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What did your Josephine tell you? Josephine in Her words
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

“Josephine In Her Words”. Who can dispute the words of wisdom giving by a loving mom? Born 1916 in a remote Italian Village, and not knowing how to read or write. Joseph..  
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  • Bored with Writing? What to do Next by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/22/2012 6:25:07 AM
    Imagine that you’re a successful writer of novels. Generally, you’re excited and motivated to begin your next project. But suddenly you’re bored with the whole idea. (Our children used to call this affliction “bordism.”) What can you do? Here ar... more

  • We're bored, now what? by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/21/2012 6:38:03 AM
    We’re Bored, Now What? It’s summertime and your sons are bored stiff. What can you do to stop the constant moans, “Mom, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do.” If you can brainstorm and come up with new ideas, everyone will be in a happier frame of ... more

  • SHOOT! by Robert A. Mills 7/21/2012 5:06:45 AM
    Wow! I finally made it to 81 last Tuesday, the 17th. (Feels like 181.) Long before I had ever heard of Jean Sheppard, his A CHRISTMAS STORY, Peter Billingsley or Darren McGavin, my old man finally relented and presented me with an official ... more

  • Where do you Find Ideas for Your Children's Stories ? by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/20/2012 8:23:02 AM
    One of the most common problems writers have is coming up with a good idea for a children’s story. Where do these ideas come from? Don’t you wish there was a little idea elf who stopped by whenever you need him? Let’s discuss some ways to find good i... more

  • Wheee! I'm Riding! by Edie M. Batstone 7/19/2012 3:09:14 PM
    It's like riding a bicycle, eh? Well, after a 30 year hiatus, I'm learning how to ride again, and I can't believe how much I've forgotten!... more

  • Beginners Guide to Creating the Pefect Children's Story by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/19/2012 6:28:57 AM
    Let’s imagine that you’ve worked very had to create a children’s story. You think this is the one, the story of your dreams. How do you know what elements you need to include? How do you know what the editors prefer? Here are some suggestions o... more

  • What is conflict and why is it Important to your Story? by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/18/2012 6:29:24 AM
    If you want to write an outstanding children’s story, you need to include conflict as one of your elements to success. What does that mean? You need a problem to solve. That doesn’t mean your characters have to be involved in a knock down drag o... more

  • Have you Ever Heard of Easton, CT? by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/17/2012 6:57:39 AM
    Have you ever visited Easton, CT? It’s a tiny town, with about 7,000 residents. I love it because it’s my hometown and growing up on our family’s riding school was great. All I wanted was to be a champion rider. My sisters, Terri and Holly... more

  • Reading In The Garden by Edie M. Batstone 7/16/2012 12:59:19 PM
    I wrote this reflection, after a recent reading that I took part in, in a beautiful garden in Spencerville: Tom Dunn's garden. It was part of the Authors In The Garden fundraiser for the Spencerville Library. Thank you to all of the authors out the... more

  • Conquering "Pikes Peak" by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/16/2012 6:55:31 AM
    My parents owned a riding school named Sweetbrier and when I was a little girl all I dreamed about was becoming a champion rider. The little obstacle standing in my way was that I was born with a handicap which affects walking so everything seemed to... more

  • Keys to Success in your Children's Story by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/15/2012 6:57:09 AM
    When you’re planning a children’s story there are some elements you need in order to make it successful. Here are some hints that will help you write the perfect story that children will love. • Have a good “hook” in the opening: Children need to... more

  • Why Setting Goals is Important by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/14/2012 6:51:18 AM
    Are you wondering what’s the big deal about setting goals? It’s important because if you don’t have a direction to work toward, you’re spinning your wheels all the time. It’s like driving around without a purpose or a plan. Maybe it’s like havi... more

  • Reaching Beyond Your Goals Through Therapeutic Riding by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/13/2012 8:06:52 AM
    Suppose you are a disabled child or adult living in the area of San Antonio, Texas. Perhaps you love horses, but you thought it was impossible to even get to know these wonderful, patient, animals because of your handicap. Don’t dismay! Visit th... more

  • Top Three Reasons why you Should Persevere by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/12/2012 7:01:22 AM
    What is your dream? Do you want to be a singer, writer, professional baseball player? My dream was to become a champion horseback rider. You’re probably thinking anyone can do that, right? In most cases, that could be true. But, there was a litt... more

  • What Your Neighbors Don't Know Abour Your Life by Betty Anne Grillo 7/11/2012 6:49:04 AM
    A special needs child in the family... more

  • Random Things About Me by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/11/2012 6:14:13 AM
    •I grew up at a riding school, Sweetbrier, taught riding there for many years. My remarkable journey is chronicled in Tails of Sweetbrier. •I love watching figure skating, baseball (especially Yankees and Indians), as well as equestrian eve... more

  • A Special Needs Child in the Family by Betty Anne Grillo 7/10/2012 8:06:27 AM
    What your neighbors don't know about your life... more

  • Cody Jackson, Pint Sized Patriot by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/10/2012 4:57:52 AM
    If you’re a nine year old boy, what might you normally do? Play video games? Play with trucks? Play baseball, America’s favorite game? Not if you’re Cody Jackson. At the tender age of nine years old he’s already written two children’s books, and been... more

  • A Shout Out to my Readers! by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 7/9/2012 5:59:35 AM
    I love writing positive children’s stories. The purpose is always to show my young readers something that will encourage them, or help them in their own lives. Tails of Sweetbrier shows children that dreams can come true if you refuse to give u... more

  • Fighting CPS by Deborah K. Frontiera 7/8/2012 11:29:11 AM
    The purpose of this blog is to provide updates on some of the cases I reported in my book (Fighting CPS: Guilty Until Proven Innocent of Child Protective Services Charges ISBN 9-780-9800061-6-2) that had not been resolved when the book went to press,... more

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