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Sept 11, 2001
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Are You Still Submitting Your Work to a Traditional Publishe
by Edward Patterson

With the new and exciting world of Kindles and Print-on-Demand (POD), Independent Publishing is becoming an enticing choice and a viable alternative to traditional publis..  
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Calling All Authors---How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Ope
by Valerie

Revealing Publishing Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities for Published Authors and Writers Who Dream of Becoming Authors..  
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Publique Su eBook en DIEZ Pasos
by Jacob Taylor

La guía más sencilla para los autores que desean crear, publicar y vender sus propios eBooks. El eBook que hay que tener...  
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Pairs and groups of words that are often confused by Laraine Barker
More than 90 pairs and groups of words that are often confused. If you have trouble with its and it's, draft and draught, then this is the article fo...
PC or Mac, Windows or Linux? by J. Taylor
Computer tools for the author. So many to pick from, even a few for free!...
Pen Names by John Howard Reid
Here is a brief take on the hows and whys of pen names, so far as writers are concerned....
Pen-Names! Why Use Them? by John Howard Reid
This is an extract from my book, "Write Ways To Win Writing Contests: How To Join the Winners' Circle for Prose and Poetry Awards" which has just been...
People do judge books by their covers by Sandra Peoples
When considering having a professional cover designed for your book, consider the four keys mentioned in this informative article....
Phoney Authors Keep Phoney Publishers Afloat by Eddie Bruce
PublishAmerica's Mind Games...
Picture Books: Are They For You by Richelle Putnam
Simple Picture Books? Anyone can write those. But can they?...
Pipe Dream No More by Mark Lichterman
The production company can go either way: animation or real life; but the thinking is that they want to make a “Christmas Classic” along the lines of ...
Pod: From Shunned Leper to Black Sheep by al squitieri,sr
Some of the world’s greatest writers started out self-published, such as Twain, Whitman and Poe. In reality, they were talented and gifted writers, b...
Poetry Anthologies by John Howard Reid
Is it an advantage to be published in a Poetry Anthology? There are two views on this. In favor, of course, is the opportunity to see your poems in pr...
Poetry for Profit or Pleasure by John Howard Reid
Both the Tom Poetry Contest for Verse in All Styles and Genres AND The Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Verse are now open!...
Poetry Perfection? What Makes a Poem Memorable? 1. An Intriguing Title. by John Howard Reid
Admittedly, some extremely famous poems give little hint of their quality from their rather humdrum titles. "Elegy in a Country Churchyard" by Thomas ...
Poetry Recycling by John Howard Reid
Compared to prose writers, the poet who wishes to be published (and who doesn't?) suffers many disadvantages, including low fees and unreasonable te...
Poetry. Con? Part Two... by Deborah Russell
..."Anyone can enter and anyone can win $25,000" easy enough to state because it is a general statement, no? ...
  • & Affiliates by Deborah Russell
Unlike professional anthologies, where writers are paid for contributions, contributors to vanity press anthologies pay the publisher. ...
Poets - Publishing Opportunity by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
We love to watch the growth of friends. Some of you already know Debra J Harmes-Kurth, excellent poet and past editor/publisher of Art With Words. Now...
Popular Poetry versus University Poetry by John Howard Reid
If you don’t know the difference between popular (or mainstream) poetry and university (or academic) poetry, there's a 90% chance that you're wasting ...
Popular Writing versus University Prose and Poetry by John Howard Reid
Are you wasting your time and money sending off great work to contests that neither want nor appreciate your superb entries?...
Power To Write Books by Louise Bannerman, CC
Power to write books....
Praises for Black Rose Writing Publishers by Paul Kogel
I love this publisher and you will too. ...
Pre-Promotion: How Far Should You Go? by TL Gray
Tips on promotion for e-authors: When to start. Particular attention to the issue of print galleys and reviews, plus sell sheets, press releases, an...
Press Release For With A Little Help by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Three authors living states away have compiled this book, with the power of the internet, as a testament to their shared Chri...
Print Books (p-books) and Electronic Books (e-books) by Sam Vaknin
Every new variant of content packaging was labeled as "dangerous" at its inception. The Church (formerly the largest publisher of bibles and other rel...
Printing and Publishing Through Lulu by Nigel Edwards
Lulu is a great way to move into the world of professional publishing - but the printing/publishing process is not without its difficulties....
Procrastination by Frances Lynn
A writer will do anything rather than sit down and write...
Professional Writing Contest Entrants Are Alive and Well! by John Howard Reid
It may surprise some of you to know that there are full-time writers who don’t live off the royalties from their books. In fact, they may not have pub...
profiles by Richard Christopher Suarez
I found these profiles and I am curious to see if you guy sknow more about these people....
Promo Your Indie by Eileen Granfors
What I have learned this year. . . ...
Promote Your Book - How to Hit #1 on Amazon For Free - Tag You're It! by Todd Fonseca
Using Amazon's "tagging" option, any author can - for free - hit number one in Amazon's customer communities. The key is knowing how. This article wil...
Promoting Yourself to Local Booksellers by TL Gray
Tips and strategies on how to get your books into local bookstores....
Prose Contest Final Chance for 2009 by John Howard Reid
Entries for the $5,350 Tom Howard Prose Contest for 2009 will close on March 31. Entry is open to all writers worldwide, but submissions must be writt...
Prose Contests: The Path to Success by John Howard Reid
Writing contests not only provide an opportunity for writers to air their works in a competitive environment, but often lead to successful contracts w...
Pubfishing by Linda Bergman-Althouse
Getting our work out there -- the bumpy road toward the land of the published!...
Publication by Frances Lynn
What a Writer has to do after publication....
Publish America? I Think Not... by Deborah Russell
Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea... curious? Read on......
Publish Your Non-Fiction Book – 7 Hints by Lisa Tener
Publish Your Non-Fiction Book. Here are 7 steps to get you started!...
Publish-on-Demand Companies Disserve Authors and Literary World by Yvonne Perry
Books are meant to educate, not degrade the English language. The entire world is put at a disadvantage when poorly written books are offered as accep...
Published Book by Rose Rideout
I have been so very busy for much too long....
Published Novels by Birgit and Roger Pratcher
Check out one of the Amazon stores and secure your copy of these fine novels today by R&B Pratcher! ...
Publisher Bashers New Authors Contracts and Publishing by Anne Lebrecht
Many new authors sign a contract with a publisher without reading it thoroughly. The excitement of being published for the first time is so overwh...
Publishing & Design Portfolio #1 by Sandi Nipperess
As a Designer/Publisher I have the fortunate task of being able to produce a wonderful array of add-ons for each of my clients. See for yourself in th...
Answers to questions on how to build and maintain the marketing strategy for your book throughout its lifetime....
Publishing Poems by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Getting your poems published is the easy part. Getting paid for them ... well ... that takes a bit of planning on your part. Me, I do not write poems ...
Publishing Tips by Carmel Victor
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about putting your story on paper....
Publishing, Marketing, Writing--Not Necessarily in that Order by Rosemary Poole-Carter
Notes on a publishing talk...
Put Yourself Back to Work by Pinckney Rivers
get yourself set up to provide what employers need online; at home....
Querying: One Authors Feedback on Tactical Issues by R Costelloe
Apropos, the publishing journey, Rob Costelloe comments on issues related to the query campaign....
R&B Pratcher: Book Promotion Tour by Birgit and Roger Pratcher
R&B Pratcher: Book Promotion Tour...
Rai Aren and Tavius E. Interview by ellen george
Rai Aren and Tavius E. Interview - Authors of Secret of the Sands, questions by ellen george...
Ranked #38,914 on Amazon! by Jeff Brown
As of Jan 17, 2008 at 7:20 p.m.(Pac) Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe is ranked #38,914 of all the millions and millions and milli...
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Featured Book
Publish Your eBook in TEN Steps
by Jacob Taylor

The easiest guide for authors who wish to create, publish and sell their own eBooks. A must have eBook...  
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Featured Book
Publish Your eBook in TEN Steps
by Jacob Taylor

The easiest guide for authors who wish to create, publish and sell their own eBooks. A must have eBook...  
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