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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Fly With The Mourning Dove
by Velda Brotherton

The story of a young girl growing up on a homestead in New Mexico after WW I..  
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Featured Book
Fire Canoes
by Anthony Dalton

Tales of steamboats on great Canadian rivers, from the earliest sternwheeler to the giant ocean liners of the 20th century...  
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Featured Book
Patriot Priest
by Patricia Daly-Lipe

Strategic Media Books has published Patricia Daly-Lipe's sixth book, Patriot Priest: The Story of Monsignor William A. Hemmick, The Vatican's First American Canon, a rema..  
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25 Most Recent History Articles

Interview with Frank McGee, author of A Song for the World by Irene Watson
There's no contesting the fact that Steve, Paul, and Ralph Colwell and Herb Allen lived adventurous lives. As musicians, they toured in the farthest ...
Interview with Marta Hiatt, author of Remembrances of Times Past by Irene Watson
“Remembrances of Times Past” is a trip down memory lane for the older generations and a great lesson of wisdom for the younger generations. There is m...
Interview with Phillip Stewart, Projected History: Volume One, 1929-1930 by Irene Watson
Universal Newsreels preserved America's cultural history. These films connected our grandparents and great-grandparents to the rest of the world as th...
Interview with Rasiel Suarez, author of ERIC II by Irene Watson
"ERIC II: The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins" is the most comprehensive, colorful, and detailed single volume exploration of Roman coins ever wr...
Interview with Thomas Brooks, author of A Wealth of Family by Irene Watson
This is a fantastic book. It centers on Brooks upbringing as an adopted black men who wanted to find his roots. ...
Introduction to The First Sovereign Emperor of China by David Arthur Walters
He was king of the small state after which China was named....
Iran's Psychopath in Chief, by Israel by Peter Paton
Iraq Bases Spur Questions Over US Plans by Peter Paton
US Iraq Bases...
Irish Traditions on Halloween by Karen Michelle Nutt
One of the Irish traditions for Halloween was to have Colcannon for dinner, which is a boiled potato with kale and raw onions. They would clean coins...
Ironmen by D. Kelly
Give me that cannon!...
Is History Repeating Itself? by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Do We Really Know What is Going on in Our Country? ...
Is There a Doctor in the House? by Harold Titus
Biographical information about Doctor Joseph Warren, a leading Boston Patriot in 1775...
Islam's Last Stand by David Arthur Walters
Islam versus the War Party - Slavs and Teutons...
It's an Ill Wind by David Minor
Looking at winds through history...
Jesus - Historical Figure or Myth ? by Michael Kersting
A controversial view of Jesus...
Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel by Huda Orfali
Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, by Shahak, I & Mezvinsky, N. Book Review by Huda Orfali...
John F. Kennedy - Remembering A President by David Wagner
A November day in 1963 put ordinary life on hold in a younger, more naive America - an innocence lost in a free nation................
Johnson's Island by lynn hones
My ebook, Those Who Wait, was inspired by this unique place. My great, great grandfather was a Union guard here. In late 1861, Federal offici...
Juan Ponce de Leon, 1460 -1521 by Carolyn Kingsley
The life and adventures of Florida's greatest conquistador (explorer.)...
June 2021: Ten Predictions for the Coming Decade by Sam Vaknin
On November 24, 2010, I published (in Global Politician and elsewhere) an article titled “Italy will Kill the Euro”. Six months later, credit rating a...
K.A. Jahnke and the German Sabotage Campaign in the United States and Mexic by Richard Spence
In: _The Historian_ (Vol. 59, #1, Fall 1996). Examines the career of Kurt Jahnke, German agent and master saboteur, in the U.S. and Mexico during ...
Karenga on Jeremiah & Jesus by Cynth'ya
Just sharing a bit of history my cousin shared with it or ignore it...this will always exists in America unless we change the control (ladi...
Killing Jesus--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard, published by Henry Holt and Company, 2013. ...
Killing Kennedy--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
Killing Kennedy, by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard, published by Henry Holt and Company, 2012, reviewed by J.S. Bradford....
Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard by N Eaton
When I saw the title of this book, it was one I had to read. Yes, I lived through this time in history but wanted to know much more about what happene...
Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard by N Eaton
I have never been a history buff but found listening to the audible version of Killing Lincoln very interesting. ...
King Arthurs Black Descendants - History News Network by Anita Wills
How the author was able to trace her maternal lines to the Arthurian Era, using DNA & Genealogy. ...
Kingdoms Come & Go by Ras Ition
A Historical & Phophetic look on the wolrds Story as it relates to the rise & falls of the nations and the prophesies that speaks to them b...
L'évènement positif ou négatif de l'histoire juive? by Emile Tubiana
C'est une critique de la presse israelienne...
L'Occident et le Monde Arabe by Emile Tubiana
L'Occident et le Monde Arabe,The Occident and the Arab World...
usi e costumi di popoli antichi...
La présence juive en Tunisie (Carthage) by Emile Tubiana
A la memoire de notre ami Henri Bellicha....
La culture que nous avons connue by Emile Tubiana
"La culture que nous avons connue" The translation is "The Culture that we Knew"...
La forminge de Zarza Capilla (Badajoz) era autóctona de Tartessos. by Ángel Román Ramírez
Hipótesis sobre un aspecto de la música de Tartessos....
La Kahena by Emile Tubiana
The author's interpretation of the history of the berber queen. (In French)...
Lady Godiva And The Peeping Tom - The Most Famous Instance of Voyeurism by Wilfried Voss
These days, we use the term "Peeping Tom" so lightly without thinking about its origin. To my delight, after achieving some research, I found the myst...
Lady Godiva, Her Triumphs and Her Tragedies by Southern Justice
History Repeats again...
Latent Nazis -Conversations with Young German Intellectuals by Sam Vaknin
In the last 4 years (starting in late 2003), I have had multiple opportunities to collaborate or hold lengthy conversations with dozens of young Germa...
Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Uriah Fields
Uriah J. Fields, Martin Luther King's first civil rights secretary and the original secretary of the Montgomery Improvement Association, the...
Let There be Understanding by Lloyd Lofthouse
"Let There be Understanding" is an opinion piece with historical evidence to refute the Dalai Lama's claims that Tibet was never ruled by China prior...
Let's Make a Slave (strong language) by Cynth'ya
First of all, this is not posted as a guilt-producer, but as a teaching tool. All public school systems need this in their curriculum, but few will be...
Liberalism: The Trend Of History by Thomas Crosthwaite
While some would argue against this, liberalism is a long term trend that can easily be documented, because it is related to historical development. a...
Liberty Fried Absurdities by David Arthur Walters
French fries were not good enough for American Imperialists...
Life Goes On by David Arthur Walters
Caffeine-induced meditation on Arnold Toynbee's STUDY OF HISTORY...
Lily and me by Frederick Rodgers
This story will take the reader on a journey through Belfast N.Ireland from the beginning of the 20th century,living through two world wars, poverty,d...
Lindbergh's Secret Date with Waitress by Fumiko Takahashi
The movie hints at Lindbergh's date....
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus by Sam Vaknin
The Lindberghs, revolted by the media's unrelenting prying, moved to live in Europe in 1935. Lindbergh became a fan of Adolf Hitler and in 1938 receiv...
Listening Love by Judy Meeker
photo credits Judy Meeker...
Living Our Faith l7th Century Style by Gloria Waldron Hukle
As a nation that for centuries has boasted religious freedom, the recent political race for the Presidency stirs us as a people to examine our standar...
Log Cabin Days by Celia Hayes
First, you cut the logs......
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  20. The Equalizer

Featured Book
Patriot Priest
by Patricia Daly-Lipe

Strategic Media Books has published Patricia Daly-Lipe's sixth book, Patriot Priest: The Story of Monsignor William A. Hemmick, The Vatican's First American Canon, a rema..  
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Featured Book
The True History of the Monopoly Game
by Burton Wolfe

This book tells the true story of how the Monopoly game was stolen from its originators, and that long-buried secret was discovered by the inventor of Anti-Monopoly. The ..  
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