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Sept 11, 2001
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Along Came A Spider: A Personal Look At Madness
by Maryanne Raphael

Along Came A Spider, A Personal Look at Madness is the true story of a woman's descent into insanity and her successful struggle to reach sanity. Based on intimate d..  
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You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too.
by William Cottringer

This book reveals the main mental mousetraps in life with some practical solutions. It is based on the original conspiracy between chaos and order...  
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FREE DOWNLOAD The Conundrums of Psychology
by Sam Vaknin

Controversies and debates in modern psychology...  
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25 Most Recent Psychology Articles

PUBLIC SPEAKERS; Open Mouth; Insert Foot... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
During my school days, that's usually what I did...'open my mouth and put my foot in my mouth. One thing is certain, about my public speaking abili...
Pushing Out The Mother Idea by William Cottringer
Our common mission in life is to heal ourselves by becoming more aware of the spiritual wisdom we were born with. A test of polar opposites was devise...
Putting the Broken Humpty-Dumpty Narcissist Back Together by Sam Vaknin
The dysfunctional dialog deals with questions that are far more fundamental (and typically settled early on in life): "Who am I?" ...
Rapport Building by William Cottringer
This article was based on surveying 100 top rapport-builders as to their best tips. It is some solid information for teachers and trainers....
Rational Emotive Therapy by Aubrey Hammack
Comments on a workship attended on RET ...
Rational Reality Repair Rx by William Cottringer
The rules to successful reality repair are simple and easy, but the road to finding them is a chaotic one. ...
reality Repair Questions by William Cottringer
Here are four good questions to help you improve your reality repair outcomes....
Reality repair Rx by William Cottringer
An important skill to learn in being successful is to figure out how to repair realities you don't like. This article outlines some realities to be aw...
Reality Repair Rx by William Cottringer
Successful reality repair requires the right tools. Here are the only ones you need....
Reality Repair: Mostly Mind Over Matter by William Cottringer
Successful reality repair requires some work on expandig our heart's open-mindedness, cleaning up our biased realities, and improving our thoughfulnes...
Reality Repair2: Improving What You Don't Like by William Cottringer
Life's greatest secret is out! But that is only the beginning......
Reality, Illusion and Delusion by Richard Sassoon
Investigates the crucial differences between perception, imagination and fantasy...
Reason by Cheril Goodrich
The ability to reason is not just physical. In fact, it is quite possible to acquire spiritual reasoning with the Help of Perceptual Guidance. This is...
Reasons Not To Have An Affair by Aubrey Hammack
Thinking of having an affair. Read this....
Recipe for Becoming a Faster, More Creative Problem Solver by Regina Pacelli
Life comes at you pretty quickly and can sometimes leave you feeling like a deer caught in the headlights. But this doesn't need to be how it goes. Y...
Reconciliation by William Cottringer
In the process of growing up personally and spiritually, we are confronted with many pairs of seemingly exclusive opposites, which we must figure out ...
Reconciliation and Forgiveness by Malcolm Hollick
Christmas is an appropriate time to ponder the power of reconciliation and forgiveness. Often personal trauma haunts us until we find a place of heali...
Relationship Types In My Social Strata by Alvin Romer
An introspective look at how one individual cope with relational types in his personal mindset...
Relax Your Face & Watch Your Mouth by William Cottringer
Two quick ways to be more successful are to show a relaxed, likeable face and to speak positive words that enable others. ...
Remembering Manuel (Alzheimer's disease) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Heart-breaking is the only word I can use to describe Manuel, who was a patient at the V.A. Medical Center in 2005. At the time, I knew nothing about...
Repetition Compulsion by David Arthur Walters
A painstaking repetition...
Return to Equilibrium, edited by George W. Doherty: Book Review by Irene Watson
There is a lot of discussion following disasters and critical incidents about returning to normal, but "normal" is never the same again. "Return to Eq...
Revealing You're Lost by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
an enlightenment strikes dark poetic expression... ...
Risk and Resiliency: A Biopsychosocial-Ecological Theory of Violence by Kathryn Seifert
The life of a chronically violent person can best be understood by examining the dynamic interaction of the individual’s social context, psychological...
Running from Reality vs. Acceptance by Randall Barfield
Remember the tale? The Russian ran and ran and ran to own all that land he could cover then, alas, he dropped you know what--dead. Sad, isn't it?...
Saturnine Melancholy: Chronic Ennui in the Modern World by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article, published by Psycho Mondo, Argentina, provides a historic context to the post-industrial epidemic of 'chronic ennui/alienation' that s...
Schizophrenia Victims Rights by susie harrison
Mother's are victims too when it comes to serious mental illness of a child. Just as in Alzhiemers, the victim is not just the sick person, but those...
Schizophrenia, Alcoholism and Addiction, “Let’s Talk Interviews Dr. Spotnitz” by Jeff Landau
This is an updated reprint of a previously published, limited edition, interview with Dr. Spotnitz in Let's Talk: The Relationship NewsLetter. ...
Selfishness In America! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
At the age of 65 in 2010, I think it was in the early 1980's, when the 'ME' generation began...also known as the Age of Selfishness in America...
Sensuality Meets Sexuality by Dayvid Graybill
I've been wondering about the difference between sensuality and sexuality recently. I don't have any conclusions but have a few thoughts....
Settling Differences by William Cottringer
Life is a series of opportunities to choose sides; it is a smart thing to do to stop and do a reality check now and then in order to make sure your la...
Seven Simple Reality Repair Rules by William Cottringer
We all have more power to change reality as an active participant than we imagine. ...
Sexaholism: The Closet Addiction by Niki Collins-Queen
Patrick Carnes says sexaholism transcend personality, gender, and socio-economic status and lists three levels of addiction in his book, "Out of the S...
Sharing The Gift of Single-Mindedness by William Cottringer
The greatest gift we can share with one another is the single-mindedness that helps us all close the gap between struggling to survive and thriving....
Should brilliance be admired, desired or feared? by Yvonne Mikell
Every exceptionally gifted person is not a Bill Gates. James Holmes and his plight of being exceptionally gifted....
SILENCE by Stanley Obi
Silence is essential in our life as intellectual beings...
Simple Cure To Everything (No Kidding!) by William Cottringer
Success may very well start by redfining it....
Sleeping Pills: The Deadliest Addiction by Niki Collins-Queen
I wondered if my mother’s use of sleeping pills over the years had the same destructive effect on her as alcohol abuse. ...
Smashing Mirrors by Joe McCarthy
Social Engineering...What is it? by D. Arant
Scott talks about Social Engineering and its impact upon our lives. See this clip from first.
Social Support Systems by Aubrey Hammack
How important are social support sytems....
Social Work Theoretical Overview by Lakeisha McKnight
Need further help understanding social work theories? Continue to read further and upload the attachment of this article....
Social Work Theory Guide by Lakeisha McKnight
Lakeisha provides a social work brief guide to understanding theoretical frameworks. May this benefit men and women in social work and related fields....
Solitude by Timothy Kendrick
Peace and serenity can bring you solutions to your everyday challenges. How do you get it?...
Something Different, Sometimes Perfect by Richard Howardson
Sometimes something different is just...perfect for us....
Sound Like The truth? by William Cottringer
This article explains how the brain processes truth by measuring certain signs. ...
Speaking Anxiety by Serena Greenslade
Speaking in public is the number one phobia and most of us suffer from speaking anxiety at one level or another....
Speaking of Listening by Brother Anonymous
One day I stopped selling solutions and just listened....
Spirituality VS. Intelligence by Michael Anthony
Spirituality VS. Intelligence...
Stalking Victims by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Patty has told me about the four times she has been stalked. Two of them are not worth mentioning; just men who were momentarily obsessed. But there w...
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Featured Book
The Bow-Wow Secrets
by William Cottringer

Dogs follow seven laws that lead to happiness, peace of mind and success. These simple laws are quite adaptable to human life too...  
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Featured Book
FREE DOWNLOAD Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited EXC
by Sam Vaknin

The Free Preview includes excerpts only. The full print edition is available from Barnes and Noble. Both the print and electronic editions are available from the publishe..  
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