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Shameless Shorts short story anthology
By ellen george   

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Category: Literary Fiction
Publisher: PD HouseHoldings
Type: Fiction
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780981533391
Copyright: May 26, 2009

Shameless Shorts, Short story anthology featuring 18 authors, ISBN: 978-0-9815333-9-1, PD House Holdings, available on Kindle. ellen george is one of the contributors of Shameless Shorts with her short story THIRST.


 It was August 2007. Dennis Batchelder started a forum on called "Shameless Self-Promotion by author". It was a forum for authors to literally promote their wares, and also gave chances for wannabee writers to ask about writing, etc. After 10,000, yes, I said 10,000 posts, the forum had to be shut down. But Dennis Batchelder started another forum 'Shamelss self promotion by author' -  with many of the original participants.

Many of us decided it would be fun to collaborate and form a short story anthology. It started as a theme, then turned out to be an anthology featuring many genres. After much time and planning, Shameless Shorts was born.  Dave Blankinship kindly featured Shameless Shorts in his website and had the entire Internet available to read the stories to be featured in this anthology, and review them and comment on them.

Finally with the help of Don Fowler, Shameless Shorts became a Kindle anthology on available now.  Author Gary Val Tenuta produced the clever cover for our Shameless Shorts -

Thanks to Pete Grondin, who is coordinating it, Shameless Shorts will be in publication soon for those who enjoy having a book in your hands - I have my Kindle and am trying to use it more - especially with 'my book' in it!! But I really love to hold a book in my hands!

The authors and short stories featured are:

Joel M. Andre "The Sad Case of Cassandra",

Robert Isham Auler "Headed for Home", "Big Little Teenie",

D.A. (Dave) Blankinship "Jewel's Friends", "Justice for All",

Benjamin Blue "The Junk Man", "The Odd Man", 

John Paul Carinci "A Gift From Above",

Erin Collins "Autumn",

ellen george"THIRST",  hey folks, that's ME!!

Donald Gorman "The Price of Gas",

P.J. (Pete) Grondin "The Story of Del",

Debra Purdy-Kong "SIMON SAYS,

Susan McLeod "The Uninvited Guest",

Grant Mobielle "Changing Times: Transform your life in four easy steps using the triangle of change",

Mike Monahan "The Dive to Hell",

Lila L. Pinord "Day of the Clowns",

Steven Rage "Blasphemy",

Lorna Rainey "Third Rail",  

Gary Val Tenuta "A Bite Out of Time", and

Glenn G. Thater "The Hero and the Fiend".

Please go to Kindle and enjoy this anthology - it is only $0.99 - and proceeds go to charity to feed the hungry.

Most of these authors also belong to AuthorsDen - please go to their sites and enjoy their talents -

I am also writing a novel THIRST based on my story in Shameless Shorts, THIRST, which was based on my AD story Thirst - You folks were very kind in your comments on AD, and hope you enjoy the story THIRST which is in location 2131-37 on Kindle.

I am proud of my co-authors - they are talented and all deserve to be read and enjoyed.

ellen george

Shameless Shorts, Eighteen Famous Authors, ISBN: 978-0-9815333-91, PD House Holdings, available on Kindle. ellen's story THIRST is on location 2137-37 on the Kindle.

Here is an excerpt from THIRST: I am techie challenged and couldn't put the excerpt in the excerpt column - sorry - this is my story where the Anastasia meets the vampire, Phillip Constantine, owner of the club and bloodbar, THIRST...


 A silken voice behind me said, “We offer many kinds of blood - human, animal and an invention of mine… a special synthetic blend that gives the force of life for those who don’t want to partake of blood, but need it to exist. It can even be flavored. I’m surprised Val didn’t tell you already.”

I turned around and looked up to see the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. He was tall, about 6’6”, slender build, very pale flawless complexion, dark blue eyes, with white blonde hair that flowed past his shoulders.  
I thought, this is the man I’ve dreamed of many times – a physical combination of author Michael Moorcock’s albino hero, Lord Elric of Melnibone blended with Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. My God, this is he! 
His tailored outfit was pure designer, Armani was my guess, but his cape – yes - his cape, was the color of midnight and flowed like liquid as it draped to the floor. I kept reminding myself to breathe.
“My name is Phillip Constantine. Welcome to my club, THIRST. And you are…?’
As I stood up, he took my hand I replied “Hi, my name is Anastasia Blahospiros. I’m pleased to meet you. This is a marvelous complex.”
Looking straight into my eyes, he lifted my hand, kissed it, then, gently turned it over, as he slowly, and deliberately kissed the inside of my wrist. I almost had an orgasm right then and there!






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