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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Breast Cancer: Questions, Answers & Self-Help Techniques
by Stacey Chillemi

This book is geared toward readers that are currently going through it, have experienced breast cancer, or just want to learn about breast cancer...  
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Featured Book
Analyzing Sports Drinks
by Nina Anderson

What's right for you: Carbohydrate or electrolyte replacement...  
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Featured Book
The Brain Food Diet
by Frank Ryan

Draws on new research that shows that omega-3s can improve cognition at any age and help reduce the risk of cognitive decline in middle age and old age...  
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All Health/Wellness Articles

25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Dangerous Myths by Catherine Chadwick
In this motivational essay, Catherine C. Harris writes about the five most dangerous myths most often associated with people of large size. ...
Dangers and Risks of Swine Flu Vaccine Ingredients by Candice Collins
Concerns regarding the vaccine ingredients (list of ingredients) and its risks. Be well informed of the pros and cons before making the determination ...
David's Letter--Bogota, Colombia by Randall Barfield
This is a true incident. It is not fiction....
Dawn Bivens Joins Candalyse Publishing by Miriam Jacobs
High-antioxidants in MonaVie helps people to feel their best! Dawn Bivens offers her services to raise funds for child in need of surgeries!...
De-Stress with Ease by Gini Grey
When stressful situations occur we often go into over reactive mode, which in the end often creates more stress. Yet when we approach life's ups and ...
Dead Men Walking by Herman Neuman
Neuman, dead man-walking, but full of zest for life. Many readers of his memoir have said it is unbelievable that he's still alive. Therefore he has ...
Dealing With Financial Trauma Part II by Michael Basso
Money as a survival tool...
Dealing with Grief in the Holiday Season by Sherry Russell BCBT BCETS
Holidays often magnify the feelings of grief. It is important and natural to experience the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of it. It is unh...
Dear Dr. Romance: I can now free myself and enjoy helping people by Tina Tessina
A reader thanks Dr. Romance for the positive motivation....
Dear Dr. Romance: I have a traumatic brain injury by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance helps a reader pickup the pieces after a tramatic injury. ...
Dear Nashville: by Sherry Bach
Dear Nashville...
Dear Primary Doctor; 'YOU'RE FIRED'... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Q. WHAT IS THE SCARIEST THING I DO ALL YEAR LONG? Visit with my primary doctor! If I didn't need a primary doctor...I wouldn't have one. I'm in...
Death with Dignity, By: Robert Orfali by Nicole Sorkin
An in-depth exploration of the shortcomings of our end-of-life system. The reader will learn about terminal torture in hospital ICUs and about the alt...
Deep Breathing, the Path to Health by Rod Kelly
Deep breathing is vital to the road to recovery...
Dementia/Depression by Rose Lamatt
Have you ever heard the statement: There is a fine line between depression and dementia? ...
Deppression; The Silent Killer by michael sean symonds
When successful, deppression can lead us on a journey of awakening, to begin to know ourselves in ways we could have never imagined ...
Depression & Suicide: Help those in need step Out of the Darkness by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Depression hurts all over--emotionally, mentally and physically. Suicide is the end of all that pain and suffering--PERMANENTLY--but we need to let ou...
Depression - the hidden illness by Lauren Roche
This is a column I wrote for a New Zealand Women's Magazine. (c)2000, Lauren Roche...
Depression Series (Part 3): What to Do with Those Antidepressant Side Effects? by Michael Rayel
Common antidepressant side effects and how to effectively deal with them....
Depression, what is Depression? by Denise Contreras
My thoughts on depression. Is it when we feel so down and feel there is no hope in life? Is it when we forget who we are? Wher...
Depression: It's NO Laughing Matter! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I am NOT asking for pity, but I AM sharing my thoughts, to see if anyone can give me some advice on what to do......
Depression: Spiritual Relief by DeBorrah Ogans
There are varying degrees of depression.The foundational causes of depression are usually rooted in some type of personal injury. A deep sense of hope...
Derma E Psorzema Review by Sarah Catherine
The Derma E Psorzema line is marketed as relief for sufferers of psoriasis and eczema....
Detox Safely Through Fasting and Exercise by Rahim Samuel
Diet fasting has been one of the more popular weight loss methods for quite a few years. Fasting also gives you a clearer head and more energy, since ...
Detox your Life - part 5 of 8 by Dawn James
Avoid Plastic Bottles & Containers...
Detox Your Life - part 7 of 8 by Dawn James
Are you lighting the Right Candles?...
Learn how to higher yourself-esteem....
Diabetes by Elizabeth Blake
What is Type 1 Diabetes? What are the symptoms? These questions and more are answered as we discuss this disease....
Diabetes (Type 2) and Chiropractic by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
My aunt Molly died from diabetes at the young age of 50. The neighbor who lived next to my parents died from diabetes at a young age, too. They both...
Diabetes Basics by Joseph Juliano MD
Diabetes: 7th Leading Cause of Death In US by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
One of my aunts had diabetes, and before she died, she went blind and one of her legs was amputated! I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, and in 20...
Diagnosis Dementia! by Claire Power Murphy, HonDL
Read on for a hopeful, inspiring story...
Diagnosis:Cavernous Angioma of the Right Temporal Lobe by Becky Ayers
My story of the diagnosis of a cavernous angioma in my brain and how it all made me feel....
Diary of A Struggle (Oct.11.07) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Something as small as a cold can be worse for someone with a NMD......
Diary of a Struggle (Oct.15.07) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Diary of a Stuggle (Oct.15.07) Monday, October 15, 2007 - 8:54 PM I went to the doctors Saturday, I just could not shake the sympt...
Diary of A Struggle Part Eight by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
but I serve a faithful Lord, and I am blessed with a circle of support, family and friends old and new who give me ...
Diary of A Struggle Part Five by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Anyone who knows me knows I do not write about my disability in search of pity, I just want others t...
Diary of A Struggle Part Four by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Diary of A Struggle Part Seven by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I have spent the last few days trying not to give in to a flare up ...
Diary of A Struggle Part Six by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I know that this battle with my muscles is only temporary when the Lord calls me home I will get a new body, one wi...
Diary of A Struggle Part Three by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Several doctors appointment this week...
Diary of a Struggle Two by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
In a strange way it's a relief...
Diary of A Struggle: by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I would rather live with this condition and serve the L...
Did You Know Surgeries Are Being Performed Outside the United States? by Linda Meckler
Do you have Medical Insurance? Does your insurance cover pre-existing conditions? Can you really count on your Medical Insurance in the case of any em...
Did You Know This? by Barbara Sue
Parts of the body to remember.....
Did You Know Weight Loss for Women Can Strengthen Society? by Georgene Collins
Learn how weight loss for women is an important part of keeping society strong and healthy. ...
Did You Know You Have A Brain AND A Mind? by Jan Tincher
Diet Assist in Battle with Leukemia by Rachel Madorsky
Red beets were always one of the main vegetables at meals....
Diet Pills and Me by Maura Clegg
What can happen when you are committed to losing weight the "easy way"...
Diet/Diabetes: I Yam Who I Yam! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
'I yam who I yam.' Those of the words of the world famous Popeye, the cartoon character, who was seen on television for over a decade. Popeye thri...
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Featured Book
Simple Herbal Remedies
by Pamela Ackerson

Return to the Olde Ways. The hustle and bustle of modern day life has brought many of us to a quick fix attitude.This book is for those of you who are fed up; have looked..  
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Featured Book
The Smart Brain Train
by Nina Anderson

A delightfully illustrated story that teaches children how to have a healthy brain with note to parents & teachers in the back. Great for home schooling...  
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