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Joe Tuffy


Lobisón - A Short Story

Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition!!


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By Joe Tuffy   

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Category: Horror
Publisher: Wheelman Press
Type: Fiction
Pages: 225
ISBN: 098243619X
Copyright: Oct, 2012

My new Werewolf book entitled Lobison is now in release in E-book Kindle format & print!

Here is the direct link to my Lobisón Ebook kindle format on

Here is the direct link to the printed book on  

Click on this link and read the book's first review by professional Horror blogger & Journalist, Ms. Char Hardin:

"Lobisón" is my first stab at writing horror...and it was fun!  If you enjoy werewolf stories then you're gonna love Lobisón!  These werewolves are most definitely NOT your 'Twilight' werewolves!  Lobisóns are gigantic, flesh-eating, bone-breaking terrifying werewolves!!  Below you will find a synopsis of the story.  Enjoy the read, and I hope all of you will purchase Lobisón!!


JACKSON KELLER is the sole survivor of a massacred squad of Marines during the final days of the Vietnam War.  He spends half his lifetime traveling the world hunting the terrifying beasts responsible for the Marine’s deaths.  Born from the depths of Argentinean legend & lore, Lobisóns - huge biped creatures greatly resembling the mythological werewolf - hunt and kill man in packs led by their ferocious and gigantic Alphas.  However, unlike the werewolf, Lobisóns  are much larger, more vicious and they’re intelligent.
It took Jackson many unsuccessful years of hunting Lobisóns to finally uncover the methodology of precisely how to kill them. Once discovered, his killing rampage is relentless, realizing no bounds. Although in constant fear of the beasts Jackson fights through that fear and kills them one-by-one. He uses a specially designed rifle, huge unique Bowie knives and a custom golden sidearm with three interchangeable caliber barrels. And throughout his massive killing spree Jackson leaves a specific Alpha nicknamed POPPA and his fierce pack for last. For it was Poppa - the first original Alpha Lobisón born in the fifteenth century - that slaughtered Jackson’s fellow Marines. His hate and bitterness runs so deep for Poppa that he has vowed a personal pledge – he will never relent until either Poppa, or he…is dead.
Now in his mid-50s, Jackson is a powerfully built giant of a man with extraordinarily developed fighting skills. He tracks Poppa and his pack to the small southern town of Morgan Falls where he meets the lovely town doctor and county medical examiner, SHEILA MARTIN. When the town begins suffering numerous horrendous deaths, Jackson advises Sheila and the town’s steadfast SHERIFF of Poppa and his pack. But they discount Jackson’s story, especially the Sheriff’s head-strong deputy, BUBBA, who holds Jackson in total disdain. But when one of the Sheriff’s deputies is slaughtered by a pack member in front of them, they turn to Jackson for answers.
Then panic ensues when Jackson and Sheila stumble upon a Lobisón’s “nest” hidden on an island in the center of a lake in Morgan Falls. The nest is an indicator that a new natural Alpha is close to being born. The pregnant woman carrying the unborn Alpha must be found and protected from Poppa’s savage wrath. Jackson, Sheila and the town’s leaders make a final stand in a small church to protect the woman and her family. It is where the ultimate bloody battle between man and man-beast will evolve. And should they manage to kill the remaining pack members Jackson must face Poppa mano-a-mano.   This is an almost impossible feat, for not only is Poppa the most deadly Lobisón of them all, but he is fifteen feet tall and weighs over a thousand pounds. And lastly, should the small group manage to survive Poppa’s vicious onslaught, then the dreaded decision must be made regarding the fate of the newborn Alpha child.
I adapted a feature screenplay from the book’s manuscript with the same title. During late 2011 & early 2012 I entered the screenplay into numerous film and screenplay festivals. The following are the results of those festival entries:
Winner - 2012 International Horror & Sci-Fi Film and Screenplay Festival.
Winner - 2011 Terror Film Festival.
Winner - 2011 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival.
Winner - 2011 Toronto International Film and Video Awards Festival.
Honorable Mention - 2011 Cherub Productions' Holiday Festival.
Finalist in three other festivals.






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