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Nickolaus A. Pacione

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By Nickolaus A. Pacione   

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Category: Literary Fiction
Publisher: International Authors
Type: Fiction
Pages: 296
ISBN: 0615494404
Copyright: July 21, 2011

Featuring the Gothic Horror story Media Darling in an alternate edit from the original Pacione wrote in 2008.

Emanations Edited by Carter Kaplan and International Authors

Our expectations descend through chasms of arcane wonder, where the Internet shapes marvelous new communities, even as the Academy breaks the chains of worn convention and formal discipline, sending forth a new class of scholars to explore the frontiers of unique realms. Amidst this progress, strangely enough and yet quite appropriately, consciousness rebels. In these pages are stories, poems, and essays that are exuberant, eloquent, and original—where expression and intelligence commingle in a flash of awakening. Whether this new consciousness is human or perhaps something greater remains to be seen, but by looking into our emanations we might find an answer.
    The first anthology to be released by International Authors, Emanations showcases the work of sixteen writers from around the world. With illustrations by Kai Robb, Dario Rivarossa and Vitasta Raina.

Notes On Media Darling
2011 Introduction By Author

This story was written in the fallish of 2008 when I was dealing with the shit that is Encyclopedia Dramatica at their most libelous.  This story when it was done made the rounds to anthologies but they never got back to me -- too touchy of a subject that cyber-bullying is in the genre of horror, that the character is loosely based on the libel-queen Sherrod DeGrippo where her creation pulled a Frankenstien.  It turned on her.
   The story revolves around a characetr that everyone hates from the beginning and you ant something bad to happen to the bitch from the beginning.  The main character is named Melany DeLeo, a character heavy set and mean to people maliciously -- she drove one of the characters to suicide in Altanta and fled to Chicago where she has several arrest warrents.  The radio shows were breathing down her neck and her friend, an Industrial DJ who also contributed to the horror in ways.
  This short story had taken inspiration right from the headlines in 2008 about the mother who poses as a teenage boy and drives a girl to commit suicide via myspace in the St. Louis area.  The story is one that is bound to become a cult favorite because of the time sensitive material and in the height of social medai bullying -- gossip blogs and other websites like it.   Might be a banned book because of the anti-social behaviour in the story of people charging for people to destroy the protagonists ride
  The version in the book doesn't have the WGN referrence in there but I wish they kept it because it added to the stories idenity.  Carter told me I could really get noticed for writing Chicago stories.  It will have a similarity to The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe where the main character is an alcoholic who couldn't handle all the madness that was going on around her from the horror she caused.  A blog that pointed me to DeGrippo's private information saw the story in it's original form and was impressed.  The publisher is a staff of 13 editors and I needed to get past all 13 to be published.
   This one will have some staying power 20 years from now in both versions that will be going around of it. I wish I had the document of the alternate version because I want to put both versions on Kindle.  This book is going to be listed under Literary Fiction, but the story in it I wrote is the only Gothic Horror story in the book.  I read the version they did of the edits, and it's very entertaining.  There will be people calling me a son of a bitch for putting that story out there, as much as people did when I wrote The Fandom Writer in the spring of 2004.
   The traits of the horror story take on the feel of what you see in the J-Horror films like The Grudge and The Ring -- but what happens when you have An American Spaghetti Horror writer getting in the mix.  Between the touchy subject matter and controversial source material,  Media Darling is the one thing that will carry some strength of my catalog as strongly as The Fandom Writer did and FUCKBEATER did a few years earlier. 
   I was gunning for DeGrippo in this story.  This became my first accepted story of 2010 and brought me into the 2010s with force.  The curiousity of the book will see people looking for Media Darling because they would wonder how did International Authors came across me -- he runs a group on called PrototypeX, and when he announced Emanations I asked him if he was taking a short story and the first choice to send him was Media Darling because it was a hard story to place.  The second hardest to place is JESUS FREAK because of the subject matter of that story too -- WHEN ANGELS WEPT BLOOD, THE MIDNIGHT DINER, JESUS FREAK, and THE FANDOM WRITER 2 were the first stories I started writing using my faith background, then the start of my journal on will have more like this. Media Darling has the Christian elements too from the Old Testament,
    Carter read this story and said, "this is the trippiest story I've ever came across,"  So that was when I knew Media Darling found a home.  I really loved writing Media Darling because it helped with the therapy of my rivalry with a DJ named Matt Pathogen. There was another story from that era that got completely lost and it was set in a fictional neighborhood in Chicago called Little Japan.  Media Darling was something special for me and I am glad to be part of an anthology that's outside the horror circles -- this is in the wake of the groupings of Static Movement, SNM Horror, The Dark Fiction Spotlight, Lame Goat Press, and Panic Press. I kept this acceptence a secret for so long and slowly promoting this anthology. I made my peace with SNM Horror since this got accepted but the now rotting Panic Press getting her soruce material from one of the libel sites that the main character might have created in the story. 
   I am promoting this anthology as well as my own, Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors, and I did the re-issue of the anthology around the same time I found out that Media Darling will be part of Emantions.  This story is my strongest in years next to my more recent works in Dirty Black Winter or my Lloyd Phillip Campbell works.  I write as Lloyd Phillip Campbell too in my magazine and looking to see if I can get a story placed in a market as him pending where I can do it at. Media Darling is a literary fiction story with Gothic Horror traits.  It is flat out Gothic Horror but doens't have the gore or sex (meaning not for gore's sake.)  There is things that happen in the story that are eerie as hell -- nightmare sequences that are a little more detailed in the rewritten edits
   Upon the release of Media Darling, it seemed like the whole thing that Sherrod DeGrippo did turned upon its head meaning she went and created and was too scared by the hell that she created -- saying it got too shocking and disassociated herself with the website.  I am wondering if DeGrippo knows of the existence of Media Darling, or DJ Pathogen because he gets slapped around a little bit. The story has one of the most creative kills I've ever written in a horror story.  The story came about from the fucked up case that was actually thrown out.
  There is a similar story being written that's true based upon the ideas of Media Darling on called Hunted Animal.  But Media Darling is the one that's going to be the most endearing for me in many ways -- I could actually see this story made into a movie but if they keep aspects of my originally written story from 2008.  The story was written in a way where it was the December of 2008 months from the story was written. An election year to boot
   I don't think there will be another story to come along like Media Darling and turn the world of social media on it's head. It's the horror story of it's type set in the world of social media and the strange world that follows from it.  A character where people want to honor with a torch and pitchfork party, and she was the guest of honor. This was really the first horror story I did that ripped right from the headlines, and the title rang with the story when I was writing it.  When I was writing this story I was thinking, the title would stick and would put people like Sherrod DeGrippo in their place at times.
   This would be one of the few horror stories penned out of this, the whole damn thing about how social media would lead to suicide.  As dark as it is, there are sometimes I wish I was making it up -- here's the search I did on the mom and I did something called The Monster Amongst Man talking about the AZ Shooter, one of the other monsters born out of social media.  The story Media Darling is the first of my catalog that dealt with cyberbullying as Bleed The Freak dealt with bullying in general.



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