metaphysical understanding of life....
Shiny But Not New- Let's Talk Diners by Carol Boshears
All about diners....
Shit by Thomas Hay
Probably the most common word in the English language. ...
Short Review by Nicholas Gordon
Posted on
Shortcuts to Inner Peace: A System for Stress Management by Ashley Bush
These shortcuts to inner peace, then, are ways to form new, healthy wiring via habits that stimulate calm and reinforce positive mental states. The st...
Shot Gun Shells and Wet Hiking Boots by Regan Gawan
Camping in Hannigans Meadow Arizona...
Should a piano student listen to recordings of pieces he is first learning? by Shirley Kirsten
I render an opinion based on years of teaching and exploring music with piano students of all levels....
Should Euthanasia become legal? by Andy Parker
Surely the Law has to distinguish between vulnerable people encouraged to take their life and people making rational decisions to end their suffering....
Should the Swiss People be Applauded or Condemned? by Andy Parker
So the Swiss decided that four minarets is quite enough for one European country, and have voted for a ban, leading to threatening headlines around th...
Should You Use Covert Hypnosis to Seduce the Woman of Your Dreams? by George Hutton
There are powerful language patterns that can be used to seduce the woman of your dreams. Beware, because if you use these without concern for the out...
Show No Fear - Prequel to Series... by Glenda Bixler
Nitty-Gritty Legal novel starts Nina Reilly, a Prequel......
Sighting Coffee Creek Road by Linda Newton Perry
Bigfoot Sighting ...
Signed Paperback Mysteries by Wayne Sharrocks by Wayne Sharrocks
Wayne Sharrocks' critically acclaimed thriller series rocks on with book number three. ...
Signed Thrillers by Wayne Sharrocks by Wayne Sharrocks
Wayne Sharrocks has written three critically-acclaimed psychological thrillers for adults. His books have sold widely around the world....
Silent Killer: Ovarian Cancer by Catherine Johnson
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and The American Cancer Society estimated that approximately 15,280 women died from ovarian cancer in the ...
SilverWare Studios Help Create the New Hollywood by Travis Ware
Next year, Travis Ware, CEO of Silver*Ware Studios (SWSI) will release three projects within the construction phase of SWSI....
Similarities Do Not Mean Plagiarism by Dana Reed
At least not all of the time....
Simone Dinnerstein at Dewing: A Crusade for a Better Piano by Shirley Kirsten
how it played out last night...
Simple Collages for Christmas Presents by Linda Meckler
If you like to draw or paint this is for you. Make you like. Think of the person you are drawing or painting for. What do they like to do? What kind o...
Single In The City - Men Ask What Women Are Looking For by Christine West
B>Men Ask What Women Are Looking For Published in The London Free Press Thursday, November 7, 2002/B> ...
Single Women: How to Avoid Being Victimized by Blondie Clayton
Single Women: Safety Tips While Shopping, Driving and Parking...
SINS of a NATION...MOLLY'S REVIEWS by m j hollingshead
Sins of a Nation is a must have for those who enjoy political thrillers, and has a use for the high school or community college government, history, o...
Six Cheers-Multitalented by Rea-Silvia Costin
Not many people have a personal story so compelling, or talents as diverse, as Rea-Silvia Costin. ...
Sizzling Summer Prime Time TV by Amy Romine
This is the time of year when I start to savor all of the episodes of my favorite shows, knowing that the season is quickly coming to an end. ...
Skinless Goat in Somalia by A. Osman
Skinless Goat in Somalia is a multicultural interesting book that gives a deep insight about the thinking attitude of the indians towards the Africa a...
Skullduggery at Pearl Harbor by John Brandt
A revisionist view of conspiracies and how they change the course of history in the United States. Excerpt from "Target America"...
Slapstick Is Funny Except... by Tony Eldridge
I thought you all would enjoy this true story that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination. ...
Sleep Apnea and Masks by Linda Meckler
Do you use a CPAP Machine? Do you have Sleep Apnea? Do you know what Sleep Apnea Is? Do you or your partner snore? If you have yes or no to any of the...
Sleep baby Sleep by Makeshia DuCre
A competition.......
Slipping, Chapter 1 by Barri Bumgarner
Danna Scanlon, a detective with the Special Crimes Task Force, is in the middle of the case of a lifetime. For Seth Berman, he i...
Small talk is Huge! by Lillian Bjorseth
It’s an enormously important conversation starter and often determines if you want to keep talking – hence the opportunity to build a relationship – o...
Snow Ball Holiday Cake Wins Best Division at SDCFair by Linda Meckler
Snow Ball Holiday Cake Wins Best of Division At the San Diego County Fair Carolyn Kloss, a resident of La Mesa, CA, has been entering the Baking C...
So Be It! by D. Mullis
So much suspense and action, I was exhausted when I finished it! by James Kellogg
Kia Heavey's review of Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller. ...
So You Want to Know What Living On a Submarine is Like? by Donald Meadows
Ways you and your family can get a feel for being a Submariner ...
So you want to write a book by Ken Qualls
A few quick tips for writers and would be writers...
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Featured Book
One Baker's Dozen
by Jay Dubya

One Baker's Dozen is a collection of thirteen sci-fi/paranormal stories that complement the tales in its sister book, Two Baker's Dozen...  
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Featured Book
Sidekicks Incorporated
by Terry Vinson

In the world of good versus evil, not all heroes wear the white hat.....  
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