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Ultimate Betrayal-Recognizing, Uncovering, and Dealing with Infidelity.
By Danine Manette   

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Square One Publishers
Ultimate Betrayal

Category: Relationships
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Type: Non-Fiction
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0757002811
Copyright: May 2005

Ultimate Betrayal is a how-to book which provides ordinary people with valuable tactics to expose and catch a cheating mate. Through a series of observations and exercises, the reader is ultimately able to uncover the truth about their relationship as well as about themselves.

Most people have been in a situation is which they were deceived by a loved one. Almost everyone has had the experience of getting a "funny feeling” that something strange was going on, but could not quite place their finger on it. Often, although there are indications that something has changed in a relationship, people don’t want to acknowledge the possibility that their mate may be being unfaithful. Because infidelity is such a hurtful reality, often people would rather ignore the possibility of what may truly be the issue at hand rather than confront the situation head on.

Some people are able to recognize this uneasiness as a sign that they may be involved in an unhealthy relationship. These people realize how important trust is to a commitment and would rather be alone than to live without it. Far too many others, however, simply don’t rely on their own intuition and are, therefore, unable to walk away from situations which potentially pose a threat to their mental and emotional well being.

This book is a useful tool for those people who are unable to have faith in their own intuition and instead desire to have some sort of solid, indisputable proof in order to validate their suspicions. These people need additional confirmation that they were justified in leaving a relationship, as opposed to simply trusting their “hunch” or “funny feeling”.

Contained in the pages of this book is a step-by-step guide to recognizing signs, gathering evidence, and building a strong case against your cheating mate while examing yourself in the process. The content of this book is intended to provide suggestions for the ordinary person, by using field tested tactics available to practically anyone. This book not only provides tactics for catching your cheating mate, but also points out signals and signs to evaluate whether or not your mate has a cheating propensity, or perhaps whether your relationship may simply be headed for trouble down the road.

In addition to techniques for observing and gathering evidence, this book also provides strategies for presenting such evidence in a manner which will yield the most productive response. Much of the time people allow themselves to be overcome by emotion to the point where they fail to properly and adequately present their position during conflict resolution. Using the tools presented in this book, the reader will learn the importance of patience, timing, and tact when confronting their questionable mate.

In the end, this book forces the reader to identify and confront not only the issues within their relationship but also the issues within themselves which contributed to them being the victim of the Ultimate Betrayal.        

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