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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Free Download - The Belgian Curtain - Europe after Communism
by Sam Vaknin

The European Union, NATO, the euro, and central and eastern Europe after the fall of communism. ..  
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Featured Book
Disappearance- The Rise & Fall of Pan Am
by Fumiko Takahashi

I flew with Pan Am for 16 years. Now in English...  
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Featured Book
Nevada's Golden Age of Gambling
by Al Moe

Nevada's casinos and their stories from 1931 to 1981 with over 70 photos...  
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25 Most Recent History Articles

Heading West - Scenic Wonders of theTrail by Celia Hayes
What the pioneers marveled at, along the Platte River Valley...
Heading West - The Jumping Off Places by Celia Hayes
The places that they looked out from, before they ventured into the wilderness...
Heading West - The Things They Carried by Celia Hayes
What was carried in a covered wagon on the 19th century emigrant trail?...
Hello Dalai.... by ellen george
Seeing the Dalai Lama in Atlanta Georgia.......
Hello Girls! by Laura Lynch
As we quickly come up to the 100 anniversary of the beginning of World War I in Europe, I’d like to introduce you to some of the people of our countr...
Henry Morrison Flagler , 1830-1913 by Carolyn Kingsley
Henry Flagler was an American Tycoon, real estate promotor, railroad developer and Rockefeller partner in Standard Oil. His detractors often refered t...
Henry Purcell: brief bio from Amapedia by Amazon by Michael Guy
This is a brief bio of English composer Henry Purcell used as a basis for Michael Guy's fictionalized main character in his novel: The Last Renaissanc...
Herbert O. Morrison and the Hindenburg by Ronald Hull
Today is the 75th anniversary of the Hindenburg explosion, hurtling Herb Morrison into fame. As a friend, I have been working on trying to add to his...
Herbs of Colonial Williamsburg and Early America by Beth Trissel
Herbs of Early America and Beyond~...
Hernando De Soto 1496 -1542 by Carolyn Kingsley
De Soto's army landed in Florida and crossed about ten present day states. He became known as a courageous explorer who helped conquer the New World ...
Heroes from Greek Mythology by Robin Fowler
Articles from my Suite101 page...
Hidden histories of slavery (Open Source Radio) by Marian Douglas-Ungaro
A lively discussion of slavery's hidden history....
Hidden Laws The Roots of Racial Profiling... by Anita Wills
In order to understand the Racial Profiling laws of today, we must understand our countries racial history. Colonial Virginia passed a set of laws g...
Higgins Boat & Grandparents by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A Short story about the Higgins Boat, my grandparents influence and involvement in New Orleans, WW II/DDay Museum Donation, business tips, and family ...
Hillary Rodham Clinton History Waiting in the Wings by Sigrid Manon de Nijs
This is a comparison of Hillary Rodham Clinton to Andrew Jackson and his style of operating the White house. ...
Historic Philadelphia by Yvonne Mikell
Victorian homes in Philadephia....
Historical Sketch of my Home Town Beja by Emile Tubiana
Historical Sketch of my Home Town Beja (Photo of Beja Town Hall in 1943)...
History Is Being Made Today by Amber Moonstone
Inaguration Day today! ...
History of African Americans in the U.S. Army by Lakeisha McKnight
What exactly is the historical account of African Americans within the U.S. Army. Read this brief abstract and the attached article....
History of Calender by Devarshi Choudhury
A research article published in the Sunday Supplimentary of Bartaman dated 19.04.2009....
History of First Match Book Car by Linda Meckler
Do you know what the original name for Matchbook Cars was? Did you play with them as a child? Do your children play with them? If you have answered ye...
History of Halloween in Ireland by Karen Michelle Nutt
Samhain literally means summer’s end. In Ireland and Scotland, Halloween is known as Oíche Shamhna. The Celts believed it was the day that the dead ...
History of Polka Dots- in the Spotlight! by Carol Boshears
a history and comeback of the polka dot design for Antique Trader newspaper...
History of the Future by David Arthur Walters
Only Love knows what is blind to Faith...
History of the Japanese Tea Garden – Golden Gate Park by James Smith
San Francisco's Japanese Tea Garden from the Midwinter Fair in 1894 until today....
History of the Mistletoe by Karen Michelle Nutt
When the Druid priests went into the forest to collect mistletoe, it was customary for the people of the town to decorate their hair with evergreen an...
Hitler - The Inverted Saint by Sam Vaknin
It was an aesthetic of decadence and evil (though it was not perceived this way by the Nazis), carefully orchestrated, and artificial. Nazism was abou...
Hitler versus Stalin by Nomde Lum
An excerpt from my new book, *Discordant Sound.*...
Hitler, the Nazis, and Four Arguments for Assisted Suicide by Jane St Clair
At first, Germans could not accept the idea of state-ordered killing. The Nazis started with mercy killings, offering four compelling arguments which ...
Honoring WWII Women on the Home Front and Correcting a 60 Year Old Misconce by Kathleen Thomas
Many women working on the Home Front did not feel Rosie truly represented the work they were doing. Although an icon, Rosie only represented the rive...
How an Old Floor Clock Became a Grandfather by Henry Zecher
Published in The Pride of Olney, official newsletter of the Lions Club of Olney, Maryland, Volume XXX, No. 76, October 2005 ...
How Ancient Egypt Influenced The Modern World by Franz Kessler
When people mention the roots of western culture and heritage, they often refer to classic Greece, Rome, and Judaism. All three, however, seem to have...
How are we to know the truth? Essay by D Johnson
ramblings from an old fool dlj...
How One Man's Pen Changed the World by Henry Zecher
Feature article on reformer Martin Luther's impact as a writer on western civilization with particular emphasis on his impact on the King James Bible...
Hypocrite or Martyr by A. Santo
The Hypocritical Martyr Thomas More should not be on the pedestal that people tend to put him....
I am an American, Are You? New Version by Everett Beal
Do I have to be identified as a Scot American, my wife as a French American and you are an African American? I don't think so? Let's talk about it....
I did it! by Bernadine Fawcett
A footnote to history providing personal letters from 1774 to 1864 with the majority during the Revolutionary War time span of 1777-1778. Discovering ...
I rule a nation, not a road! –Albert I, WWI by Daniel Chase
What happened to Belgium in World War II?...
Icon From History by Dimetrous Nixon
An opportunity to meet an icon from the Civil Rights Movement....
If What You're Doing Isn't Working, Try Something Else by Tova Gabrielle
II. Exercise in German History by David Arthur Walters
A Liberal Conservative...
III. Exercise in German History by David Arthur Walters
The Personality Cult...
In No Uncertain Terms: Support Service People by Libbie Richman
(I wrote this article in 1991, and it still is valid today.)...
In the Name of Humanity by Ladiladah Inc.
An extemporary account of the African genocide ....the untold tale....
in today's email 10102007 by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) ... history in the making !~! :)...
Independence Day by Jackie Brooks
Independent Women of Pompeii by Robin Fowler
Excerpt from articles from my page on Suite 101....
Indians (Native Americans, Amerindians) by Sam Vaknin
Native Americans are often cast in the role of victims of White aggression and unbridled avarice-driven or gratuitous violence, especially in the terr...
Intelligence Lessons of 7/7 by Peter Paton
Bitter Lessons of 7/7...
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History Articles
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  7. A Life Cut Short: The Day Brad Henderson
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  9. The Edwin Forrest Home at Springbrook
  10. Rebel Art in the West
  11. Shakespeare's Secret Messiah--Book Review
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  13. The Devil in Massachusetts--Book Review
  14. Ohh Dear America
  15. Our Presidents - Third-
  16. Happy Bill of Rights Day
  17. St Nicholas
  18. Herbert O. Morrison and the Hindenburg
  19. Life Goes On

Featured Book
With Love Stan: A Soldiers Letters From Vietnam To The World
by Karen Epp

A primary source book, a compilation of Sp4 Stanley D. Ross's letters home from the front lines of Vietnam in 1969.Photographs and recollections of the men who served wit..  
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Featured Book
Disappearance- The Rise & Fall of Pan Am
by Fumiko Takahashi

I flew with Pan Am for 16 years. Now in English...  
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