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The Grim Reverend Steven Rage

Spun Monkey's Digest: ISSUE # 2+2=5 | The Nasty-Ass Honey Badger Edition


rage primer: Dark Shit From The Most Depraved Writer in Print. Recognize.

The Fall of a Blood Drinking Drug Dealer

BELLY: A Brutal Bible Tale

The Place in Between

You Morbid Westphal


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By The Grim Reverend Steven Rage   

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Category: Horror
Publisher: MorbidbookS
Type: Fiction
Pages: 148
ISBN: 1456510614
Copyright: Dec 30, 2010

Dark and twisted tales of exquisite violence, rough tricks, narcotics consumption, evil ghosts and drug-snuffling demons. Short stories from the Most Depraved Writer in Print. Recognize.



 still demented after all these years, September 18, 2011

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This review is from: For All The Marbles (Paperback)

as always, rage remains dark, demented, deranged, disturbing, dysfunctional, disquieting, demonic, diabolical, disrespectful, dirty, dangerously disruptive and all sorts of unwholesome descriptive adjectives. as always, i can not recommend him to absolutely EVERYBODY. his writing is for those who don't mind taking a trip into the darkest of dark recesses of our so-called civilization. he graphically explores and picks apart the ugly underbelly of society where drug abuse and nasty sex and demons lurk in every unkempt corner. my review for this little book will be similar to my reviews of a few of his others....because rage is still a sick and twisted little dude with a knack for telling disgusting, disturbing tales of human refuse and social debris. these 3 tales are all pure steven rage. over 3/4 of the book is a novella called You Morbid Westphal, which i already read....and i'll admit i may not have purchased this book if i'd known i already read 3/4 of it....but that's not a reflection on the's a very good 4-star story on its own (my review of it is here on amazon). it's just that i already did it. but once i had this book, i figured 'what the hell/why not?' and i reread it. it was worth a reread! i enjoyed it the second time! as i've said in other reviews, rage has an intelligence in his writing, and an almost poetic cadre and feel to his sick, demented prose. he knows his modern street venacular and is proficient in medical and hospital procedures. i believe he has worked in a hospital before. sure, his books are sick and twisted, but he has a vivid and graphic imagination....and most of all, amid the sleaze, he is a talented writer. i would never make a steady diet of this bizarro fiction genre, but i do like to dive into the deep & dirty end of the pool sometimes as a break...a departure from the norms in literature. once again rage has delivered a respectable collection of 3 morbid, disturbing, disgusting tales that are sure to darken your spirit and abandon your hope for mankind. there is only one steven rage (thank god)...but also be thankful we do have the one and only. it's a sick world out there. but don't run away from it. embrace it with all its dysfunction. there are lots of demons, drugs, whores, sex, disasters and everything you need to get thru your day in this book.
and again, if you already read You Morbid Westphal, you may not need to get this book.....but if you haven't, this book stands quite well as a 4-star bizarro fiction carnival of depravity.







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