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The New Jerusalem - Chapters 1 - 5
by Tom Hyland

This new book is ongoing, and as it develops, is being posted in sections. I originally posted the first four chapters under 'Short Stories' as a test, in order to obtain..  
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Action/Thriller Blogs
  • Confusion reigns! by Carol M Tetlow 7/2/2014 4:12:13 AM
    It does seem a little odd, writing my blog with the knowledge that most of you are still asleep, where as I've gobbled down my lunch, caught up with all my work and am now fortifying myself for the afternoon ahead with a cup of coffee. At home, t... more

  • William Kent Kroger by Glen 7/2/2014 3:18:10 AM
    Kroger is a Minnesota writer who has won a number of awards including this year's Edgar for ORDINARY GRACE. The book I wanted to talk about today is BLOOD HOLLOW, another book in the Cork O'Connor series. When the corpse of a beautiful ... more

  • Le Tour de France (2) by Carol M Tetlow 6/30/2014 10:34:48 AM
    Five days to go and North Yorkshire has gone yellow! Yellow flags, ornamental yellow bikes, yellow bows, yellow bunting, miniature yellow jerseys. Shop windows are all decorated in a similar vein as everyone joins together to make the most of this on... more

  • Origins of a novel by Neil D Ostroff 6/30/2014 9:53:33 AM
    Thanks to everyone who purchased DROP OUT, the book continues to affect lives. For those of you who donít know the origins of the story and its message, I thought Iíd share a portion of a biography interview I did when the book was published. Then pl... more

  • Sunny Sunday by Carol M Tetlow 6/29/2014 10:02:35 AM
    Hector and Rufus ( the Labrador puppies) are currently sharing the cats' hammock. The cats are hiding under the duvet, incensed that the canine species have taken over their territory. We have had a peaceful day, relaxing apart from seeing to the don... more

  • Dishonesty at their best by Lorna J Knox 6/29/2014 6:20:50 AM
    All lies!! I couldn't believe it. I just stood there, sat there and listened and read and cried and I still did not believe it. You said all those things that I did, but you did them You said I said all those things, but you said... more

  • What is really wrong with these people??? by Lorna J Knox 6/29/2014 6:10:45 AM
    I give it you, you refuse it You said, do it again...I do it again then you said...oh! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit. So...what am I supposed to do...just sit here like this all the time, with you in your pompous selves, thinking about yo... more

  • Good Reviews by Richard Turner 6/28/2014 6:53:45 AM
    I was pleased to see that two of my novels had received very positive reviews. Black Dragon and A Fragment of Destiny (Both available on Amazon)were given high marks for their story lines and ability to keep the reader engaged.... more

  • Weekend -hooray by Carol M Tetlow 6/28/2014 2:05:31 AM
    It's been a long week at work, in excess of 70 hours and then this morning. I've been shadowed by the most delightful med student who wanted some experience in family medicine. Her enthusiasm was infectious. We saw all sorts of folk, from new born ba... more

  • Bear Troubles by Len McDougall 6/26/2014 12:13:50 PM
    Bear Trouble What does a lone homesteader in the wilderness, miles off the grid, do when a rambunctious black bear challenges him for the right to a territory?... more

  • Jo by Carol M Tetlow 6/26/2014 10:54:32 AM
    No blog of mine would be complete without a mention of Jo, a four year old palomino Welsh Section A pony who came to live with us last October. I've wanted a pony for more years than I can count and finally, finally, I have one. No one could ask for ... more

  • A special moment! by Carol M Tetlow 6/25/2014 10:34:01 AM
    So, today, a patient came in to see me, holding a copy of my novel, Out of Practice and asking me to sign it. That's got to be the stuff of dreams! Very proud to go home after a 12 hour day and tell my husband this over supper (which was a bit lackin... more

  • Atop my Hill by m j . hollingshead 6/25/2014 4:23:46 AM
    Whoooooo eeeeeee Didn't it Rain ... more

  • Progress report by Carol M Tetlow 6/24/2014 9:55:44 AM
    In the space of only a week, our lives have been transformed by Hector and Rufus, the Labrador puppies. Eight weeks old today, their legs are an inch or more longer than they were and their appetites insatiable. They have four meals a day, much to th... more

  • GOLIATH - now only $0.99 by Richard Turner 6/24/2014 9:38:05 AM
    Get your hands on a copy of the first Ryan Mitchell Thriller... more

  • Reviews are personal by Neil D Ostroff 6/23/2014 10:07:29 AM
    Touching again on the subject of unpaid reviews from unknown readers, I would like to point out just how personal taste is reflected in each review. Iím not going to mention the 23 Ė five star reviews Iíve gotten for DROP OUT, http://www... more

  • Donkey riding by Carol M Tetlow 6/23/2014 9:49:26 AM
    Good friends came to visit. Molly, aged 6 loves to ride one of the donkeys, a big brown hairy one called Geldof. She's becoming quite proficient now her legs are longer and was steering around the trees in the orchard quite happily. We have agreed to... more

  • Dogs and Donkeys....and a pony by Carol M Tetlow 6/22/2014 6:40:55 AM
    It's been a warm and humid day in North Yorkshire. The eleven donkeys have taken it in turns to sunbathe, play with the old wellington boot and enjoy the lush grass. The pony is rolling in the dust to keep cool. Hector and Rufus, the labrador pups ha... more

  • Le Tour de France by Carol M Tetlow 6/21/2014 7:05:09 AM
    2 weeks today Le Tour de France comes to North Yorkshire, England. People have been knitting little yellow, green, red and white spotted jumpers which are now strung up along the roadside as bunting. They were asked to knit 3000 jumpers and finished ... more

  • labrador puppies by Carol M Tetlow 6/20/2014 7:22:56 AM
    is there anything quite so adorable? We went to pick up our new black lab pup 3 days ago and came back with two! House is chaos,our other two dogs are hiding on the sofa and the mop hasn't seen quite so much action for a long time! Needless to sa... more

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Featured Book
by W. Craig Reed

Intelligent Design or Darwinís Evolution? For Ensign George Anders, discovering the truth can be fatal... ďDNA is an enlightening and terrifying journey..  
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Featured Book
Fractured Legacy
by Charles Neff

A murky family legacy, tribal tights and a troubled marriage swirl around a suspicious death in Washington's Cascade Mountains...  
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