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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
War Zone, Backing Out of Hell
by Dave Harm

"War Zone" is the prequel to "Damaged Merchandise." It takes place 10 years before the poetry came alive. It is the story of my first two years of sobriety and the demo..  
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Featured Book
Demystifying Economics The Book That Makes Economics Accessi
by Allen Smith

An excellent lay-oriented primer on economics that explains the basics in simple language that relates them to ordinary daily life. An excellent way for the layperson to..  
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Featured Book
How To Build James Bond's Unshakable Self Confidence
by J.-F. Bouchard

Build Self Confidence by accumulating experiences; Planning, Facing fears and extinguish fear conditioning,Leaving comfort zone, work on your identity and why not join a ..  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

COURAGE TO BE by Uriah Fields
It takes courage to be, to be nobody but yourself, in a world where the forces of many kinds are constantly at work trying to make you not you. ...
Courage Under Fire - Tips on Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking by Gary Rodriguez
Public speaking demands a combination of courage and skill. You have already demonstrated bravery by clicking on this article. If reading what follows...
Courage, The Bridge Between Fear and Peace by Philip Shapiro
A chapter from Dr. Phil Shapiro's Healing Power: Ten Steps to Pain Management and Spiritual Evolution...
Cover Letters: Why They’re Important and How to Use Yours to Make an Impres by Hallie Crawford
Once you’ve written a polished resume that’s sure to impress potential employers, you should focus on your cover letter. Too many people underestimate...
Coyote Nightmares by Patricia Struntz
I know why I am having the nightmares. A friend of mine lives in a mostly unpopulated area where bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions and even bear often ...
Create Your Paradigm Shift by Sheri Hoff
Most of us have experienced what we would define as a paradigm shift. One day we thought a certain way and then it seems like overnight, we shifted to...
Creating a Life of Ease and Abundance by Ellen Peterson
An article that will inspire you to step into a life of ease and abundance. ...
Creating an Inner Cheerleader by Aleta Pippin
Persistence and hard work do not guarantee that you will achieve your goals. What then?...
Creating Bold Breakthroughs by Sheri Hoff
Create bold breakthroughs in your life with these powerful steps....
Creating Connections: Draw Them In by Tina Tessina
You can create various networks (families) of friends to bring harmony into your life. ...
Creating My Inner Life Experiences by Neeta Blair
Neville advises: manage your psychological drama and warns: if you don’t others will manage it for you. The drama of your mind forms and shapes your i...
Creating Positive Change by Stacey Chillemi
learn to create positive change......
Creating Unconditional Love by Tina Tessina
A lot of people come into my office searching for love, especially unconditional love. ...
Creating Your First Book by Debra Welch
Many elements go into any written work, but let’s start with the basics. Just as you prepared for doing your homework as a child and young adult, you ...
Creative Writing - Fiction by Patrick Dent
This article will address 7 of the key components of writing good fiction: Plotting, Characterization, Scene, Dialogue, Point of View, Genre, and Narr...
Credit, ID thieves await unwary holiday shoppers by Denise Richardson
Tis the season...Identity theft and/or inaccurate credit reporting is growing at alarming rates. Learn what you need to know to stop it from happening...
Critiquing by Kim Smith
Making critiquing better...
Crossword Puzzles by Patrick Kennedy
There are rumors that working a crossword puzzle a day keeps the shrink away. Your mind never gets bored and is constantly turning intellectual somers...
Cutting Through the Clutter- Personal and Business Strategic Planning by Helene Mazur
Get into the driver's seat in your business and your life. No one is going to take you where you really want to go....
Cyberstalking: A Modern Menace by R.A. Knowlton
Each year over 100,000 cases of cyberstalking are reported to police in the U.S. alone....
Daily Choices by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
In reality, when we open our eyes in the morning we make choices with our thoughts and feelings....
Dancing With the Demon of Loneliness by Elaine Williams
When I lost my husband to cancer in 2004, my life as I knew it did a 360 degree turn. Nothing was the same and yet only one thing had changed. I had l...
Dark Tunnel, Bright Light by David Cane
This article introduces the concept of positive affirmations, and briefly explains the power of positive affirmations to increase self-esteem and impr...
Dateline investigation -To Catch an ID thief! by Denise Richardson
Bravo to Dateline's Chris Hansen for "To Catch and ID thief investigation! ...
David Hedison's advice on 'The James Bond Lifestyle' by Paul Kyriazi
iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>...
Daylight Saving Time: Wake Me When It's Over by Barbara Mitchell
You awaken at 9:00 am Sunday morning, same as always. Turn on the TV to watch your favorite show. But it is not on. You glance at the clock and see...
De-Stressing the Holidas by Dr. Carla Goddard
De-stressing from the Holidays...
Deactivating Old Triggers by Jan Tincher
Dealing With Criticism by S. Reisner
An article discussing writers, rejection, and criticism....
Dealing with Criticism: Some Suggestions by John DeDakis
We are all works in progress ...
Dealing with Difficult Coworkers by April Mims
Dealing with difficult coworkers can be a challenge but you can overcome it and have a productive work environment....
Dealing with Grief: Myths of Grief by Sandy Clendenen
This article is a first in a series about the myths of grief. Grievers often get stuck in grief and have difficulty dealing with grief because of thes...
Dealing With Loss of Personal Identity" by Mel Menker
Every person has an identity, that which defines who and what we are. There are tests and trials in life that will challenge our identities and maybe...
Dealing With Nightmares by E Detetcheverrie
Reinvent the way you dream. ...
Dealing with Obstacles by Shirley Parker
"Challenges" is too weak a word to deal with some situations that are actually "obstacles" in our way. But we can succeed in spite of them....
Dealing With People Who Do Not Accept Your Career Choice by Dominique Williams
This article focuses on how to deal with the pressures of people who are not willing to accept your career choice....
Dealing with Sudden Grief by Danny Von Kanel
How to help someone who is dealing with sudden grief....
Dealing With Writer's Block by Rita Hestand
Some people never experience this...that's wonderful. But for those who do I hope I can help a little!...
Dear Albert Letters by Tom Hyland
Remember the "Dear Abbie" column? Awoke early this morning, at about eight am, with only five hors sleep. Yeah, had several DREAMS, some in c...
Dear Diary (11/10) by Jessi Stelter
rants of my rampaging emotions...
Dear Dr. Romance: How can I move forward when I hit a setback? by Tina Tessina
When one hits a setback in life what are some healthy ways to keep moving forward?...
Dear Dr. Romance: I need to forgive myself. by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance advises how readers can forgive themselves for past mistakes....
The following was written in response to a standard email notification from The White House. After trying to send it as a reply, received an Auto-Resp...
Death From Alcohol Abuse – Not a Pretty Way to Die by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
Recovery from addictions comes in many guises. Stop the defeat of the spirit, brain damage and eventual total destruction. Treatment options are avail...
Death of Your Life's Partner by Judy Strong
When you lose a loved one, your life is turned upside down. Comfort and support from those close to you is essential for healing and moving forward....
Defective product on the market...YOU! by Denise Richardson
You are responsible for inspecting a multi-billion dollar industry's product (your personal information) to ensure their product sold for profit -is n...
Design Your Life Your Way by Dennis McCurdy
Design Your Life Your Way...
Destroy Limiting Decisions by Jan Tincher
Detachment. How Can I? by Joe Herzanek
When life becomes one crisis after another, when emotional pain and endless drama become “the norm” what am I supposed to do? Over the past few decad...
Diabetes, Cannabis & Anxiety by Simon Jackson
Excerpts from 'Cannabis & Meditation' by Simon Jackson, regarding overcoming 'cannabis-anxiety',and showing its relationship to diabetes....
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Featured Book
The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40
by Jay Onwukwe

Wealth creation and multiplication; wealth, wisdom and prosperity principles for the good life and superior accomplishments...  
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Featured Book
Hand Book - Your Life is in Your Hands
by Mark Seltman

This is the print version of my e-book, Real Palmistry, in black and white...  
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