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Not in Vain A mother's Diary and Memoir about Her Daughter's Death
By Jan Lobeck   

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Xlibris Publishing
Jan Lobeck

Category: Memoir
Publisher: Xlibris
Type: Non-Fiction
Pages: 122
ISBN: 1436388333
Copyright: 2009

This is a true story regarding the after math of my daughter's murder from a domestic violent marriage, and my fight for justice.

 After the tragic murder of our oldest daughter by her husband, I was compelled to do something to help other victims of domestic violence.  Not wanting my daugher's death to be in vain, I have had a God-driven force to tell our story and hopefully reach the law enforcement agencies to make them realize how horrible domestic violence is, and that they should take domestic violence call seriously and as a crime, not just as a disturbance.  My hope is to reach other victims and to help all communmities undertand that we can stop domestic violence if we work together.

Now that my book is published, I will be starting to visit more schools,  more speaking engagements, and more radio shows speaking out against domestice violence.  I am going to work at finding a way to get justice for the victims. 



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