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Sept 11, 2001
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Funny Side Up - The Book
by al squitieri,sr

"The stories are timely, but not timeless, and close to universal experiences, out-doing many tired elements around today" (Richard Armour)..  
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Featured Book
The Wholly Book of Genesis
by Jay Dubya

The Wholly Book of Genesis is a humorous satire on the first book of the Old Testament where the Story of Creation, the building of Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah and the..  
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Featured Book
The Yankee Doctor
by Richard Mason

Richard the paperboy and his friend John Clayton VS an evil doctor...  
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25 Most Recent Humor Articles

Dumb Blonde Jokes by Joe Prentis
She who laughs last . . ....
Dumb Joke #9 by Mark Lichterman
The more you think about the "Night Nurse", the funnier it gets. You've probably seen this before, but even so... Short & sweet. ...
Duo Door Boxer Shorts by Dilip Dahanukar
I filed a patent for boxer shorts with openings on both sides after a vexing experience when I wore them with the sealed side in the front. This is a ...
E-Coli and Smoked Yak by D. Kelly
A Kim Jong Il bobble-head?...
Earthquakes, and Rumors of Earthquakes! by John Lillpop
Are we "verily, verily" in the last days? Judgment day, Armageddon, and the Apocalypse rolled into one awful day of human agony and misery? ...
East Coast, West Coast culture clash by Shirley Kirsten
zoning in on NYC versus the East Bay (BEZERKELEY)...
Ebay - The New Center of the Universe by Deborah Russell
Entice the masses, please......
Editors, anniversaries and snakes. by Angel Editing
What does your editor do in their spare time?...
Education (not for, but from) the dog by John Braswell/Kawheeta
An education Corgi style...
Education: Pupils To Be Rewarded For Healthy Eating by Ian Thorpe
The ideas proposed by government officials to persuade children to eat more healthily just keep getting whackier. The justification is it will save th...
Eerie Link by George Albitz
Crazy King George and Napoleon may have been poisoned?...
Ein Grassenhopper und das Bunchen Anters by David Rumer
As a small boy in the '30s, I delivered the Saturday Evening Post. A clever author on the humor page wrote fractured fables in garbled English, as: ...
Election 2008 by Mary Coe
New presidential candidtate. Election 2008. This E-mail was sent to me. I didn't do the work. Click on the website below to view. ...
For those too young to remember, Buddy Hackett was one very funny man. _______________________________________...
Embarrassing Moment by Kristine Snow
I recall one of life's embarrassing moments...
Endangered Buzzards by George Albitz
Endangered polar bears by George Albitz
Polar Bears may make the list?...
Enfoncez Votre Fromage M. Chirac. by Ian Thorpe
The lowdown on the G8 conference....
Engine Trouble by Neal James
Look for the historical (or hysterical) parallels in this reworking of the famous battle on the Montana plains in 1876....
Entertaining Shoppers by Helen Downey
Somethings that shoppers do.... This is based on an actual occurrance....
Entitled to mind our own business. by Dennis Coleman
Is it just me, or have we traded freedom for entitlement?...
Eureka! (Not Kansas ) by Tom Hyland
Remember the old T.V. commercial, many years ago, where this NERDY type guy said something to the effect of: "Can I have a few moments to talk to you ...
Every Good Dog Deserves Credit by Todd Wisti
i>One of the household dogs receives an application for a credit card... and accepts!/i>/b>...
Everyone needs a good laugh. Pass this along-GRANDPARENTS ARE... by Dennis De Rose
Grandparents' answering machine say... What is a grandparent?...
Everything Has an Age Limit by Carla Landreth
Texas author Carla Landreth tell what is on her mind in a comical way looking at rural life and people in general....
Evidence of Insanity - Upbeat Attitude! by Carol Piner
The following is a review by Ellen Feld, a book review professional with Feathered
Excerpt - Guy Talk, Girl Talk by Sal Marino - A Funism Sex Humor Book by Sal Marino
Guy Talk, Girl Talk is an amusingly filthy account of sexual yearnings, unfulfilled love, brushes with fame and the not so ordinary oddities of everyd...
EXCUSE ME While I Step On a Few Toes by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
How many times have you screamed at something that really bothers you? It could be anything that irritates you. Something in sports; the Congress; m...
Exploding Cheeses Of Terror by Ian Thorpe
The war on terror is ongoing as our elusive enemy constantly devises new and more effective weapons to undermine the west by spreading fear and panic....
Exploding Soup by George Albitz
Be careful my friends – devious minds are at work....
Dinosaur discovered in ANTARCTICA or Where the Hell is Gondwana? Think about that for awhile. ...
Facts, Facts, Facts, Mr. Micawber by Phyllis Jean Green
...jokes for itself?... ...
Faith and begorrah here's wishing you a HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY by Randy Stensaas
A good Irish story. An excerpt from my book "second time around humor and wisdom"...
False Teeth Stories by Debbie Walker
Humor with False Teeth...
Famous Last Lines (women) by Donna Maris
Did you ever think of a line, or some clever response after an argument?* Well when it comes to the war between the sexes, I think we can have ...
FEAR and PANIC #1 - Hiding from Shadows (humour) by Ian Thorpe
Another look at a recent news story from a quirky angle....
Fear And Panic #2 - Attack of the Insurgent Zappers by Ian Thorpe
I did not know whether to grade this PG or to risk being accused of putting ideas into the heads of teenagers. ...
Fear of Trifles by Dave Field
The horror of home cooking ...
Feeding of the 5.000 21st century in Canada by daphne hart
Jesus Teaching the people somwhere on a hillside way north of toronto. They started gathering since 7am "Luke chapter 9" ...
Feel the Prickly Hoarfrost, Baby! by Ray Sikorski
Taking it to the streets, one open mike at a time...
Female Elegance From Head To Heels by Franz Kessler
Humerous essay about the elements of elegance....
Feng Shui for Your Muse by Feather Foster
Feather Schwartz Foster, author of "LADIES: A Conjecture of Personalities" devotes a humorous article to writing habits, conventional and un... adapt ...
Fester The Master Of Channel Surfing by Trezrun Lawrence
channel surfing.. sims saving my marriage...
Filthteen and The Loitering Elvis Show by Loit Overstreet
Memo-To:RocksThatMusic.Org. From: Noel Caprice; Partner. Subject: The Not So Original Rock Series; Touring Mars for Cow.(Warning:The protocol on this ...
FIRE IN THE HOLE Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
I have found that too often we humans find it so difficult to laugh at ourselves, Kelli has learned to do just that and has improved, perfected and en...
First Cars Anyone? by Steven Fay
It's inevitable, isn't it? Get a driver's license and soon thereafter, there just has to be A First Car (not to be confused with the Presidential limo...
Fish Beating: Criminal or Just Plain Dumb? by C P Whitaker
Whitaker at her best - detailing embarrassing personal moments....
Five Great Comedies You Need To See by Kenneth Malcom
Five great classic movies you have probably never seen, but need to....
Fixing Helga's Face by Helga Ross
You insist on changing my face! I start to wonder if you like the one I've got!...
Flat Pack World by Ian Thorpe
What will they put in a flat pack for us next? I don't know how much of this non - Brits will get, but you will get enough to make it worthwhile....
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  19. Calling Dr. Mengele, Calling Dr. Mengele
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Featured Book
A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Featured Book
My Twill is Tasted: I Mean…My Tale is Twisted
by John Rayburn

A demonstration of how such stories as Aesop's Fables, student word play, inadvertent slips of the lip can contribute to hilarious verbal and written language mishaps...  
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