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Featured Book
The Lion And The Young Boy
by Albert Megraw

Set in Africa in the late 1890's tribal law dictate boys of sixteen summers must kill a lion to become a man.With the tribe diminishing year by year as the youth of the n..  
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Action/Thriller Blogs
  • Black Dragon by Richard Turner 10/11/2014 6:38:03 AM
    5 star adventure... more

  • Louise Penny, The Long Way Home by Glen 10/11/2014 4:53:09 AM
    I wondered, after Pennyís last book which completed a multi-book theme about corruption in the Quebec police department, how she would continue. She does so very ably by having her protagonist, Chief Inspector of Homicide, Armand Gamache, retire and... more

  • INCURSION by Richard Turner 10/10/2014 5:09:40 AM
    GREAT READ........... Parachuted into Nazi occupied Norway, a team of allied commandos struggle against the elements and time try and locate an advanced German plane reported to have crashed in the hills near a small German army radio statio... more

  • Winter writing by Neil D Ostroff 10/6/2014 9:57:35 AM
    Woke up this morning to the first frost of the year. Itís winter writing time. I always look forward to the cold and snow and the isolation they bring. Though I do enjoy the sun, swimming, and warmth of summer it is not my best season for being creat... more

  • I Dare You To Dream Again by Kevin 10/5/2014 1:12:53 PM
    2014 has been a very interesting year for me. The ďWILLĒ to pull my ideas that are in my spirit into the physical realm is a divine power that Iíve ascertained. We all have the ability but only a few have the know-how, or care to. You will never leav... more

  • The puppies start school by Carol M Tetlow 10/4/2014 8:07:57 AM
    Well, at least we managed it this week. No sign of illness but definite wariness on the part of Hector and Rufus. Their suspicions were aroused from the moment we left the house with just the two of them, leaving the older dogs to keep guard. I think... more

  • Avengers Re-Read: The 1970s - Part Two by Brian C. Poole 10/3/2014 11:43:46 AM
    [A version of this post originally appeared on on September 12, 2014] The Avengers Re-Read continues with the second half of the 1970s. The Serpent Crown (Avengers #141-144 and 147-149) Steve Englehartís... more

  • Fall Edition: Songdove Books Newsletter: September 2014 by Marilynn Dawson 10/1/2014 9:17:43 AM
    Welcome to Songdove Books Newsletter: September 2014 October 1st, and I royally missed sending out the September newsletter! Will you forgive me? September was a strange month for both me and Songdove Books. On the day job front, work was... more

  • Countdown deal for Blood Red Pleasure by Peter F Klein 10/1/2014 5:43:50 AM
    Announcing a price Countdown deal for the Kindle ebook version of Pete Kleinís vampire novel - Blood Red Pleasure. Blood Red Pleasure, is the newest vampire novel by Peter Klein, and follows the latest exploits of four generations of vampires: J... more

  • Book Signing by Carol M Tetlow 10/1/2014 4:01:32 AM
    Oh wow! I have arranged a book signing at the local bookshop, a branch of Waterstones, in Harrogate for Saturday 18th October 2014 at 1100 (details included just in case any of you would like to come- all very welcome). I am so excited and equal... more

  • Authorís Legacy by Neil D Ostroff 9/29/2014 10:46:55 AM
    When you buy a book in a bookstore, what do you look for? Is it the cover that attracts you? The fiery description on the back? The authorís profile picture? With ebooks, consumers canít take it off the shelf and feel its texture, skim through the pa... more

  • Of a Certain Age by Dorien Grey 9/29/2014 2:53:34 AM
    I bought my first house in 1968, in Los Angeles, when I was 33 years old. My parents had to cosign for it because, as hard as it is to believe, at that time banks would not give home loans to single men. Up until that point, I had either lived with m... more

  • me o my its me by Terry R. McAnally 9/27/2014 6:20:02 AM
    Well, I have been working on my books a lot since they cut hours at work. I'm off for six days then back for two then off again, don't mind so much as long as I make enough to pay my bills, the rest is just play with money. I'm almost finished book... more

  • The silence of the puppies by Carol M Tetlow 9/27/2014 1:20:52 AM
    Yesterday was dreadful. An eerie silence hung in the house. The normal cacophony of mayhem and mad puppies gone. They were rushed to the vet first thing, having refused their last three meals, vomited and flopped. They were examined in some places th... more

  • Amazon Countdown Deal by Peter F Klein 9/25/2014 10:31:02 AM
    Countdown deal for vampire novel Blood Red Pleasure... more

  • I just want to write! by Neil D Ostroff 9/25/2014 7:47:53 AM
    If you follow my blog youíve probably noticed that I havenít been posting about many promotions these days. Except for a few websites that have posted my books without informing me first, I havenít been too visible for a while. Hereís why. I... more

  • Hidden Treasures by Carol M Tetlow 9/24/2014 8:07:43 AM
    Today, in an attempt to find one of my slippers I looked under the L-shaped sofa which hugs the walls in one corner of the kitchen and where the dogs like to sit. This is what I found.... Nine bits of chewy dog bones Six balls, two half e... more

  • Avengers Re-Read: The 1970s - Part One by Brian C. Poole 9/23/2014 5:06:56 AM
    [A version of this post originally appeared on on September 11, 2014] Welcome to the first part of my Avengers Re-Read. While itís been a good couple decades since I sold off my collection of monthly comics, Iíve... more

  • Last show of the season by Carol M Tetlow 9/21/2014 6:40:39 AM
    What happened to the weather? Though not pouring with rain, we were subjected to a continuous, mild but sinister drizzle which slowly seeped through our clothes, leaving us wet and chilled to the bone. Today of course it's fine and sunny - isn't that... more

  • Time flies by Carol M Tetlow 9/18/2014 8:58:35 AM
    A busy week and it is Thursday already. Where has the time gone? Mostly with preparations for the last show of the season on Saturday and Jo's inaugural flight (hopefully not literally) in the driving competition. He's going well, bless him. He's an ... more

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Featured Book
Profile of a Murder
by Roger Vizi

When I wrote ths book in 2000, I was concerned about children having access to the Internet and to chat rooms where "you can be anyone you want." Here we are many years l..  
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Featured Book
Better Off Without Her
by Rita Hestand

Victor Frank wanted one thing, to avenge the torture he went through as a child...  
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