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Featured Book
The Woman Who Never Wore Makeup
by alex canton-dutari

Throughout the story the parallelism between daughter and parent is portrayed to understand the frequent emptiness of children born out of wedlock in Central America...  
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Featured Book
The Woman Who Never Wore Makeup
by alex canton-dutari

Throughout the story the parallelism between daughter and parent is portrayed to understand the frequent emptiness of children born out of wedlock in Central America...  
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Featured Book
Wandering In The Shadows of Time: An Ozarks Odyssey
by Velda Brotherton

A view of the Ozarks seen through the eyes of those who lived the hardships told by the author who returned to her home after years of wandering elsewhere...  
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25 Most Recent Cultures Articles

Mexico Slams Georgia Migrant Law by Peter Paton
Mexico to send troops to Tijuana by Karen Palumbo
A small, hidden away article I came across that might be of interest to all....
Mexico weighs GPS locators for migrants by Karen Palumbo
This one comes straight out of the hand book of entitlements! You tell me who is and who is not entitled....
Migrants seizing chance to cross by Karen Palumbo
Getting into United States takes on sense of urgency as Senate debates overhaul..........
Mongolia: -50c Temperatures Kills 2 Million Head of Livestock by Bill Fitzgerald
As extreme winter temperatures fell as low as -50 c nearly 2 million head of livestock have died. Thousands of families in Mongolia could be facing a ...
Monsanto and the Politics of Life by Gary Varner
Monsanto has taken control of the United States food production with dangerous consequences. Read how the Bush Administration has become a party to bi...
Mountain Talk'n by JC Pinkerton
Did you ever wonder how people talked living way up yonder in them mountains?...
Mouse Interrupted: Re-Engineering Reality by Kalikiano Kalei
How often have you thought of Mickey Mouse as something other than a simple cartoon character or good old Uncle Walter (Disney) as something other tha...
Moving On... by Gary Varner
Moving from one part of the country to another can be a daunting task but the rewards can also be amazing. ...
Multiculturalism by Kathryn Carrington
With Cultural Relativism being nothing more than a moral or ethical system that has its own views of standards of what is categorized as good or evil...
MUNRA Auction by Tabitha Miller
Another press release I wrote as an intern at Reinhardt College....
Murder Here, Murder There--What's Wrong? by Randall Barfield
If and when change is for the better, then change it should be....
Muslim Intellectuals Please Join Us by David Arthur Walters
"We should not be loath to value truth and acquire it from whatever source it comes....
My Africa by Bernice Lakota
This beautiful picture is taken of the town I grew up in, the capital of Cameroon: Yaounde. ...
My Diwali Moments by Nandini Deka
Some of My Fav Diwali Memories!...
My Foundation of African-American Art by Mitzi Jackson
another essay for African-American Humanities Class...
My Heart Does Wonder by Christian-Michelle Dickerson
What we need to think about every time we see a cloud....
My Humble Opinion 31 by Jennifer Butler
I was just reading the article under Humor by Robert Wilson and actually, he makes some very good observations, though not quite funny....
My Humble Opinion 77 by Jennifer Butler
The New Slaves are Oppressed by the Old...
My Humble Opinion, July 14, 2007 by Jennifer Butler
Why do people isolate animals and mess with their natural families?...
My Hundred Thirty-Two Pounds Worth On Dating by Sandy Knauer
And if I had to narrow it down to one sentence – look for a man you love sitting in a room doing nothing with. You will always be happy with him....
My Recovery From Cult Mind-Control by Tova Gabrielle
"It was all so very painless when you ran out to receive all that false instruction that we never could believe. And now the heart is filled with gold...
My Student by Charlotte Spurrill
A description of the girl I tutor....
ABSTRACT- In ethnographic monographs of tribes of northeast India in post-independence era- we invariably witness faulty and loose application of such...
Nation Un-Hump Day by Tom Hyland
The following is a copy of comments posted to ED KOSTRO's beautiful poem about EARTH HOUR. ...
National Hispanic Heritage Month--and Reminiscing by Terri Molina
It's National Hispanic Heritage Month...
National Perspectives: For Rich Mexicans, Parallel Lives in US - NYTimes by Eugene Meyer
Rich Mexicans are establishing parallel lives in Houston, working on business visas, buying homes, sending their kids to private schools. They are mot...
Native American Name by Rebekah Rosie Lang
This was a question put out by one of my yahoo groups for writing. The question was this: If your Native American Name could be anything that was obse...
Native American Osmosis by Susan Smith
As November is Native American Heritage Month, what better opportunity is there than to offer tribute to one of the greatest contributors to our Ameri...
Native Americana by Hanley Harding
Original oil painting Copyright 1999 by Karin Fleischhaker...
Nelis' Dutch Village Theme is a Preservation of Ethnic Dutch Culture in USA by Rachel Madorsky
We left Holland, Michigan with a sense of appreciation for the small Dutch community for the preservation of their European old culture and traditions...
New Book on the Green Man to be Released by Gary Varner
Gary R. Varner's newest book on folklore will be released soon by Algora Publishers, a New York academic press. Titled, "The Mythic Forest, the Green...
New Year Resolutions by Mr. Ed
Compassionate Action is the Key...
Nine Eleven again by Daniele Isvy
Now History? no, Nine Eleven is still alive and make us cry....
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika aka Lord Bless Africa by Tinka Boukes
bgsound src = ''hidden loop=-1> "Not my own words but Sara a...
Not Forgotten: Overrun by growth, a tiny community hangs onto its history by Eugene Meyer
Overrrun by growth, a tiny Staten Island, NY community built up by African-American oystermen hangs onto its history....
Notes from the free speech zone by Henry Stevens
Free speech, always precious, is becoming more precious as more cultures seek to limit its use....
Nudity Present Everywhere, So Seems Nowhere by Neelam Pandey
It discusses the immoral behavior of the people for gaining popularity which affects the general population in an adverse manner....
ObamaCare…good medicine or bad investment? by Robert Amoroso
Officials arrest 34 suspected in drug-trafficking ring by Karen Palumbo
Authorities believe smuggled heroin may be tied to Sinaloa cartel........
Oh, Lord, Won't You Buy Me....? by Elaine Masters
While Americans tend to have an embarrassment of riches, tribal people have little. Are we happier?...
Oh, Well, That's Just The Price You Pay by J AG
Some truths, while known, are hard to take when you put a face on them....
On a cloud of romance... by Nicole Lasher
Some personal memories and information about the nargilah, for middle eastern style smoking....
On Geek Chic: It's Been Made Known Unto Me by Cecil Funk
An overview of the author as a bespectacled, boxer-wearing geek....
Once upon a time, we dared to “dream” by Robert Amoroso
Once-Banned Shostakovich Ballet Triumphs by Sage Sweetwater
MOSCOW - It was supposed to be a ballet fit for a party boss: Winsome maids from the local collective farm prance around the stage carrying 5-foot lon...
Open Letter to the FOP by Sandy Knauer
You need what??...
Open Letter to The President Elect by Tom Hyland
An example for Number 10 below - it exemplifies the BRILLIANCE of politicians, here in Maryland. I watched FOX NEWS last night, and they repo...
Opinion: Three great crises by Jerry Engler
War, fuel and global warming: what will you do? ...
Original Way of Making Pemmican by Ed Zaruk
Prior to the disappearance of the buffalo from the western prairies, pemmican was a staple in the diet of Indians and Metis. Here is a description of...
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  19. Do not Keep a Dog and Bark Yourself
  20. A Jewish Bronx Tale

Featured Book
Mexicana - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Mexico with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Feijoo, in English, Spanish and French..  
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Featured Book
Brussels Ride - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

The Capital of Europe - Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French..  
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