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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
What’s In Your Heavenly Account?
by Neeta Blair

It was a pleasant Saturday night in November 1998. My friend and I attended a church meeting where a renowned television minister spoke about heavenly accounts. The idea ..  
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Featured Book
Speak Without Fear
by Will Clark

A self-help guide for any life-time stutterer who really wants to quit. ..  
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Featured Book
After She's Gone
by Peter Mulraney

A survival guide for men who find themselves living alone...  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

Dream Bigger! by Julie Wise
People who dream "bigger" inspire all of us to do the same. Here are some examples to inspire you....
Dreaming Big by WG Eggleton
Life is all about Choices, Goals and Dreams - why not Dream Big!...
Dreams & Positive Thinking by Stacey Chillemi
Dreams are the pathways to our inner souls that come from our subconscious mind. While we are sleeping, our body tries to send us messages about what ...
Dreams about Water by Stephanie Davies
Having water in your dreams is a very common occurrence. Whether you are dreaming of an ocean, a pond, or even a glass of water, it seems everyone dre...
Drinking in the Sweet Nectar of Life by D. Arant
Scott talks about what it means to drinking in the sweet nectar of life as a little child would....
Drop The Negations by Saundra Washington D.D.
What really binds us to any negative emotional state in which we find ourselves suffering is this: choice....
Drop Your Bucket Right Where You Are! by Keith Varnum
The very goals we seek are close at hand—only we are blinded by our ideas about what form the achievement of these goals will take....
Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction and How Christian Rehab Recovery Programs by James Murray
Drug and Alcohol Addiction and How Christian Rehab Recovery Programs Can Help people today. People who do not have the knowledge or experiences of dr...
Earning Our Wings by Aubrey Hammack
Can we save ourselves by helping others?...
Earnings: How much can I earn at AuthorsDen Marketplace? by Marketplace FAQ
Earnings: How often do you pay sellers. by Marketplace FAQ
Earth changes, our bodies and our mind. by Stacey Pollock
How will we adjust to the changes occurring around us?...
Eating the Elephant by Kathi Macias
One of the most common mistakes made by new writers/authors is trying to "eat the elephant" all at once, instead of one bite at a time.......
Educators - Create a Not-To-Do List by Meggin McIntosh
What is a Not-To-Do List?...
Effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique in Spite of a Language Barrier by Sobeida Salomon, Ph.D.
This article describes the application of Emotional Freedon Technique (EFT) when the verbal components could not be incorporated because of a language...
Efficient Time Management by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
Plan tomorrow’s tasks today. That means, at the end of each day, decide and write down actions that you plan to do the next day....
EFT for Back Pain by Gary Craig: Book Review by Irene Watson
"EFT for Back Pain" by author Gary Craig will open your eyes to a new way of health and healing. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, n...
EFT for PTSD by Gary Craig: Book Review by Irene Watson
In scientific studies of war veterans and other traumatized groups, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has proven to eliminate or materially reduce the...
EFT: What Is It, And Why Should You Care? by Barbara Mitchell
Your boss has asked you to make a speech for him at the next board meeting. You graciously accept. But inside you are freaking out. You are terrifi...
Eight Great Ways to LEARN to Be a Kid Again by Vickie Milazzo RN, MSN, JD
No matter your age, abilities or income level, you can always be a learner. People who continue to grow and learn are happy – like kids. Here are eigh...
Email to My Kids by Tom Hyland
Well GURLZ n' BOYZ, after sending the following to my daughter, son, and daughter-in-law, I thought maybe one or two of you in the AD family might fi...
Email: How can I change my email address? by F. A. Q.
Email: How can I get my own AuthorsDen e-mail ( by F. A. Q.
Email: I keep getting an email update/verify message. What is wrong? by F. A. Q.
Email: I think I am getting spammed by F. A. Q.
Email: Why can't I see the users email address? by F. A. Q.
Embracing insecurity and discovering how quality living with less are keys to living a full life in the here-and-now....
Emotions are learnt paradigms by Stacey Pollock
Emotions are learnt in our world through experiencing feelings....
Emotions as weather by Tina Tessina
use the metaphors of weather to understand how natural and normal all feelings are. Here are my thoughts on the basics of emotional weather. ...
Employee grief must be handled differently by Jane
Companies have to change the way they handle employees when they return from experiencing a death. If not there will be a negative effect on the produ...
Empowering Self-Talk: How To Make Affirmations That Inspire Change by Barbara Mitchell
"Every day in every way I am getting better". You probably heard this famous affirmation popularized by Emil Coue,a French pharmacist and psychologis...
Enabling Vs. Disabling Words by William Cottringer
Words can be enabling or disabling and that reality effects the quality of our live's in a major way which needs some attention to restore balance....
Encouragement For A Hurting World! by Darlinliz11 Cox
In this article, I share a few books and their authors. These are self-help books, and if a person truly seeks help, it is always available...
Endings and Beginnings by Dr. Ronald Bissell
How endings and beginnings affect your life....
Enjoy the Magic of Prosperity by Keith Varnum
There is an art and a science to prosperity. The art is playing with the magic of prosperity. The science is aligning with the physics of prosperity. ...
Enjoy the Process by Sheri Hoff
Enjoy the Process. If you only have your eyes on the end result, you lose the moment. Enjoying the process is a key to happiness, joy, and success in ...
Enjoy Yourself, It's Later than You Think by Allen Klein
Kids can teach us many things. One of the most important ones is how to enjoy ourselves more....
Enlightenment Begins With The Serendipity of Paradox by A.J. Mahari
It is the serendipity of paradox that creates the sacred spiritual wonder that supports individual awakening to enlightenment that enables healing and...
Envy Is Ignorance by Jan Tincher
Do you ever look at other people's results or accomplishments with envy? We all have, haven't we? Does this do you any good? No....
Epilepsy & Self-Esteem by Stacey Chillemi
“Learn the strategies for overcoming myths and stigmas surrounding epilepsy -- developing your inner strengths and confidence”...
Epilepsy and You by Stacey Chillemi
Escape the Drama Triangle through The Power of TED by David Emerald Womeldorff
By engaging in life as a Creator instead of experiencing life as a Victim, a whole new set of alternative roles emerge that have broad implications fo...
Escaping the Debt Trap by Rebecca McClain
Overcoming the debt cycle....
Essential People Skills For Maximum Success by George Hutton
The Better Your People Skills Are, The Easier Of A Life You'll Have....
Even the Successfull Get Locked into Failure by Jeff Brown
Success deesn't always lead to happiness. How to think about success. ...
Events: What is My Events? by F. A. Q.
Everybody’s Child by Niki Collins-Queen
Susan Forward’s book "Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life" gave me the insights and tools to start my anger and gr...
Everyone is Creative...and so are YOU! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Nobody has cornered the market on ideas and creativity. It is free for all who want to work for ideas!...
Everything Starts with Attitude by Jim Bouchard
Everything starts with attitude. Everything! I don’t drink the “positive thinking” cool-aid; there’s no achie...
Exactly What Is Success? by Jim Bouchard
Is success measured by how much money you have? How happy you are? How satisfied? Is success really just up to you?...
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Featured Book
No Lawyer Necessary
by Burton Wolfe

How to use a spouse, relative, friend, or colleague as your agent to arrange health care and financial affairs for you, and how to represent you in legal dispute, when yo..  
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Featured Book
The Game Of Life-- Florence Scovil Schinn
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The Golden addition of "The Game of Life" Includes Original material not included in other editions...  
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