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An Eye In Shadows
By Nickolaus A. Pacione   

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Category: Memoir
Publisher: Broken Mindframe Books
Type: Non-Fiction
Pages: 204
ISBN: 1500345504
Copyright: 13 Sept 2007

The controversial book that had two false starts is available for purchase. Details here. The version on is expanded and includes an illustration from when the author was twenty-one.

The Notes: An Eye In Shadows

The book is finally done and available for purchase -- the public url is on for this book and updated expanded version is on  You want information to buy this book e-mail me privately for the url to the version.  Those of you might wonder what came about into writing this book. Well it was years worth of being on the receiving end of endless bullying when I was a teenager and when I was an adult I was on the end of endless cyber-bullying.  The fact that I was threatened because I was doing the Tabloid Purposes anthologies was one of the factors why I chose to do this book and get it rewritten.  It saw three rewrites, and the third rewrite it was done.  Part of the book is available on AuthorsDen for free but if you want to rest of the book grab it in print on   It is a memoir but in parts it is horror, and other weird things that happened along the way. The groundwork for Collectives and Tabloid Purposes were laid out at a young age.
     I was cyberbullied for ten years and people listed my phone number and all of the whole nine yards. There was a book written that libeled my family so I knew I had to write a counter book but this time I had to do everything I can to get it done as fast as possible.  The result was the new incarnation of it.  It's part design -- was inspired by Armstead's Darkness Fears delivery.  I was a teenager during the time that was becoming the reality from Philip K Dick's imagination.   I knew that I would write about my teen years in some way or form -- in fact Past Scars and Haunted Thoughts were stories that dealt with the teen years at a distance, and Lake Fossil in part was inspired by a lot of my teenage years.  The character in Flying Cigars was basically me as a teenager so yeah I had to do this kind of book to make those stories more eerier and the other two books will be much darker.   Terry Vinson suggested that I do a collection of non-fiction stories but I didn't have enough material to do a non-fiction collection but the idea came to write the book and it is available now.
      Yeah I am dealing with a lot of nasty things head on with this one, the fact there were many sites that maliciously created libelous material was one thing then they would go around stealing my creative properties and watermarking the artwork with their names challenging me to take the artwork back when it was mine to begin with.  This is the book that I knew would come that would follow up some of the most hostile stories of my career -- The Fandom Writer,  Bleed The Freak and Fuckbeater.
     It was a book I am proud of and knew I had to get out there.  I am just starting in my published author career and to do this kind of book I knew needed to be done to compliment Tabloid Purposes and the other books. The fact that people would label my books with libelous things upon them being released on Amazon and recommended a book that isn't something that Collectives would fall into either.  I will pull no punches with this book so if you're ready for that kind of Nickolaus Pacione, this book is there -- and this is the Nickolaus Pacione that my friends knew growing up.  From the high school geek to being one of the most controversial and confrontational minds in the horror genre and the small press.  Here it is -- the Broken Mindframe Books release:  AN EYE IN SHADOWS; the legacy of this five year memoir would be both namesakes (
more so the first) and the blog.  The blog tag Heavy Metal: The Literary Heritage would be the direct result of this book too as you will see me speak of the namesakes too on here as this book, my first collection, and the second namesake joined the first one in the library of The Poe Museum.
     I write of the events of The Cabbie Homicide as they originally unfolded too -- and the closing author in Issue 10 was in our homeroom in 1988. So those who claim to be my "biographers," they had been passing around false information to bully and had been trying to make my life a living hell on since Ecyclopedia Dramatica folded and did a smear anthology. The rival authors in the business had unleashed a world born of hypocrisy as they vehemently spoke out against self-publication then turn around and publish their own books with a rival of who I work with. (I really hope that Scares that Care take what I say to heart of this because she said some things that unleash a world of hypocrisy. There are those who are in the industry want me out because I speak my mind -- and I am not holding back either.) Some of them really never learned how to use Open Source tech to write and arrange books -- this was the first book written and published using Open Office;  Legend Keeper was designed entirely with this software -- more information about the Document Foundation can be visited by going to this site.
     If Collectives didn't make sense to you at first -- read these two back to back then it will.   It does use elements of surrealism like Chimeraworld or Satanburger does with traits of Mancow Muller and Tabloid Purposes IV's sense of political correctness is nonexistant. The re-emergence of my blog came out of this too to interact with the closing author on Issue 10.  The short story that closed out Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 -- was written three days before my birthday and just as this was finished too;  and I am sure some had been bragging about pirated copies of this book along with instigating plagiarism. One of those editors had published someone who invoked baby momma drama in the business.









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