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Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology
By Nickolaus A. Pacione   

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Category: Literary Fiction
Pages: 251
ISBN: 1411638883
Copyright: July 28, 2005

Anthology edited by Nickolaus A. Pacione and Macey Baggett Wuesthoff. Concept anthology inspired by the recent events that happened of how unforgiving mother nature is. Not for sensitive readers, graphic deplications of storms and aftermath. In the memory of Gerald Grimmett. Featuring new and never before published stories from the editors. One of horror's rising stars joined forces with the Midwestern Gothic bad boy of the small press.

The thing about this anthology was that I was debating who should host it from AuthorsDen,  Macey and I talked about this one long and hard -- and this was a concept I thought of around the time of the Tsunami to help them out.    When we were halfway done with the anthology we didn't have a charity picked out yet -- and computer troubles endangered the project from the beginning now here I am almost a year into the anthology.   I am waiting for it to really pick up speed so to speak.  I was originally going to edit this one alone but when I was looking at some of the authors on board -- I knew that I couldn't do this one alone.    So I enlisted contributor from TABLOID PURPOSES I and II,  Macey Baggett Wuesthoff on her first editorial gig and this shows that she's more than a horror novelist.     I am impressed with the list of authors on the line up and you get to see what Barbara Marjanovic is capable of pulling off in here -- from The Element Of Surprise to UTICA, ILLINOIS,  you will see a study of human and animal interaction with the forces of mother nature when she could be a bitch.    There are many relief anthologies out there and this is one of them where the proceeds after printing costs go to the American Red Cross.
                   When it was said and done the anthology had some controversy too with the cover -- and no disrespect to National Geographic at the time we didn't know so I got the current cover from because mother nature makes the best covers when it comes to some projects.   The photo I found was of a tornado ascending into the sky.    This will feature the debute of two authors -- Marisa Low and Anna Reinholz.     I still read this anthology a lot and will say I am proud of all the authors involved;  hell this one was worth it when it was all said and done.    The only project when I was done I actually wept when I was done with it.  Macey and I edited the project -- the authors involved fell together,  including End of the World themed magazine, Revelation Magazine's editor Brian A. Dixon with an earthquake story called Feline Intitiion.    Trent Roman's story with the timing turned out to be the most prophetic in the set -- so with the hurricanes in the South last year, this gave a book a darker turn.   
               Some would ask me what anthology I helmed is by far the darkest I did,  some would argue this being either the TABLOID PURPOSES or this one.  I will answer this question and say -- QUAKES AND STORMS is the darkest because it has a few nonfiction stories in there mixed in with the fiction.  Some of it ranges from Gothic Horror to Hard Science Fiction.    One of the authors got a new nickname -- Trent Roman because of this project got the nickname Storm Oracle.  There stories I will get asked in this project are my favorite and that is an unfair question to ask because I like all of them and with the new show Perfect Disaster on Discovery Channel I felt it was time to unleash the storm with this one.  And when I released this one it was a month before Hurricane Katrina so there was very little support for this project.    I am posting it here on AuthorsDen for  those who want more information on this one -- and other books related to this project they can look up ISAAC's STORM on because when I was done with this book,  my life was changed  I went from doing Supernatural Horror to writing darker Science Fiction stories.   It was because of this anthology, I wrote THE STORMS OF ARMAGEDDON which I later released and bill as the lost story from QUAKES AND Storms.   I had many who kept submitting stories and wanted to be a part of this one -- after the book was published.  So in time I will end up doing QUAKES AND STORMS 2 in due time,  but this one is one of those I want people to let settle into their mind and think some of the things in this can and will happen or did happen.  The horror's set in from Natural Disasters are real ---- the tellers of doom are the natrual disaster.  If someone was to say the Grim reaper didn't exist,   that would be the tornado because that was the great equalizer.   
                You might recognize a few of the names in the project from other small press anthologies in fact a few came right from the anthologies they were published in.    I am proud of the line ups in TABLOID PURPOSES,  but this one I am the most proud of.   Especially since a few of the authors involved with the project went on to become published in a few bigger places -- as did some of the authors from TABLOID PURPOSES with the up and coming authors Paul Finch and Ken Goldman in the second anthology and Nicholas Mounts and Nicholas S. Stember in the first TABLOID PURPOSES.  QUAKES AND STORMS has the stars in that reguard -- a few from the second TABLOID PURPOSES stayed on board to submit for QUAKES AND STORMS.  You're going to see Jeff Skinner,  Stephen C. Hallin,  Everette Bell and Macey Baggett Wuesthoff all come in and kick some collective ass on this one.   So with that being said -- the line up as follows.   When reading their stories I have three words to say -- I invite you to RIDE THE STORM!   It has some warm hearted stories in there but the rest reflect how much mother nature can be a total bitch.  The version that is available now is the Hurricane KAtrina edition of the anthology -- it was redesigned and new introduction to reflect the events of New Orleans because I thought about Trent's story in the collection -- the Drowning of New Orleans.  It was written in April of 2005,   the book itself was published on July 28th, 2005,  exactly a month before the hurricane hit.  
           the seed of this one started actually in 2004 when I was published on Reality Check,   the reason that Reality Check didn't come out right away in September was because the area Thomas Long lived was nailed by two hurrucaines.    So the project I originally invited Thomas to write for it but he couldn't do it.  I had one or two line up changes before the finished anthology was done.    Now  that being said -- this would be the line up of the anthology.    The novella offshoot from the project became THE STORMS OF ARMAGGEDON,  a cyberpunk Science Fiction story with a dark undertone about how mother nature can be -- in the spirit of TWISTER and Day After Tomorrow.   The anthology was actually recommended for a Bram Stoker Award.

  • Pasquale J. Marrone , author Spook Rock contributer, CyberPulp Halloween Anthology 3.0
  • Erin MacKay, contributer Hell Hath No Fury and Corpse Blossoms (Which was nominated for a BRAM STOKER AWARD)
  • Brian Dixon, Revelation Magazine
  • Nickolaus A. Pacione, editor, TABLOID PURPOSES I and II,  Author Norwood's Disvovery and author of Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape,  House of Spiders III,  the Lake Fossil Trilogy  
  • David McCourt
  • Shana K. Dines  (Contributing Author, Cold Glass Pain)
  • Nick Bentley
  • Everette Bell, Shadow Season, contributer TABLOID PURPOSES II
  • Trent  Roman
  • John M. Floyd,  Contributer first issue of The Ethereal Gazette and featured in Alfered Hitchcock Magazine
  • Jeff Skinner, contributer TABLOID PURPOSES II
  • Stephen C. Hallin webmaster,,  Contributer TABLOID PURPOSES II
  • Melyssa G. Sprott, author, It Grows Darker Still
  • Karen L. Abramson
  • Macey Baggett Wuesthoff, co-editor, author Sacrifice and contributer from TABLOID PURPOSES I and II
  • Esther Spurrill  (anthology debute)
  • Barbara Marjanovic  (HOUSE OF SPIDERS III,  Issue Two: ETHEREAL GAZETTE, Collection II)
  • Anna Reinholz    (The Ethereal Gazette: ISSUE THREE -- this anthology is her debute)
  • Marisa Low   (Anthology debute)



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