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  • Eva’s Byte #10: My Declaration of Independence on the Fourth by Eva Pasco 7/4/2015 12:37:43 AM
    On the Fourth of July, aka Independence Day, Americans commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. A benchmark document of historical significance defining the spirit of our country, it bas... more

  • Hey, Rube! by Dorien Grey 7/2/2015 2:45:27 AM
    In the days when carnivals and circuses roamed across America, the rides and the side-shows were the primary draws. And while the rides were generally legitimate, the same could hardly be said of the side shows. Bearded ladies, turtle boys, rubber me... more

  • Hidden Costs? by Dorien Grey 6/29/2015 3:02:32 AM
    The Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality was, rightly, greeted with something akin to euphoria by the GLBT community and many of its straight supporters. There are a number of major battles yet to be fought involving discrimination tucked with... more

  • Name Your Crab by Lawrence Christopher 6/28/2015 5:10:08 AM
    Name the crabs in your barrel of acquaintances, family and friends. Pincher crab: smokes, but is hardly if ever seen with a pack of cigarettes because they bum from you. They look for others to pay the change/taxes on purchases. br... more

  • July 4th - USA Independence Day by Vanshika Kasturi 6/28/2015 12:31:05 AM
    Happy Birthday America The struggle for freedom in humanity is an ancient tale. True spiritual development is the way of liberty yet a liberty lived with a social conscience and compassion toward the lives of others. Always, a mature spiritual pe... more

  • Greed by Dorien Grey 6/25/2015 2:58:46 AM
    Greed is one of Mankind's less noble attributes, and there are so very many things to be greedy about: money, power, adulation, food. I tend to concentrate my greed on time. I can never get enough of it, and that's unfortunate because it is the one t... more

  • "i" before "e" by Dorien Grey 6/22/2015 3:57:31 AM
    It’s simple, right? Basic, logical rules; step-by-step. “i” before “e”. I hope it’s not writer’s block, but I have found it increasingly difficult, over the past six months or so, to write. Anything. Including blogs. It isn’t that the words ... more

  • Letting Go by Dorien Grey 6/18/2015 2:40:38 AM
    I just noticed that there are 45,053 messages in my computer's "In" box, dating back some eight years! And these are just the messages I kept. It doesn't count the 37,875 messages I've sent and kept! Dear Lord, that's ridiculous! I've got to get rid ... more

  • Acceptance by Dorien Grey 6/15/2015 2:38:53 AM
    Acceptance, noun: 3. Agreement with or belief in an idea, opinion, or explanation Human beings, as they pass through life, consciously or unconsciously establish their own list of things things they are willing to accept and those they are n... more

  • Delusion by Dorien Grey 6/11/2015 2:53:35 AM
    Delusion (dee-loo-zshun), noun: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument I haven’t heard a good, solid, definite, absolute predic... more

  • Communication by Dorien Grey 6/8/2015 3:08:48 AM
    All creatures communicate with one another in some form. Cases have been made that the ability to communicate exists even in trees and plants. Animals and insects—elephants, bees, ants,whales, dolphins, other primates have developed the ability to ef... more

  • Goldilocks by Dorien Grey 6/4/2015 2:46:00 AM
    The little golden-haired moppet of the children's classic had to deal with a series of three choices: too much of something, not enough of it, and just the right amount. When it comes to thinking, people tend to favor Goldilocks' second choice; they ... more

  • Do Not Go Gentle.... by Dorien Grey 6/1/2015 2:59:23 AM
    A case can be made for the nobility of suffering physical and personal problems in silence. My mother died after a far-too-long battle with lung cancer, yet never complained. More recently, a good friend dealt stoically with the bone cancer which kil... more

  • Bees & Flowers, Progeny & Words by Dorien Grey 5/28/2015 2:44:26 AM
    For all the complexities of the human brain, for all our technological achievements as a society, for all our philosophical pride in "free will," homo sapiens are still biologically an animal with certain imperatives—-“Prime Directives" as they are k... more

  • "What if..." by Dorien Grey 5/25/2015 3:49:23 AM
    While there are few things less constructive than pondering the “what ifs” of life, I do it frequently. Our lives are filled with “what if” moments when we wonder how our lives might have been different if we’d done or said something other than what ... more

  • Eva's Byte #4: The Signing by Eva Pasco 5/23/2015 9:42:42 AM
    All work and no play...... more

  • Tips for Beginning Copywriters by Stacy Green 5/22/2015 5:28:54 AM
    The majority of people do not even notice the presence of copywriters in their life. However, the products of their work are everywhere; they surround us. However, do we exactly know who is a copywriter and what does s/he do? Let us try to make it cl... more

  • The Chaos Kid by Dorien Grey 5/20/2015 3:45:39 AM
    Okay, students: today's assignment is to select four words which best encapsulate/summarize your outlook, experience, and level of emotional development. It's a fun and telling exercise, and I'd enjoy hearing what you come up with. Choosing ... more

  • The Endless Loop by Dorien Grey 5/18/2015 2:57:42 AM
    Human beings seem somehow incapable of fully acknowledging the fact that the gift of life does not come without a price, which grows steeper with every passing year, or an end. Probably this is a good thing, since it keeps us from worrying too much a... more

  • Eva’s Byte #3: A Loss for Words by Eva Pasco 5/16/2015 8:51:32 AM
    Overcoming writer's block...... more

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