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Featured Book
Two Baker's Dozen
by Jay Dubya

Two Baker's Dozen is a collection of 26 sci-fi/paranormal stories and is Jay Dubya's 17th story collection...  
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Featured Book
by Phyllis Burton

A young librarian discovers old love-lettters in a book and she is catapulted into a web of terror and deceit...  
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Uncharted Waters
by Theodore Soderberg

Finally, the New Edition with photos and more at Amazon for $13.95..  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

What about the weaknesses by Greg Kiser
Many people get addicted to being online today. Imagine if you could be online all the time in your mind? My novel, inSyte, I present the technology...
What are the 3 Golden Words by Linda Meckler
What are the three words that can open doors and create change in your life? Guess? These three words are so powerful and yet they are almost forgotte...
What are the Origins of Religion? by George Hutton
Are the true origins of western religions pagan in nature? ...
What are the Pagan Origins of Easter and Christmas? by George Hutton
Many people are surprised to learn that the celebrations of Easter and Christmas go back further than any organized religion. ...
What are the Pagan Origins of Modern Religion? by George Hutton
Do the roots of modern religion go further back than recorded history? Many are surprised to find the answers....
What are the True Origins of the Ten Commandments? by George Hutton
Many are unaware that the Ten Commandments may have roots in our common animal ancestors. ...
What are the Two Most Powerful Elements of Mind Control? by George Hutton
The two most powerful elements of mind control are all around us. And you might be surprised who is using them, and for what purpose....
What Beauty Is Not! by Ayo Ashanti
What beauty in a woman is not....
What Beneficial Teaching Did the Early Church Suppress? by George Hutton
The early Christian Church was faced with many difficulties. One of them was competing religions, which had to be outlawed. But were truths helpful to...
What could've been by Neil Ostroff
Why we write?...
What did I learn in 2009, you ask? by April Dawn
The things I learned as a new author this year, and what I hope to learn next year....
What do the U.S. Constitution and the Catholic Church have in Common? by George Hutton
The U.S. Constitution as well as the Catholic Church were both born from councils held by politicians. The similarities don't stop there....
What Do Women Really Want From Men? by SIXTUS EBERE
This is a piece of comical twist on the long age issue ....
What does a real man wants from a woman? by Tommy Thomas
What is a real man is a relative question when it comes to the minds of many? The Abuser, the User, the Domineering, the Cheater, the Womanizer, the M...
What does Texas Holdem Have in Common with PD? by Taryn Simpson
Poker vs. PD?...
What does the Grim Rev like to do ... by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
Bizarro Faves...
What going on with our policy? by Emile Tubiana
Governments that cannot control the behavior of their people do not deserve to be in power...
What Happened Before Big Bang (part 2) by Ian Thorpe
The second and final instalment of a comedy writer's look at cosmology....
What Happened Before Big Bang? by Ian Thorpe
A comedy writers view of the origins of the Universe....
What Happens Now?! by Debra Harmes-Kurth
For Fun...
What Happens when the Music Ends by Bob Beck
Athletes in transition...
What has happen to fantasy novels? by Samie Foster
Is it just me or do they seem like they are all lord of the ring knock off now a days?...
What have I got to lose? by Dan Ronco
David Brown is the protagonist in Unholy Domain. ...
What I hate about politics as usual: Why They Are Wrong and What is The Alt by Brook Griffin
Not to toot my own horn but a very deep and fascinating article that critiques the present social system, examining the pyshcic mentalities of the op...
What in the World of Warcraft is This Guy Thinking? by Gypsy Nester
I am not completely an empty nester unfortunately. My 20 year old son was not able to return to college this fall because of the lack of loans and gr...
What is a Ghost? by Rhetta Akamatsu
Over half of the people in America believe in ghosts, as do millions of others around the world. But what, exactly, is a ghost? I examine a few intere...
What is a Good Read Worth? by Laurie Stevens
Let's discuss the 99 cent book craze......
What is a Life Purpose? by Michelle Casto
Learn about the 5 steps to living out your life purpose....
What Is A Vietnam Veteran? by John Podlaski
An answer to the above question......
What is Behind the Numerical Symbolism in The Bible? by George Hutton
There are a few numbers that crop up again and again in both the New and the Old Testament. What do they Symbolize?...
What is Behind the Rise of Religion? by George Hutton
The story of religion is a long one filled with struggle, conflict, and salvation. What is the truth?...
What is Experience? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Coming soon.......
What is Goodwill? by Sheila Buck
An article about Goodwill Industries and the services they offer. ...
What is Humor by Katryn Dougherty
What is Humor...
What is it that you think you are doing? by Frank Ryan
Few of us know. Maybe writers should know better than most of, but I doubt it ......
What is life balance? by Michelle Casto
take this quiz to find out how balanced you are.......
What is love? by Neil Ostroff
Please check out my powerful new novel. Its KFD book of the day! T...
What is the Deep Meaning in the Book of Revelation? by George Hutton
The Book of Revelation is perhaps one of most discussed book of the Bible. Does it foretell the future?...
What is the Hidden Story Behind the Greatest Story Ever Told? by George Hutton
The Bible is the most read, yet perhaps the least understood collection of writings every put together. What you find inside may surprise you....
What is the meaning behind 666? by George Hutton
What did the author of the Book of Revelation mean by "666?" Are they a foretelling of things to come? Or have they already passed? ...
What is the meaning of life by Neil Ostroff
Why are we here?...
What is the most important part of a picture book for you? by Helena Harper
Thoughts about what makes a good picture book...
What is the Origin of the Ten Commandments? by George Hutton
The Ten Commandments have been a pillar of western civilization for thousands of years. Are they from God, or the result of social engineering?...
What is the Real Message of the Book of Revelation? by George Hutton
The Book of Revelation is a confusing, often misunderstood story, filled with wonderful symbolism. What does it really mean?...
What is the Real Reason Behind Human Sacrifice? by George Hutton
Human sacrifice has been around for thousands of years, and you may be surprised of its strange origins....
What is This World About Anyway? by Liz Cosline
Some thoughts I have about the world and people....
What is Writing? by Ocean by Ocean Ocean
What, exactly, is the mysterious, less-than ancient, absorbing, sometimes healing, sometimes maddening practice called writing?...
What is you sign? by Tanya Kennedy
The zodiac is a carnal representation of who we really are in God. Once we know our identity in God we can do anything. ...
What is your calling by Minister Susan (Bimes)Moll
searching for your purpose?...
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Featured Book
The Waiting Room
by Catriona King

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When a girl's body is found in a local church Marc Craig and his team follow the trail and find it leads to powerfu..  
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Featured Book
Duplicity: Rick OShea Adventure #2
by John Rayburn

Impalement murders, bomb threats, wild chases; all part of this exciting adventure...  
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