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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Energy Game
by Neeta Blair

This book published in 2002 introduces the reader to the joy of playing with energy, recognizing everything as energy...  
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Featured Book
Sex Transmutation (FREE Download)
by Jay Onwukwe

Desire for sex is creativity seeking outlet. That same tumultuous sex surge can become Intellectual or Business energy, Professional or Sports energy, Political..  
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Featured Book
To Drink Or Not To Drink
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

TO Drink Or Not To Drink--- The Common Sense Of Drinking is an Ideal book to give to someone who maybe questioning whether or not he or she has a drinking problem. ”The ..  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

Did You Goof Or What? by Jan Tincher
Difficult Times by Dr. Ronald Bissell
Life can be a challenge but it is through challenge that we grow. ...
Difficult times by SANA EDOJA
difficult times, encouragement, writing, depression...
Dignity - Jill Guntur's December Newsletter by Jill Guntur
With times as tough as they are, it is hard to avoid the pitfalls of discontent. This month I am focused on dignity....
Dinosaur dreams by Darlene Caban
Talking to a T-Rex ends a nightmare ...
Disability as a Cultural Diversity: An Exploration of Perspectives by Vicky Jeter
Every person born with, or who comes into the experience of a disability embraces the experience and functions with it uniquely in a world increasingl...
Disability as Self-Resource by Vicky Jeter
This article is written on the gracious invitation of Suzanne. She invited me to highlight some of the turningpoints in my journey from being ...
Disclosure to Children: Hearing the Child's Experience by Claudia Black
The intent of this article is to offer practical suggestions for families and clinicians based on comments made by children who have experienced discl...
Discover The Genius In You by Myles Saulibio
5 Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Going...
Ditch Your Limitations And Get In The Money Game by George Hutton
Do You Love Money? Don't Be Shy! Get Some!...
Divination, Shamanism, and Healing by Howard Charing
Divination is one of the paths to gain direct experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge can be defined as that which is experienced first hand by...
Do It Yourself Bankruptcy by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Maybe you'll be surprised at what you can do, when you're confronted with a problem and painted into a corner! Filing for bankruptcy myself was no ...
Do Not Let Fear Control by Pamela Murawski
Success is possible if we work hard enough....
Do You Count? by Jan Tincher
Do You Distrust Others, Or Just Yourself? by Christopher Edgar
We sometimes hold back from working with others to achieve our goals because we find it hard to trust people. But when we develop trust and confidence...
Do You Forget Easily? by Jan Tincher
Do You Get Emotional? by Jan Tincher
Do You Get Nervous? by Jan Tincher
Do You Get the Feeling? by Celia Rabberg: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Do You Get the Feeling?" is a versatile book for the reader who realizes emotions change from day to day. Because our culture teaches us to suppress ...
Do You Have Any Change To Spare? by Mary Coe
If you could just let me have enough change to take the bus home; I would really appreciate it....
Do You Have A Hard Time Learning? by Jan Tincher
Do You Have A Problem? by Jan Tincher
Do You Have Disempowering Feelings? by Jan Tincher
Do You Have Terminal Brain Cloud? by Dave Cole
We all have only a short time to live. Either we are going to be in control of our lives, or something else will be doing the controlling....
Do YOU Have The Power? by Deanna Jewel
We attract what is on our mind!...
Do You Jump Into Action Too Soon? by Aleta Pippin
Find out why it's important to know when to jump into action....
Do You Know How To Focus? by Jan Tincher
Do you know how to focus? No? Well, if you did know how, would it help you remember people's names? Would it stop you from being nervous, or at least...
Do You Know You How To Model? by Jan Tincher
Do You Live the Life You Choose? How to Become Director of Your Life by Dr. Ulla Sebastian
Do you ever wonder how people manage to live successful, satisfied, happy, confident and balanced lives? Their ability to do so is in fact not a matte...
Do You Love? by Jan Tincher
Do you really Breathe? by Jacinta M
This article explains the dangers of improper breathing and also suggests better ways to breathe....
Do You Think You Know What Truth Is? by Greg Lentz
Truth is such a subjective topic yet this subjectivity only exists within the minds of human beings. In actuality, Truth is Truth regardless of how we...
Do You Trust Your Instincts? by Donna Marie
Appropriate decisions are possible when trusting your instincts....
Does God Send Balloons? by Elaine Williams
One day, a little over three months after my husband's cancer diagnosis, was the first time I really thought he was going to die. He lay in bed and he...
Does Growing Old Scare You? by Jan Tincher
Does Treatment Have To Cost A Lot? by Joe Herzanek
Times are tough. Life can seem like one confusing dilemma after another. "Will I be able to pay my bills this month? How will I get to sleep tonight? ...
Does Your Career Seems to Be on a Fast Track to No Where? by Jaci Rae
Is your career on the fast track to no where? ...
Doing It The Hard Way Or Easy Way by William Cottringer
We can look for answers either through our psycholgical conscience or moral conscience. The quality of our life depends upon which we choose. ...
Doing What Matters Most: Roadmap to The Land of Simple by William Cottringer
We are all approaching chaos overload and here are ten simple ways to simplify the journey to success in getting whatmatters most--inner peace....
Doktor's Words of Wisdom by Daniel Santiago
Article from Poison Pen #1...
Don't Forget To Ask The Cats by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee
I read a great story about a cat food company that decided to launch a new product. They did extensive research on packaging, marketing, and advertis...
Don't let 'em Crumble Your Cookies by Bobbi Sims
A brief look at self-responsibility...
Don't Let Opportunities Pass You By by Jeff Jones, PhD
Everyday, we are presented with opportunities. Some are positive and some are negative. It's our responsibility to discern which are positive and re...
Don't Panic by Tina Tessina
Practice these techniques to teach yourself to stay calm when the situation is threatening or the people around you are obviously in a panic. ...
Doors And Portals by David Silva
Doors And Portals is from my new book Portals To Senior Spirituality. This article from the book explains the importance of how we look at life. Some...
Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: Your Inner Mentor Can Create New Meaning by Tina Tessina
Searching for the meaning of one’s life is a discovery process: a creative event....
Dr. Romance's Newest Ebook: The Real 13th Step by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance announces The Real 13th Step:Discovering Confidence, Self-Reliance, and Independence Beyond the Twelve-Step Programs...
Drama Tips for your Public Persona by Mac McConnell
Dramatizing your public speaking shows your ability to write dynamtic prose....
Drawing the Line by Patricia Struntz
My personal boundaries signal self-validation and affirmation while drawing the line can be motivated by changeable circumstances and variables....
Dream Being - the missing link between The Secret and The Power of Now by Lama Tantrapa
This article suggests an approach connecting the insights and ideas from The Secret and A New Earth....
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Featured Book
Hand Book - Your Life is in Your Hands
by Mark Seltman

This is the print version of my e-book, Real Palmistry, in black and white...  
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Featured Book
Beyond Suffering. Joy is a choice
by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Inspirational manual for a joyful and conscious life, promoting abundance, empowerment, personal development, spiritual growth and finding your true self through in-depth..  
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