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The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler
By Sage Sweetwater   

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Category: Gay/Lesbian/Bi
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Type: Fiction
Pages: 172
ISBN: 1420821601
Copyright: May 6, 05

A captivating pulp novel, The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler is a unique mix of lesbian fiction, fairytale, and Native American mythology.

UPDATE: 2-26-2013 Sage Sweetwater's published Native American lesbian novel The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler going to full-length ANIMATED feature film. Why Sweetwater's loon is diving deep and what the inspiration behind it is.

Another Sage Sweetwater Creative Property headed to film with a canoe-load of reasons. Sweetwater has written many inspired pieces of poetry of The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler. The success of the animated Walt Disney feature film Pocahontas (1995) finds Sweetwater tapping her sap of creativity.

  The river is floating the second coming of women prepared to open their third share of the shop windows of the lesbian community. Each canoe is carrying a purple flag and ethnic mannequins with dark-brown nipples, flying high and proud.

     The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler watches the designer-slip crafters paddle upstream towing three canoes of nude life-size dolls with exquisite dark aureoles, that sexy teaser halo surrounding the nipple.

     They must have a passion for this! Did you see those nipples! Those nipples are a perfect match to Grayson's freckle crayon! Just bigger dots! What's more natural than the dusting of a nipple in a mannequin factory, matching the color of women's skin to the ethnic market? A freckle or a nipple, they're both incredibly sexy. Blige wants them because they are simply scandalous! Give them a rub, won't you! A girl's never too old to play with dolls!

     And then came malls, stores with no windows, so no mannequins. When she moved to France, she walked past some thirty store windows with mannequins advertising designer lingerie. With a voyeuristic fascination for the Parisian window dressers, Roselle de Montaigne wrote a lipstick lesbian novel about a window dresser. When it was published, it never hit the bookstore shelves. It was marketed in every fashion store window in Paris with the mannequins, the book cover flaunting fashionable lesbianism with a beautiful nude model posing alongside a nude mannequin, the model's curled tongue on the mannequin's red-lipsticked nipple. The novel was titled Tease La Femme.

     "Heaven's erasers!" one of the monks exclaims when he sees attractive dark halos surrounding sets of nipples floating by. "Erase lust from a man's mind ... blot out Holy One, the flesh erasers I have just seen!"

     "Shall we drape them with a veil of cloth, Brother?"

     "No need to cover them, my sisters. Women from India are free in our country."

     They're religious and seated cross-legged in the lotus position for the lotus design in lavender on black cotton they dye with acorns that makes black. The lotus slip is their devotional calling card. It is beautiful. It's not just the slips being crafted; it's the women they connect you to.

     In the great chronicle of comings and goings and migratory treks, the designer-slip crafters are not just another arrival. It is a voyage only made possible through untold sacrifice. They have dreamed of this voyage since they were young girls working in India's cotton mills. There are few places left in the world with such strong ties between religion, tradition, color, and textiles. Now in the spring, their window is opening. Their dream is the perfect example of why Snow Berry Woman should have broken a new trail to find her independence



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