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Spirituality Blogs
  • How can we be more mindful and awaken? by Niki Collins-Queen 3/8/2011 3:48:23 AM
    Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in “Rebel Buddha: On the Road to Freedom” masterfully contrasts genuine dharma that is naturally present in day-to-day living and the false “scarecrow dharma” of the “good Buddhist” persona. He says Buddhism is primarily a st... more

  • SampleSunday: Ain't Love Grand? by Dana Taylor 3/5/2011 6:00:48 PM
    The Healing Scene... more

  • High Wycombe... by Leslie Musoko 3/3/2011 5:58:39 AM
    The fog I had seen through the bedroom window for miles finally cleared to reveal the hillsides that gave Buckinghamshire its air of beauty. I wandered down the path for a while and then skirted a sinuous route behind several bungalows before breakin... more

  • Blogging for 2011 by Pinckney D Rivers 3/2/2011 6:32:00 AM
    an update of the blog... more

  • Opinion Needed by TONY MIKE NERONE 2/26/2011 1:10:47 PM
    There were always bridges to cross in my younger days. Should I enlist in the Navy, or Marines? Or maybe the Coast Guard? I was just a kid of seventeen but I wanted out of my house with my Father and Mother badly. Joan who had lived across the street... more

  • When people talk... by Leslie Musoko 2/22/2011 12:44:08 PM
    They say things like you don’t know me. With my back against the wall I have very little to lose. No gifts from the pot bellied man sliding down my chimney. No stopping at a red light at 3am in the morning. Am I not aware of the perilous nature of my... more

  • God's time is the best... by Leslie Musoko 2/18/2011 5:03:56 AM
    Finally on its way, laden with all the necessities to carry me forth. I have waited for this moment for many days. It has been a countdown for years. I’d turn up at the docks and be told there is nothing for you. It’s not time yet.... more

  • Am I my brother's keeper? by Leslie Musoko 2/9/2011 6:36:23 AM
    It is early evening and in this quiet neighborhood with a light drizzling rain a bustle of wind manages to uproot the empty dustbin container on the sidewalk and send it sprawling into the road.... more

  • Look but don't touch! by Leslie Musoko 1/21/2011 7:13:48 AM
    Creeping so close to that precious desire but ever so far from it. I have become the ensign with one fallow sense and four fully enhanced to no avail. What is this feeling within me that wishes to break all the rules and yet I know that’s not how thi... more

  • Best of three... by Leslie Musoko 1/12/2011 2:24:23 PM
    What is the beginning of a good thing? Taking the form of life and walking the earth as one was meant to. I cover my ears and make my own music when the sounds of the birds are quenched by the thunder outside.... more

  • Endangered Species... by Leslie Musoko 1/8/2011 5:31:02 AM
    ‘Go away I’ve had enough!’ Is the blazing cry over the tannoy. ‘I tread in this place of failure because you make me feel this way. It is rainy on this dreary day and destruction can’t come any sooner.’ ... more

  • Is the word "Jesus" now offensive? by Lateef Terrell Warnick 1/5/2011 1:07:18 PM
    1/5/11 Daily Manna: ... more

  • 1/4/11 Daily Manna: Be the Change you Seek... by Lateef Terrell Warnick 1/4/2011 12:04:03 PM
    Gandhi stated, “You must be the change you seek in the world.” While this may just sound like a cute phrase to inspire people, there are some significant spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric reasons why this statement is really profound. The first th... more

  • 1/3/11 Daily Manna: Recondition the Conditioning by Lateef Terrell Warnick 1/3/2011 10:12:19 AM
    We all have things in life we are good at and others perhaps not so much. What is the cause of our abilities and talents to do certain things? Is it just genetic? Were we born with innate abilities? The truth is all traits and characteristics were... more

  • New Year's Wish by Marti 12/29/2010 2:05:32 PM
    Two days remain before we share the amazing transition from 2010 to the birth of the new year. Mixed emotions surface for me each time January 31st comes around and I always stop to wonder why. The "Wave Theory" explodes in my heart a... more

  • Faith & My Children by Michael Tyler 12/24/2010 8:32:35 PM
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... more

  • Lost and found... by Leslie Musoko 12/21/2010 12:18:06 PM
    Perhaps all hope is lost when time expires, the sands run out and wishful thinking becomes regular bread and butter. Perhaps all hope is found when time is not of the essence and faith overcomes the senses.... more

  • Alpha Omega Sword... by Leslie Musoko 12/17/2010 11:38:35 AM
    When the darkness surrounds your heart engulfing pieces of it and purging lava that burns the blood through your veins, the world shrinks before your eyes and the distant coastline becomes a walk to the bathtub. No one hears or sees you. No one can t... more

  • Spreading wings.... by Leslie Musoko 12/6/2010 8:57:44 PM
    It is not often I get to talk about my book, Eli, but I got a chance on the Authors Show and felt there is no harm in mentioning this sort of free publicity. I believe some authors out there may need this. The webpage is br... more

  • Faces... by Leslie Musoko 12/3/2010 12:23:51 PM
    Grains of sand scattered through the wind, eyelids fluttering like the wings of doves, the truth lies in not knowing. Now here is a face for you, rage, what I see is anger and the depth of disappointment, staring into the abyss of discontent and frus... more

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O and I
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There are bridges between the seen and the unseen. This book may help you discover your own bridges and see that the universe is filled with intelligence and wisdom and, ..  
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Love's True Home
by Jean-Pierre Gregoire

A contemporary literary gem dedicated to Oprah Winfrey. Love's True Home sparkles with an effervescent blend of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr's irreverent humor, timeless wisdom, insi..  
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