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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Until Next Time
by Linda Alexander

Perry Conners, Arizona tycoon and soon-to-be politician, can't sleep or make love anymore, and he's losing all sense of reality. Is it the Devil's fault?..  
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Featured Book
She Waits in Atlantis
by Will Clark

In this sequel to The Atlantis Crystal, Digger and Jeannie flee from unknown assailants while they try to solve a seven thousand year old mystery...  
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Featured Book
Dust Carried on the Wind Book 2 Continuum
by Fern Lutkins

It centers around the three headed dog Cult Ceberus and ritual sacrificing...  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Anger: Handle It or It Will Handle You by Rashun Jones
Mismanaged anger can be hazardous to your health. Article by Rashun Jones ...
Angry Words by Lew Duffey
I am still working on my fourth book. This will be a novel which I have named, “Angry Words” in my computer for filing purposes but I am going to f...
Animal Behaviorist Offers Cutting Edge Programs To Help Owners by Diana Guerrero
Teleseminars Assist Pet Owners in Reforming Doggie Delinquents, Badly Behaved Birds & Felonious Felines. Animal behaviorist and author, Diana L. Guerr...
Animal Shelters Where You Can Get a Pet by Linda Meckler
When was the last time you were at your neighborhood animal shelter? When you walk through the rows of cages neatly stacked one on top of the other wi...
Animal Spirit Guides - Raven by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
What if you've got Raven in your life? I know this stuff isn't for everybody but every once in awhile it doesn't hurt to go on a creative ...
Ann Herricks’ All’s Fair in Love and Words Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
Writer Herrick has crafted another delight in words on the pages of All’s Fair in Love and Words. ...
Ann Rice Review of Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan
Anne Rice has put up a glowing review of Frank Ryan's book, The Mystery of Metamorphosis" on her Facebook page....
Announcement Over Wal-Mart Speaker System Leaves Some Shoppers In Disbelief by James Tillman III
Announcement made over public address system at a New Jersey Wal-Mart an unfortunate incident...
Anorexia, Bulima and Teenagers by Linda Meckler
Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by obsession with weight loss and low self-esteem Anorexia or Bulimia simple means maintainin...
Another Arkansas Earthquake by Sam Penny
Another moderate earthquake occurred May 1 on the New Madrid Fault in Arkansas. The magnitude 4.1 event was felt from Nashville to Little Rock and Tup...
Another Bun in the Oven; Duggars 19th Child by Jolie DuPre
Yes, there are still people who produce more than 10 kids. The Duggars expect their 19th child....
Another defeat for Simpson team / Speedy trial tactic may have backfired by William Pavelic
O.J. Simpson’s defense team sustained another string of courtroom defeats Wednesday, the most critical a failed attempt to challenge the initial polic...
Another example of journalism gone amuck by Robert Amoroso
another operation by Kathleen McDonald
Hi everyone,...
Another Take On St Patrick's Day by Peter Paton
Another thought of the day - change by Karen Nivens
A lesson in basic principles of logic using "change" as the example...
ANSWERING QUESTIONS by egyptian pride
usi e costumi presso le antiche culture...
Antidote to our daily problems by Chisom Ilechukwu
The independency of our daily problems on the deeper experience of God...
Anxiety and Frozen Emotions by Linda Meckler
How does a person get emotionally frozen? When all their feelings and emotions are trapped deep, down inside and act as a one big aching pain in thei...
AOPA Tried to Save Bader Field by Carl David
The Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association made a valiant effort to try and keep Bader Field alive but to no avail...
Apologies the Progressive Obama should make... by Andy Parker
Should President Barack Obama apologize to the world or does he think he has nothing to apologize about?...
Apologise For The Slave Trade? Sheer Hypocrisy. by Ian Thorpe
A controversial but valid view of eighteenth century slavery....
Apostrophe Usage by Carol Rzadkiewicz
Do you know how to use apostrophes correctly?...
Approaching Good Friday: Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 27, Verses 1-20 by John Howard Reid
I'm "celebrating" Good Friday, by working on Matthew 27. That's jumping well ahead, but it is appropriate for the day. I have consulted 14 English tra...
Arafat Lives!! Alive and Well in Mexico by Resa Kirkland
Illegals in America--a criminal issue...
Arbor Day Features Local Author by Diana Baird
Author Diana Baird will participate in the Arbor Day festivities at the Idaho State Capitol Friday, April 30th....
Arboretum October Events by Rex Owens
Fun and learning for families at UW-Arboretum. ...
Archangel Michael by Laura Socas
Archangel Michael is one of the most known Archangels. He is very strong, powerful and very loving too!...
Are All Calories Created Equal? by James Hallmark
Consuming a particular number of calories determine how much weight you'll lose while consuming other calories will determine what type of weight you ...
Are Crime Fiction Heroines Held To A Different Standard Than Heroes? by Nike Chillemi
Why are tough heroes adored by readers whereas a no nonsense heroine is though to be unsympathetic....
Are eBooks a thing of the past? by Dana Reed
Don't believe eveything you hear....
Are Employees in Your Strategic Plan? by Carrie Calvert
Are Employees Included in Your Company's Strategic Business Plan?...
Are Jesus and Voldemort Part of the Same Character? by George Hutton
Jesus and Voldemort have more in common than most people are willing to admit. The truth may be shocking, or even unacceptable to many....
Are Pensions Merely Ponzi Schemes? by Robb Hill
I am a contributor to this series of three articles....
Are We Alone? by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara......
Are We Thinking Straight? Humans for Humans. by Michael Wells
Are We Thinking Straight? Humans for Humans. A thought exercise on how humans became and remain violent....
Are You a Reader? by KT Banks
Questions and Answers for You - The Reader Six Questions at the Bottom AND the Chance to win a Prize!...
Are you a success? by Neil Ostroff
There is no answer....
Are you afraid of being homeless by Linda Meckler
It was a joyous evening. The hype for the special event to come was intoxicating. We were all getting ready and going in one car for the trip downtown...
Are You Looking for A Helping Hand Up and Not a Hand Out? by Jaci Rae
If you’re looking for a helping hand, there’s no need to look any further....
Are You Truly Hungry, Or Do You Just Want To Eat? by James Hallmark
Few people know the difference between "appetite" and "craving." In my days as an assistant manager of one of the largest retail supplement stores in...
Are You Tuned in to Reality? by Francine Larson
Today I lost a friendship because I caught my friend in several lies. If mental health demands truth, wouldn't be all me more mentally "healthy" if we...
Area Codes Are Important When You Expect A Return Call by Linda Meckler
Do you ever make a phone call and never receive a call back? Do you ever wonder why your call was never returned – even when you left a return phone n...
Arizona Moves To Approve Gold And Silver As Currency. by M.P. Zorn
It looks as if Arizona could become the second U.S. state to approve Gold and Silver as a legal form of currency. The Arizona Senate recently approved...
Armour Facts for Fiction by Stephen Pearl
A brief overview of the realities of armour as it happened in history and how this can and should affect historical and fantasy fiction. Enfaces on th...
Army Article-The First And The Last by Leonard Brunk
The focus of this article is to remind leaders in the Army of their responsibilities. This article is also meant to show people some of the silly dram...
Army Corture by Clare Hudd
Short news piece on uniforms for women in the military....
Arrival of Western Medicine, IJHS 2011, 46(1): 63-108 by Jayanta Bhattacharya
It deals with preliminary issues of the arrival of Western medicine and rise of hospital medicine in India. It passed through violent epistemologcal e...
Art and Creativity by Linda Meckler
When somebody says to you, “I’m an art lover.” What exactly does that mean? There are so many different kinds of art that it boggles the mind. You can...
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Featured Book
December Seven, The Second Day of Infamy
by Theodore Soderberg

From Homer Alaska’s Kachemak Bay, the Straits of Malacca, to Bangkok haunts, a terror plot has been conceived against the West by an unlikely group of pirates, Islamic Ji..  
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Featured Book
by Jennifer Chase

When Serial Killers Terrorize a California Beach Community, One Woman Stands in Their Way..  
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