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So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher
By Jay Dubya   

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Category: Arts/Entertainment
Publisher: cyberread
Type: Non-Fiction
Pages: 486
ISBN: 1931921717
Copyright: Mar 10 2003

So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher is a humorous revolutionary book that tells exactly what goes on in a typical American public school. E-book version is available at Kindle, at Nook and at Smashwords.

Description: (Education, Satire, Autobiography) So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher tells the whole amazing true story of what really goes on in the typical American public school. The author was an English teacher for thirty-four years in a middle, junior-high and high school and knows all about the problem student, problem classes, crazy’ problem parents, student fighting, cheating, the Educational Aristocracy, nutty field trips, administrivia and bizarre assembly programs. The teacher in his career had taught over four thousand students, broken up over two-hundred and fifty fist fights, participated in over seven hundred fire drills and listened to loud school bells ring over a hundred and fifty thousand times. So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher! is a very funny work that also identifies the true causes of educational inefficiency that the politicians and the press either can’t pinpoint or are too afraid to reveal. The revolutionary book will inform the reader why Jimmy Brown doesn’t write well, why public schools are no longer about students learning academics and why American public school democratic education is failing the nation. The book is living proof that truth is often stranger than fiction. So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher! is author’ Jay Dubya’s sixteenth e-book. On April 17, 2003, So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher! was Sales Ranked #318 at On May 8 SYWTBAT was Sales Ranked #72 at Paperback copies of So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher! (472 pages) are now available at SYWTBAT is now available in hardcover at and at Barnes and  


Chapter 1 “Generally Speaking” 1

Chapter 2 “The Teacher as a Vital Non-Entity” 7

Chapter 3 “Role Reinforcement” 17

Chapter 4 “The Concept of Office” 25

Chapter 5 “Little Things Add’ Up” 33

Chapter 6 “A Teacher Mentor” 41

Chapter 7 “The College Academic Experience” 47

Chapter 8 “College Cheating” 59

Chapter 9 “Becoming a Teacher” 67

Chapter 10 “The Copernicus Play” 75

Chapter 11 “Other Members of the Class” 83

Chapter 12 “Bureaucracy, Teachers and Parents” 95

Chapter 13 “A Mistake in Judgment” 103

Chapter 14 “Summer Employment” 109

Chapter 15 “High School Permanent Sub” 121

Chapter 16 “Bill and I Get It Done” 131

Chapter 17 “Educational Socialism ” 137

Chapter 18 “The High School Faculty” 147

Chapter 19 “The MEATs” 161

Chapter 20 “A Nightmare Vacation Trip” 173

Chapter 21 “The Need for Competition” 179

Chapter 22 “The Problem Child” 189

Chapter 23 “The Parent Conference” 195

Chapter 24 “My Way” 207

Chapter 25 “Joe Dodge Graduates” 215

Chapter 26 “Homogeneous Grouping” 221

Chapter 27 “The Problem Class” 231

Chapter 28 “Group Un-therapy” 245

Chapter 29 “The Teacher’s Lowly Legacy” 259

Chapter 30 “The Teacher in the Community” 267

Chapter 31 “Proud Parents” 275

Chapter 32 “Why Jimmy Brown Doesn’t Write” 281

Chapter 33 “School Assemblies” 291

Chapter 34 “The Educational Aristocracy” 299

Chapter 35 “Minor Duties” 311

Chapter 36 “Degrading Grading” 323

Chapter 37 “The Williamsburg Field Trips” 333

Chapter 38 “The Guidance Game” 345

Chapter 39 “The Overprotective Parent” 355

Chapter 40 “Democracy and Education” 369

Chapter 41 “Crazy Things Happen” 377

Chapter 42 “The Board of Education” 387

Chapter 43 “A Tale of Four Professionals” 395

Chapter 44 “Contract Negotiations” 405

Chapter 45 “School Board Proposals” 411

Chapter 46 “Problem Students, Problem Parents” 417

Chapter 47 “Inefficient Schools” 429

Chapter 48 “Fighting in Schools” 437

Chapter 49 “Teachers and Administrators” 449

Chapter 50 “Multicultural Education” 461

Chapter 51 “The End of a Career” 473

Addendum “Darwin, Einstein and John Dewey” 486







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