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History Blogs
  • I am interviewed about my JFK book in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Tim Fleming 11/10/2013 3:24:49 AM
    The JFK assassination is the focus of the November 10 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Arts & Entertainment page. In the books section I am interviewed by the Post's book editor, Jane Henderson. She has a regular feature, in question and answer... more

  • Assassination Witness Felt Bullets “Whiz Right Over My Head” by Tim Fleming 11/9/2013 1:27:37 AM
    Below is a word-for-word reprint of an article which appeared in the Dallas Morning News on July 27, 1978: "Gordon L. Arnold, a former Dallas soldier, said he was stopped by a man wearing a light-colored suit as he was walking behind a fence... more

  • The Mysterious Death and Quick Cremation of Assassination Witness by Tim Fleming 11/8/2013 3:48:22 AM
    As a JFK assassination historian, I am watching all the 50th anniversary specials and documentaries with skepticism as I fully expect most investigations to be dishonest attempts to prolong the cover-up. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that... more

  • JFK False Documentaries Have Begun Airing by Tim Fleming 11/7/2013 6:59:18 AM
    As we get nearer the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, we enter the season of media lies. One of the most humorous just aired. I just got finished watching the Military Channel's documentary “Unsolved History: The JFK Conspiracy.” And I recommend you ... more

  • Cronkite and Others Lied About JFK Assassination by Tim Fleming 11/6/2013 6:45:57 AM
    Walter Cronkite, called "the most trusted man in America" during his tenure as CBS Evening News anchor, was quite untrustworthy when it came to uncovering the truth about the biggest news story of the 20th century--the assassination of President Kenn... more

  • Article Names Traitors in JFK Cabinet Who Plotted To Have Him Killed by Tim Fleming 11/5/2013 1:43:14 AM
    I am re-printing below portions of an article posted recently on Op-Ed News (an online opinion mag to which I've contributed several times). It was written by Alen Salerian, MD, a Washington-based physician, author, and historian, who has been practi... more

  • CIA/Media Partnership Covered Up The Truth Of JFK Assassination by Tim Fleming 11/3/2013 11:39:31 PM
    If the guardian of democracy is a free press, then we have been more vulnerable to totalitarianism than we ever imagined. Open, honest, and critical investigative journalism has not existed in this country since before World War least if you ... more

  • Circumstantial Evidence Implicates LBJ in JFK's Murder by Tim Fleming 11/2/2013 6:46:00 AM
    The man who ostensibly gained the most from the assassination of President Kennedy was also the man who was in a position to appoint an investigative body (the Warren Commission) which could cover up the crime. With JFK out of the way, LBJ was able t... more

  • JFK Plotters Played a Shell Game With Coffins by Tim Fleming 10/30/2013 2:34:49 AM
    It is beyond dispute that two coffins arrived at Bethesda Hospital on the evening of November 22, 1963, and both were thought to contain the dead body of President Kennedy. “What??” you say. Yes, there were hospital employees who saw the body lifted ... more

  • Eyewitnesses Give Source of Shots; Contradict Warren Commission by Tim Fleming 10/29/2013 11:59:58 AM
    The large majority of eyewitnesses to JFK’s murder said shots came from locations other than the Texas School Book Depository, inside which Lee Harvey Oswald was supposedly firing the kill shots. Dallas motorcycle cop Bobby Hargis, who was... more

  • Jury Found CIA Culpable In JFK Assassination by Tim Fleming 10/27/2013 2:48:46 AM
    A little publicized and long forgotten trial took place nearly 30 years ago in which a jury found that the CIA, and specifically E. Howard Hunt, had been responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy. Why haven’t you heard of this earth-shat... more

  • YARD by Robert A. Mills 9/21/2013 6:56:02 AM
    YARD It has been many years since I last thought about the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.—in fact, I met a fellow just the other day, a fairly intelligent fellow, at that, who never even heard of the place until some insane cretin massacred a... more

  • "Vegas and the Mob" by Al W Moe 8/30/2013 6:49:54 PM
    "Vegas and the Mob" is the story of how the major crime families grew in power and expanded their reach into Las Vegas, taking over and building their own casinos, and skimming them dry, all while under heavy FBI surveillance.... more

  • No More Names by Dr. Patrick A ODougherty 8/21/2013 2:02:14 AM
    A Blue print for action against the violence in America! Blair Thomlinson 12601 Ridgedale Dr Minnetonka, Mn 55305 Ridgedale Library 29th. 6:30pm #172 @blairlawton. Blair Lawton @this_caleb Caleb Hausman @kurla Kurl... more

  • JEFFERSON by Robert A. Mills 8/3/2013 5:48:57 AM
    My only son, Robert Paul Mills, was born August 9, 1952, and I promptly named him Po-po after singer Guy Mitchell’s hit record lyrics Feet up, pat him on the po-po, let’s hear him laugh! Ha!-Ha! Ha! As a promising young D.J. at the time on ... more

  • Hatred on YouTube by Belle Ami 7/16/2013 11:35:30 AM
    I wrote this blog in response to Holocaust denial and hatred on YouTube.... more

  • Pirate Lore from the Outer Banks by Beth Trissel 6/30/2013 3:35:28 PM
    ~... more

  • Book club by Karen Ross Epp 6/18/2013 4:51:30 AM
    Reading "Loving Frank"... more

  • Abortion Law beyond America by Jeanne G. Miller 6/1/2013 4:00:31 AM
    Commenting on the recent surge of public opinion seeking change in abortion law in Ireland, Berry Kiely, a prominent pediatrician and medical consultant with the Pro Life Campaign, said, “They will be saying there are situations when it is OK to dire... more

  • Happy Birthday GKC by Byron Edgington 5/28/2013 3:18:53 AM
    Happy 139th Birthday GK Chesterton... more

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During the 1800s, daring and courageous girls across America left their unique mark on history...  
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