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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul
by Mr. Ed

Recipient of the 2006 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award ..  
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Featured Book
Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul
by Mr. Ed

Recipient of the 2006 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award ..  
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Featured Book
Meow's Way
by Lucille

A little tortoiseshell cat from next door pursues me until we catch each other...  
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25 Most Recent Pets/Pet Care Articles

The Magnificient Weimaraner by Christy French
Pictured below is Memphis as a pup. This dog is now huge! ...
The Mayor's Cat by Margaret Graham
How a cat became involved in local politics. ...
The Muttley Crew by Mr. Ed
From A Recent Newspaper Article...
The Myth Of 100% Complete Pet Foods by Randy Wysong
The National 'Adopt A Shelter Pet Day' Campaign by Mr. Ed
Please Help Us, Help Them...
The North Shore Animal League's Tour for Life by Mr. Ed
One Of My Favorite Animal Welfare Organizations...
The Orange Brother by Juliet Waldron
The story of a dearly beloved orange tom cat...
The Original Philosophers by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. Hippolyte Taine 19th century French critic and hi...
The Pain of Losing a Pet by Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter
Helping pet lovers get through the grief of losing a pet....
The Pet Savers Foundation by Mr. Ed
Please Spread the Word...
The Pets of Katrina - One Year Later by Mr. Ed
A Memorial...
The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss is a book that has the ability to change people’s lives in a powerful and positive way....
The Prodigal Polish by David Taylor
Chickens Are People Too...
The Safe Air Travel for Animals Act by Mr. Ed
Keep Your Pets Safe...
The Saga of Three Katrina Survivors by Mr. Ed
Heartworm A Deadly Disease...
The Secrets to Keeping Your Cat Happy and Healthy by Stacey Chillemi
Cats Are Just Like People Too – Learn How to Care For Them the Right Way ...
The Story of Chuck by Mr. Ed
Yet One More Abandoned Dog In America Today...
The Three Most Important Secrets of Labrador Retriever Training by Response Revolution
"Many consider training a Labrador Retriever, or any dog for that matter, a daunting task. Some dog owners ignore the training aspect of dog ownership...
The Unconditional Love between dogs and Humans by Brian Cody
This article explains this authors love for their dogs,most readers will gain a greater understanding of the affection between dogs and their own...
The Working Dog by Linda Meckler
Do you know what a Seeing Eye Dog Is? Do you know what a Service Dog is? Have you ever owned one or know someone that has owned one of these very spec...
The World's Largest 'No Kill' Animal Shelter by Mr. Ed
Just One or Two Individuals Can Make a Difference...
Their Sad Plight Continues by Mr. Ed
And A Few Compassionate Souls Still Help Them...
Throwaway Pets by Dot Sale
The story of Twiggy...
Titer Test:: Don’t Vaccinate Your Dog Unnecessarily by Jan Rasmusen
A simple blood test can help you decide whether or not your dog needs to be re-vaccinated against parvovirus or distemper, the two most important dise...
Today Is 'Love Your Pet Day' by Mr. Ed
What Will You Do For Them, Today?...
Today is SPAY DAY USA by Mr. Ed
Please Help Us, To Help Them...
Trainers Capitalize on the Herding Instinct by Lyda Phillips
Article about sheepherding dogs...
Training Your Cat by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Walking the Cat...
Training Your New Pet by Jennifer Moore
Tips on training your new best friend....
Tribute to Mak by Jodee Kulp
There are relationships that come into your life for a season to teach. And they depart when they have filled you with the wisdom you w...
Tumpek Kandang Gives New Meaning to “Animal House” by Diana Guerrero
Indonesian Households turn into real animal houses this Saturday. Author Diana L Guerrero reveals more about Tumpek Kandang....
U.S. Marines Turn To ASPCA For Help by Mr. Ed
Breed Ban Laws Are Not The Answer...
Understanding the Language & Behavior of a Pet Bird by Dave Cole
Birds, just like other pets, have their own ways of Communicating, or Bird Language....
Up the Poplar by Margaret Graham
The rescue of Gertrude. Neighbours rally round to bring this beautiful longhaired tortoiseshell down to earth. ...
US Hypoallergenic Cats Go On Sale by Peter Paton
US Hypoallergenic Cats Go On Sale ...
Valentine Quiz: Prefer Puppy Love or Pussycat Passion? by Diana Guerrero
Folklore credits the first valentine an imprisoned Saint Valentine in third century Rome. He sent the first "valentine" to his beloved by signing it "...
Want to give your dog a special treat? by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
Take a look at this new dog recipe book. You can even make your dog a cake. ...
Want To Improve Your Health? by Mr. Ed
Adopt a Pet...
Watch Your Dog's Back by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Making sure your dog isn't suffering from back pain and what to do if he is . . ....
Water dogs! by Kalikiano Kalei
Americans love pets. We have more pets per household than perhaps any other nation in the entire world. We also have more irresponsible...
Ways that you can Help your Local Animal Shelter by Teresa Hoyt
1 X Hope was adopted from Kalamazoo Animal Services and Enforcement in Kalamazoo Michigan. Credit: Teresa Hoyt | © Teresa Hoyt You love animals...
We love you Rocky by Joe Prentis
There is nothing like the friendship of a pet....
What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?? by Julie Mataway
This is what happens to a wannabe biker chick who never sat on a Harley....
What Pet Abandonment In America Looks Like by Mr. Ed
There Are Far Too Many Just Like Him Today...
What You Feed Your Cat Does Make a Difference! by Sharon Bolander
I wrote this article for ArcaMax Publishing, Cats & Dogs Newsletter. It was published 3/31/2006. ...
Where There's Smoke, There's.... by Ev McTaggart
The end of an era...
Why Cats are Better than Pills by Jane Rodway
The cure for ills...
Why Declawing Is Not A Good Choice by Stephanie Davies
The act of declawing your cat or kitten by surgically having it's claws removed is not only physically harmful to your cat, but emotionally harmful as...
Why Do We Love Pets? by Sam Vaknin
Caring for pets comprises equal measures of satisfaction and frustration. Pet-owners often employ a psychological defense mechanism - known as "cognit...
Why Every Girl Should Have a Dog by Kailey Vilches
Testimony to owning a dog. ...
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Pets/Pet Care Articles
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  5. Ghost Dog Rescued From Hot Dog Stand
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  8. The 2014 Home 4 The Holidays Campaign
  9. November is 'Adopt-A-Senior-Pet' Month
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  12. An Open Letter To Animal Rescuers
  13. Pet Theft Is On The Rise
  14. Mojo's Way
  15. Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeding
  16. Puppy Saved From Trash
  17. Police Officer Uses Day Off To Save Old St
  18. National Pit Bull Awareness Day
  19. Advocating Kindness and Compassion over Cr
  20. June is 'Adopt-A-Cat' Month

Featured Book
My Pet - Wisky - Wisky's Novel
by Herman Yenwo

This is the story about my dog named Wisky. He was a German Shepherd...  
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Epic Tails
by Tygo Lee

Epic Tails—A Modern Epic Classic! When honor and valor mattered…..  
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